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37yrs Old, 2 Kids, Wanting Proportionate Breasts

I searched for the right surgeon for 8 months, find one i liked that had the best reviews and hands. The before and after pictures were really telling when i researched surgeons, he had the best and he specialized in the technique i wanted which was Transaxillary, through the armpit. He was the... READ MORE

22 Yrs Old, No Kids, 34A, 400cc Silicone round Mod+

I've always been very self conscious about my body because of my lack of boobs. Everyone can feel my pain when you feel like you're not a woman and more like a 12 yr old. I don't even like wearing lingerie for my husband cuz I don't feel good in it. Just hoping for a full C and to get rid of the... READ MORE

Does the How reflect the Why?

My experience with Dr. Rahal far exceeded even my highest hopes and expectations. I had previously been to around 15 other consultations. Most of their work I considered to be quite good. Their backgrounds in education and medical training were also proficient. Although, every time I walked away... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 120lbs, Flat Chested All my Life, Looking for 400cc

So far I have used this website quite a bit to see other people's stories and see what I might be able to achieve with my body shape. I'm really looking to go large as I am very pear shaped, (large on bottom very small on top) so I'm hoping implants will achieve a more hourglass look for me.... READ MORE

29 Years Old. No Kids. Always Been Small Chested. Wanting to Feel Feminine! 390cc teardrop under the muscle

I've always been small chested, I tried to live with it and love the body I'm in, but it's always been in the back of my mind! I look ok in padded bras, but once the bra comes off i don't feel very feminine. I spoke to my aunt who has had a BA and highly recommended it, i thought its now or... READ MORE

Tall, Athletic, but Flat Looking to Balance Upper Body..

A little about me: I'm tall, about 5'8, and 120lbs. I am extremely flat chested, hardly filling an A cup. I also work out a lot in the gym, so my figure is borderline "boyish" at the moment, and I hope to correct that with Dr. Berans help! I am aiming for a full B or small C, basically the... READ MORE

Is This Normal - Oklahoma City, OK

Hi there, I feel like my implants aren't not as big as other people's, lol, like maybe ps put in wrong size, ha ha. I know body shapes and sizes can make all the difference but just wondering if mine are going to be getting any bigger, as I wanted a full Day. Also I'm having either the... READ MORE

32 Yr Old 1 Son - Denver, CO

This was something I have wanted to do for so many yrs. I feel so good about myself. I didn't do it for anyone but myself! I went with 350cc silicon mod profile. I was 32b and ended up 32d. The recovery was actually pretty easy. They have a graph to help you choose your size and you can "try... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation

There is honestly not one single thing I regret/would have changed about my experience with Dr. Repta. I have never met a Dr as caring as he is. His entire staff is also beyond professional and kind. For the first time in my life, I can look at my body and not feel like I look like a little boy,... READ MORE

Best decision I ever made!

Dr. Rahal is the sweetest, most caring doctor ever! He was very attentive to what I was asking for and also as to how I wanted to look. I wanted a very natural look that for my body type and that is exactly what he gave me. I will definitely recommend friends and family to have their procedures... READ MORE

37 Yr Old, Mom of 3, Small Breasts, Inverted Nipples

When I first went to see Dr Hoffman, I was tired of buying padded bras, but feeling self conscious taking them off at bedtime or when intimate. I hated swimsuit shopping. I was always small breasted, but had large hips. I had the body shape to accommodate larger breasts and went from barely a... READ MORE

Amazing experience

My Experience with Dr. Mehta and staff was great, Dr M answered all my questions at first I was really nervous because this is my body but trust and believe everyone along with Dr M. Made me feel safe and the surgery went well.. I am very pleased with my results and the night until a week after... READ MORE

A truly caring, intelligent, honest doctor and practice

Dr Nick was a blessing. I had both a breast augmentation and body lift. He listened to my needs and want I wanted, then gave me his honest opinions. The breast surgery was perfect from start to finish. Not only is the doc remarkable, but the staff is unbelievable. The body lift was a much... READ MORE

Amazing experience

I had a Transaxillary breast augmentation with submuscular placement of 400cc SRX implants last year by Dr Hah and I couldn't be happier. He picked what size would look best on my body type and I'm so happy I put my trust in him because they look absolutely amazing. His bedside manner is great... READ MORE

I couldn't recommend him enough

He is very patient, caring, and did a wonderful job figuring out what I wanted and what type/size implants would best be suitable for my body type. He takes time to go through each process and answer any questions I have. READ MORE

Best facility and staff you wil ever find for cosmetic procedures

Absolutely the best experience ever! After having children I have seen my body and self-esteem decline over the years. I finally got tired of feeling bad about myself and decided to do something about it. After tons of research I found Dr. Janho. I have never been to a consultation where I felt... READ MORE

Two weeks post op and I feel great!

I am just two weeks post-op breast augmentation and am feeling great. Dr. Messa has a kind nature who knew exactly what would look best on my body type. I knew because of this, and because of the countless other recommendations for him, that however I looked after surgery would look amazing, I... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation

I was an A cup size before my procedure. I felt that for my personality being very femenin I needed to have an appropriate cup size that still look proportionate to my body. I was very spectical when it came to sizes. I was interested in something very cute and natural. Which we were able to... READ MORE

I had a great experience

Dr. Prada was helpful when choosing the correct size for your body, he gave his professional opinion without pushing anything on the patients. He was responsive to my needs and able to fully answer and explain any questions I had, great bedside manner. recommend him to anyone. READ MORE

Exactly what I wanted.

He was very professional. He was very knowledgeable and honest in his evaluation. He was patient in answering all my questions and concerns about the surgery and implants. My recovery was very quick and I got back to working out soon after. I have multiple kids and I felt like I didn't miss... READ MORE

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