breast cancer + Breast Augmentation

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This Journey

I want to be proportionate and be able to wear a dress that fits my top and hips. I am presently an A cup. He uses an endoscopic approach and assured me that my down time would be 2 days! I called him on it but he insists that his method, coupled with technology is tried and true. He encourages... READ MORE

Over 50? Take Care of Yourself! New York, NY

After a double whammy – breast cancer with a lumpectomy and an abdominal surgery that left me with a 14” scar - I was not pleased with my mangled and aging body. As a single woman in my early 50s I was considering doing something about my state of affairs. I spoke to several friends and ass... READ MORE

41 and so happy I did it!

I have been thinking about this forever - but I never had the nerve to actually do it. But over the last 5 years I've had a lumpectomy from a breast cancer treatment as well as radiation and a year and a half ago I had a baby girl! So needless to say, my breasts are in need of help. The breast... READ MORE

Passionaite and extremely well educated Dr. providing great results! - Sydney, AU

Lisa is incredible. Extremely passionate about her procedures and also very informative. From the moment I walked in to her office I felt comfortable, she explained everything from start to finish, and never once tried to push me in any direction. Lisa also made sure she explained EVERYTHING in... READ MORE

Matching Boobs! - Atlanta, GA

I am a thirteen year breast cancer survivor. This was my fourth surgery. My first surgery that was done was outstanding. My second and third surgery from another physician was a major disaster. Dr. Gordon examined, took pictures an advised that my implant was too large; thus causing the... READ MORE

Wonderful experience

I had a great experience working with Dr. Prichard and his staff. They were very patient and answered all of my questions. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. Dr. Prichard made my breasts beautiful again. READ MORE

Underdeveloped to BEAUTIFUL Breasts! Pure Natural Artistry - Newport Beach, CA

What I wanted: I was somewhat "underdeveloped" not just by size but also shape. I like to consider myself "sporty", I'd love to use the word athletic, but somehow feel that’s been taken over by the mudrunners of the world, I have not done a mud run.. yet. I didn't want anything fake looking at a... READ MORE

I feel great about how I look again.

I was very pleased with the kind and professional treatment I received from Dr. Ennis and his staff. They made me feel like I had their full attention and concern. They made sure I was completely informed on the procedure and what to expect. I would like to personally thank Dr. Ennis for... READ MORE

Amazing experience Amazing surgeon

After overcoming breast cancer and losing a little bit more of already tiny breasts an opportunity arose for me to consider breast augmentation. Through a recommendation of the clinic i visited i was lucky enough to meet Mo Akhavani. From the minute i stepped in to the consulting room this man... READ MORE

53 Year Old Woman with Very Small Breast - Richmond, VA

I was referred to Dr. Nadia Blanchett from a General Surgeon who often did surgery alongside Dr. Blanchett (this was with regards to reconstructive breast surgery as a result of breast cancer). When I told him of my "thoughts" to get implants he said he wouldn't recommend any other surgeon in... READ MORE

Life Changing Experience

DR Farhadieh, I firstly want to thank you for being the perfectionist that you are, I feel very fortunate to have found you after having an mastectomy due to Breast Cancer, and I'm so grateful for all the time you have spent walking me through each step, and answering all my million questions... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation on Left Breast from Mastectomy and Augmentation on Right Breast for Symmetry - Charlotte, NC

I had breast cancer in 2007 and had a mastectomy left breast. I had a deip flap a few months following the surgery which is taking the fat from your lower abdomen and moving it to form a breast. I done ok for awhile but through time and gravity I needed augmentation to give me fuller breast and... READ MORE

24yr Old, Mother of 1. Vista, CA

So I started off wanting a breast augmentation after I had my child. I know many women get bigger after breast feeding but I actually shrunk 2 sizes. Feeling self concicisous about them for 3 yrs I decided to go with through the procedure. I opted for the Gummy Bear implants because those help... READ MORE

Breast Cancer Patient for Augmentation - New York

I had three surgeries for Breast Cancer and I felt lopsided after my surgeries, previously I had liposuction with Dr. Nadia and I had felt safe and comfortable with her. My first two surgeries were lumpectomies and the third was to remove some lymph nodes. I was depressed after my cancer... READ MORE

52 Yrs Old | 5 Yr Breast Cancer Survivor | Breast Implants and Fat Transfer | Thrilled with my Results! Stuart, FL

After waiting 5 years from two lumpectomy surgeries and receiving another clear mamogram, I asked my surgeon about breast reconstruction / augmentation. He referred me to Dr. Avron Lipschitz to discuss my options as I had undergone radiation and my left breast had radiated breast tissue and Dr.... READ MORE

49 Yrs Old with Breast Cancer and Reconstruction. Beverly Hills, CA

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and was going to have bilateral mastectomy. No idea who to go to for my plastic surgery reconstruction and my breast surgeon recommended Dr. Schwartz. I went for a consultation and was impressed with his knowledge and compassion. Breast reconstruction, as I... READ MORE

55 Y/o, BA 04/22/15, 170 Lbs. Newport Beach, CA

I've wanted this for 15 yrs or more. I've never had any boobs. I'm a breast cancer survivor of 12 years. I had very early stage and had a lumpectomy on my right breast. Can hardly wait to be previous member of the itty-bitty titty committee. Going with UHP of 700cc. Dr says i don't need... READ MORE

DR Salibian the Miracle Worker! - West Hollywood, CA

Without the help, advice and strength of Dr. Salibian and staff, I wouldnt have been able to go through this procedure. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and Dr Salibian was my friend, mentor and guide. He was outstanding. He was also very patient, professional, and extremely caring. He is an... READ MORE

Make Thing Look As They Once Did - Sandy, UT

After nursing 3 kids I really needed some major help in the breast area. My breasts had deflated to the point of comical. I spent a lot of time debating between silicone and saline implants and also had many concerns because I am at high risk for breast cancer. Dr. Fryer was really great... READ MORE

April of 2010 I had breast cancer, and had a lumpectomy - Bronx, NY

Well I'm 45 in April of 2010 I had breast cancer, and had a lumpectomy. Last summer July 18th 2011 I had my right kidney removed due to kidney cancer. I went down to 80lbs and went from a c cup to an a on left and almost b on my right. I was feeling like less of woman and very self conscious and... READ MORE

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