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19 Years Old Needing a Confidence Boost - Birmingham, MI

I was a 32 A/AA all my life and always felt insecure about my boobs. I always used makeup and wore double push-up bras (sometimes even two) to make it seem like I had something going on. I modeled throughout high school also, so I always felt as though I needed more to feel more confident and... READ MORE

Breast Implants: If I Knew Then...

What I know I know now. I never would have gotten those things. I was 26 at the time and had been with my then boyfriend since I was 19. He was 7 years older than I was and was very into the Pam Anderson look. Our relationship was always rocky - in part bc of the age difference. In addition to a... READ MORE

305cc Sientra textured, unders, 2 kids breastfed, 5ft 95lbs

I've been stalking this site for about a year now. I've always wanted a BA, but I wanted to be sure I was done having children. Well, both kids have been breastfed, and are thriving! So it's time to upgrade the girls! I've chosen to have my BA done by Dr. Alfred Sofer located in Fairfield, CT.... READ MORE

Gel Style 15 Breast Implants 492 (Right ) and 457 (Left) Under Muscle - Chicago, IL

I got my breasts done in 2011 and they have already bottomed-out. I only liked them for the first two months while they were swollen and perky. Ever since they dropped (6 years ago), I've hated them. I feel like my small B cup breasts looked better before when I would wear a push-up bra. They... READ MORE

31yrs Old, 3 Kids, Went from A Got 350 Silicone

Right breast looks ok but my left breast looks and feels out of place as if it has extra room on the inside . To me it looks as it has a weird shape to it and like is bottom is out of place My doc say I need to give it time to heal but is been two weeks now and nothing really change besides my... READ MORE

Think VERY, VERY Carefully Whether You Really Want to Do This

I am writing this review in hopes of dissuading you from getting breast implants. It's easy to get caught up in photos of smiling models on brochures, beautiful plastic surgery offices and glamorous Instagram posts. After what I've been through with mine, I believe it's not worth the risk. I... READ MORE

21 Y/o No Kids Silicone Breast Implants - Chicago, IL

Okay, I've been wanting breast implants for a while and I finally mustered up the courage to go through with the procedure. My goal was to do the consultation/ pre op all in one day and ask for soonest opening to have the surgery performed. Well, I had my consultation/Pre-op yesterday and it... READ MORE

Review - Dr George Mayson - Breast Excellence (Melbourne)

Review - Dr George Mayson - Breast Excellence (Melbourne) My decision to get breast augmentation surgery is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. I went to several different Doctors including Dr. Simon Rosenbaum, Dr Dean Trotter and finally Dr George Mayson for my initial... READ MORE

Horrible Experience 2 Breast Surgery - Baton Rouge, LA

Will never use him again.Had 2 was my initial surgery the other was to fix my breast. I'm still not happy.I hate my breast.My breast r still uneven.He called me crazy and said I was lying when I told him what the other surgeon told me that I went to seen cuz he didn't want to fix my... READ MORE

5'1", 120lbs, 20 Years Old 550cc UHP Silicone under the muscle Miami, FL

I've been wanting to get a breast augmentation for a year, but was never entirely "sold" on the idea until recently. I have a fascination with body modifications and love the typical big breasted "Bimbo" look. I honestly do not care about looking "natural", because I do like the "fake" look... READ MORE

Active 34 Year Old, 5'2", 113 Lbs, 34C Pre-op. Calgary, AB

I have been debating about having a BA for years now. I have been for 3 consults and I am booked in with Dr. Waslen on Feb 4, 2015. I am scheduled for rhinoplasty and a BA. I am so pumped... A little nervous too. There was no doubt when I went for my consult who I wanted as my PS. I am not 100%... READ MORE

28 Yr Old, 36AA to 38DD - San Antonio, TX

Iv been wanting my breastfeeding done for awhile. I got engaged last year and when I went dress shopping, I got so sad because, your supposed to feel womanly on your wedding day. Well I couldn't fill out any dresses. So that was when I decided "ok I need to do this now". And I did. After surgery... READ MORE

23Yrs. 5'3. 98-114lb . 32A. 600cc's. 1 Amazing Little. Breastfeeding Ruined Me. - Saint George, UT

Super excited and yet so terrified of the risk of BA. I get there are risk for everything in life but Im absolutely horrified of bottoming out and capsule contractur. To my understanding there are ways to lower the risk but I'm still so scared. How did you guys get over your fears? And fill me... READ MORE

30 Years Old Morbid Thinking Chica. Pikesville, MD

I'm so nervous going under the knife and then reading about complications. I'm very tiny so I decided on 300 cc hp implants. I also had slightly lower platelet count which I was cleard for surgery but now that's anither thing I am now concerned about. Bottoming out, hematoma, uglier boobs?! Ahhh... READ MORE

Bottoming out 4 Days Post op with Dr.Pichet Rodchareon from Bangkok Plastic Surgery - Bangkok, Thailand

Here is the full story, I brought a photo and shown Dr.Pichet Rodchareon of how do I expect to look like. And a day after the surgery when he took off the tight dressing, I noticed it straight away that something not right because I could pretty much flap my breast around that it went down south... READ MORE

Bilateral Breast Augmentation 375cc Over Muscle - 5'4 - Petite - 27 Yrs Old - Pittsburgh, PA

Went from A/B cup to full C. The implants used were Allergan smooth saline implants (360cc overfilled to 375cc over muscle). Unhappy with results. Hoping to get a revision soon from a different Doctor to fix the issues I've had since day one. Also, I want to switch to silicone, and go a bit... READ MORE

Horrible Breast Lift! - The Woodlands, TX

I went to Dr. Lucian Rivela several years ago when the implants I had were way too large and were causing headaches and shoulder pain. He said he could lift them and make them smaller. Right after surgery, you could tell they were uneven. One seemed to have bottomed out from the get go. He did 2... READ MORE

500cc UHP =Happy

I decided to have BA after nursing my child. My breast disappeared and I wanted them back :) My first 3 months were great. Around 4 months I thought I might be bottoming out. Now at 6 months out each breast looks very different. Not a matching set. My nipples seem to high. I know these things... READ MORE

Worst Surgeon Ever - Fort Belvoir, VA

I paid market price to have my breasts done after 5 kids and significant weight loss. After just a few weeks they began to bottom out and dbl bubble. His nurse told me to get better bras. I asked about a revision but was told that it would be painful with a tough recovery and that he didnt... READ MORE

Am I Bottoming out - Los Angeles, CA

Ive alway wanted this my whole life and I am so beyond happy. Just a little worried when to the doctor for my week post op and he said they look great just massage them more and i have been but i think my right one may be bottoming out :( I really hope they are not :( Also im dying to... READ MORE

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