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33 Yo 5'7" 145lbs Muscular (Bikini Bodybuilder) 1 Breastfed Child. 425cc Silicone Under the Muscle.

After consulting with a few surgeons I have decided on Dr. Otto Placik in Chicago. He took the time to explain how my measurements effect my size choices and options. With his and his assistants assistance I decided that 425cc submuscular will give me what I am looking for. As a bikini... READ MORE

23 y/o, 5’9”, 160lbs, 425cc

I am 23 years old and am by no means a ‘small’ girl. I have always had small boobs, but when I got into Fitness I lost them even more so (I currently compete in bikini bodybuilding shows and go from fluffy - current - to very lean) I am doing this to help proportion my muscular build/wide bac... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post op.

I am 6 weeks post op & had the pleasure of Dr Howard Webster as my sugeron to perform a Breast Augmentation choosing 450cc silicon over the muscle. I am a mother of 2 & body builder & i am ecstatic with my results. All I have to say is Dr Howard Webster is the best surgeon & I... READ MORE

A True Godsend!

First off there are 2 things to mention about myself. I am more than picky, a super perfectionist and extremely meticulous would be fitting. I see every detail of everything. Next is I am a competitive bodybuilder, and very petite. Because I am so lean, and over the course of 17 years I built my... READ MORE

24 y/o, 450cc HP Unders - New Birkdale Rotherham, Mr Kumar

I'm 24 as of yesterday and I spent my birthday at the new birkdale clinic Rotherham with mr kumar discussing options for my breast augmentation. I've been wanting my breasts done since the age of 18 and finally I've managed to save my pennies. I've been training for 4 years and taking part in... READ MORE

Not A Single Regret!

At 5'6", 145lbs, with an athletic build, I wanted to even out my physique with a breast augmentation. I compete in bodybuilding and Crossfit so I had what I called a "ten pack" and have been nearly flat chested my entire life. There's no problem with that, I just wanted to even out my front to... READ MORE

25 Year Old, Asian, Breast Augmentation!

I'm Asian, compete in bodybuilding bikini division, and also in the military. As I went lower in body fat, so did my breasts. I was skeptical at first to get a BA procedure in Fayetteville, NC since it's a small city and Dr. Ortiz is a military surgeon. I was also concerned about having it done... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Mother of One-nursed for 18 Months and Lost 40 Pounds Recently - Minneapolis, MN

My experience with the staff of Minneapolis Plastic Surgey greatly surpassed expectations. If I could give Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS and his staff 10 stars out of 5, I would. After much research, I knew this was the place for me! I am 29 years of age, nursed my now 6 year old son for 18... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 3 Kids - Kannapolis, NC

I do body building and even in my best shape, I still cried every time I tried on clothes. The dr cut off my areola and sized it down. I lost total feeling in both nipples, the dr said its only a 3% chance this happens. Well months later I got feeling back in one. I feel so much better about myself! READ MORE

26 Yrs Old, 5' 3'', Athletic, 120lbs, 2 Kids (5&2, BF Both), 425cc, HP, Silicone,. Redding, CA

Hi! Im 26, 5' 3'', I'm a bodybuilder competitor so I fluctuate from 110-125lbs, and I'm very athletic and active. I've had and breastfed 2 kids (5&2 now) and since then my chest has completely disappeared and am left with NOTHING (like i can't wear a push up if i wanted to)!!! I've struggled a... READ MORE

41 Years Old, 5kids, Gym Junkie,10AA Wanting DD - Thailand, TH Dr Boonchai

Hi Everyone! I have been constantly reading everyone's post on here for ever and thought it's time to start writing my own Boob journey!!! So I'm a 41 year old Mum of 5, breastfed and have been doing bodybuilding (fitness/figure) training for years. All which have left me a 12A maybe really AA!... READ MORE

38 Year Old Fitness Competitor and Mother

After having a child and competing in fitness competitions, whatever breasts I had, disappeared. After my first time stepping on stage and lacking the confidence I needed I decided to go the route of augmentation. It was the best decision I had ever made. My doctor thoroughly explained the... READ MORE

43, Very Lean/muscular, Bikini Competitor, 34A?

Just scheduled my surgery for 10/2! Decided, then changed my mind 25 times since my consultation last month. I'm flying to Florida to have the procedure done by a doctor that was recommended to me. Still not convinced this is the right thing to do. I've always been thin, still waiting for... READ MORE

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Very Positive Experience & Results!

Dr. Christpher Pelletiere came highly recommended from a trusted friend. I did my homework on his background and other reviews on the internet. Like many of you reading this, I was nervous about a BA procedure even after doing plenty of research. When meeting Dr. Chris for the first time, he... READ MORE

Best experience I could have had

Dr. Raymond Jean is a true professional, with a comforting and knowledgeable staff. I had a bilateral breast augmentation, silicone under the muscle, procedure just about 3 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. From the first time I called the office for my consultation, I felt a sense of comfort... READ MORE

19 Year Old Bikini Bodybuilder and Had a Chest of a Little Boy - Beachwood, OH

Growing up I have always been flat chested and now that I have gotten into bodybuilding they seem to have gotten smaller. Being 19 years old and considering this surgery was a huge decision for me. The consultation with Dr. Goldman definitely lifted a lot of stress off of my shoulders after he... READ MORE

A Body Builder with Physique Needs. Corona Del Mar, CA

As a professional body builder, my physique is important. It's also important to me to look and feel womanly and not manly as I build and train. After breast feeding my two babies, my breasts lost their full D cup size. It was always really tough to train my outer thighs, too, because they were... READ MORE

So Happy with my Breast Augmentation by Dr. Franklin Rose - Houston, TX

My friend told me I should go see Dr. Rose for a breast augmentation, and I'm so glad I took her advice. I recently started body building, and lost a lot of my breast tissue with the workouts, I wanted to look good in a bikini when I competed. I didn't feel as feminine as I did before I... READ MORE

They're Perfect! - Towson, MD

I'm 27 ( 26 at the time of surgery) and am very active. I started as a B-cup and was mostly happy with my body. I figured the only thing I was missing was bigger boobs. After visiting with 2 other doctor, it was clear that Dr. Cohen was my choice. He was familiar with my needs and concerns as... READ MORE

I Am 53 Years Old, Body Builder, Wife and Mother. Still Competing in Grande Masters, Going for Nationals Next Year - Ottawa, ON

I have dealt we Dr. Van Wyck for years , always always been treated with importance and care. I would not trust myself with any other physician , he cares, he takes pride in all he does. As far as staff, well for me its the doctor that matters but his staff has always been very good to me. I... READ MORE

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