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I am ready to get my sexy back :-)

Hi realself, I am planning on getting a breast augmentation. I am a mother of 3 beautiful babies 14, 4 and 2. All breast feed, I never had a lot of cleavage. I was hoping after children I would develop some but it never happened lol. In fact I am now deflated :-( when I was breast feeding I... READ MORE

BOTCHED Breast Aug and Thigh Lift - Orange Park, FL

I went to this doctor to get breast augmentation, liposuction on my arms and a thigh lift. My implants have bottomed out on both sides I have a thick ugly scar on my inner thighs with a seroma that I was told will go away by itself period when going back to this doctor for revision he wants to... READ MORE

Three Botches Surgeries Later... - Bozeman, MT

I was an a cup to start. I had my first surgery almost 6 years ago from him, another six months later, and another a year after that. They were all horrible experiences and I am left botched. Picture below speak 1000 words. I know many, many people who he botched. Please do your research on... READ MORE

Dr Ali Hussian - Australia

DO NOT TRUST THIS DOCTOR! Do not be reeled in by attractive prices! Research throughly before undertaking surgery of any kind. This doctor will be in contact with his potential patients constantly, at any time of the day and even give them his personal mobile. Which sounds great! However... READ MORE

do not go to dr. nuveen! - Oklahoma City, OK

My most recent visit was really discouraging and quite unprofessional. I was told for a 4th surgery that I would need something done that has already been done from the 2nd surgery.. meaning my chart was not referred to. After 3 surgeries (a simple breast augmentation at 18 y/o going from a 32 A... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Wanted to Feel More Confident, Ended Up Feeling Worse - Atlanta, GA

My breast surgery has ruined my life. I saved up money for years and was so excited to finally have breasts. I was always so self conscious of my breasts and all I wanted was to be more confident. I was told by my surgeon that I needed a breast augmentation and an areola lift. He performed the... READ MORE

28 Yr Old, 36AA to 38DD - San Antonio, TX

Iv been wanting my breastfeeding done for awhile. I got engaged last year and when I went dress shopping, I got so sad because, your supposed to feel womanly on your wedding day. Well I couldn't fill out any dresses. So that was when I decided "ok I need to do this now". And I did. After surgery... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation gone wrong by Dr.Meadows - Commerce, GA

I began with a consultation at Dr.Meadows following the birth of my son in which followed weight loss surgery. Due to the weight loss surgery and nursing my breasts considerably sagged and lost their volume. After the consultation we agreed to send in for an insurance approved breast... READ MORE

avoid this doctor in arizona

Dr Hiatt performed a breast augmentation on me and now I might as well head straight to the show "Botched." They are HORRIBLE. I am deformed, embarrassed, can't wear a bikini or even a camisole. The ripples are so deep and my breasts are so dreaded. My friends who have had augmentation can... READ MORE

Lost All Self Esteem - Staten Island, NY

I went to Dr. Berman in hops of getting bigger and better breasts as we all hop for, he informed me that i should make an incision on my nipple to lift it higher to align with my other nipple. I was informed by multiple other doctors the same thing so i decided to do it. BAD MOVE, not only are... READ MORE

New Additions - Los Alamitos, CA

If you are looking for a doctor that is no fluff, will give it to you straight and won't BS you then definitely go with Dr. Aiello. He won't tell you what you want to hear, he is honest and great at what he does. He listens to your concerns and gives you straight answers doesn't leave gray... READ MORE

Botched Surgery - Vancouver, BC

I am writing this to all the people out there considering having breast argumentation from Dr Rai. I would strongly suggest you go elsewhere. I had a breast augmentation from Dr Rai. in September 2010. After my surgery my recovery was not normal and I would meet with him to discuss the pain... READ MORE

11 Months Post Op and Left Botched - Scottsdale, AZ

Had breast augmentation done on 05-01-15, and I am left searching for a doctor that can correct my surgery of removing my saline implants, performing a donut lift and possibly getting a mini tummy tuck as well. No longer in Arizona, but looking for a new surgeon in the Atlanta area to hopefully... READ MORE

28 Year Old Female Secondary Breast Augmentation - Pasadena, CA

I had a breast augmentation done in May 2015. I was very nervous to do it because I had a botched surgery done from a previous plastic surgeon 10 years ago. Dr. Lee was very kind and professional. She gave me a sense of calmness that I needed. She loves what she does and it shows. Her staff is... READ MORE

100% satisfied - Scottsdale, AZ

I was referred to Dr. Gitt after I had a botched breast augmentation from a prev. Dr. He was so professional & kind & really put me at ease. My breasts turned out beautiful (& their 12 yrs old) I'm going to him for my next augmentation because I know he'll do a great job. I trust him to respect him. READ MORE

Botched Boob Job - Puyallup, WA

I have had to undergo two procedures with Dr. Kierney. His first did a breast augmentation on me and the results were awful, I had a lip aides breast, it hung below where my normal breast was and looked like a botched breast augmentation. We addressed the outcome together and he agrees to fix my... READ MORE

Botched Augmentation - Yuba City, CA

After consulting with Dr Gallegos, he recommended that the implants be placed under the muscle and trusting his recommendation, this was the decision. 8 months later the implants never fully settled and when my arms are lifted there is a defined line and deformed look. After my last appointment,... READ MORE

Botched!!!!!! Mexico, MX

I got a nose job, breast implants, and chin implants back in 2004 in MEXICO!!! YES I KNOW!! I was 17 years old about to turn 18!!! Well it was botched. nose goes left and my chin goes right! Also cannot breath out of my nose and constantly having nose bleeds. My breast are saggy and my left... READ MORE

Save Yourself Money into Thorough Research - Puyallup, WA

Just want people to be aware that thoroughly research Dr Kierney before choosing a DR, I had to go back over 15 times in an 18 mo period because I was so horribly lopsided. Dr Kierney got to the point that he would only send Annie" his office manager" in to see me. It was the worst experience of... READ MORE

31 Botched ! Woodbury, NY

Had a breast augmentation a few years ago. Dr promised to fix a botched job at a later date. Went through alot to get them to hold up that promise flew and spent alot of money on airfare and hotel to be turned away at the day before surgery at pre op even with medical clearance. Too much... READ MORE

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