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29 Year Old w/ two babies finally got breast augmentation

I wanted to share my personal Journey which as I know for most women is usually pretty long especially when it comes to researching the right surgeon. I have gotten so many quotes and for me a single mom of two it was hard to be able to spend $7000 and up for breast surgery. So the day came and... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 5'7" 120 Pounds 375cc

I had my consultation last week and I am so excited. I tried on a few different sizes and realized 350-375cc is where I feel comfortable. I also have decided to go with the IDEAL/ gummy bear implant because of the look and because they're safe. I also went and completed all of my blood work... READ MORE

26 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, Breastfed both. New York , NY

Hi guys, I'm finally getting the boobs that Ive always dreamed of after 2 children(ages 5 and 17 months) at 26years old. Always wanted full C cup boobies. When I was 18 years old I went to get a BA consultation but I wasn't approved for the credit line so decided not to go through with it. Fast... READ MORE

600cc Ultra High Profile Under the Muscle-2 Days Pre-op So Nervous

I have decided on 600 cc's vs the 650 the surgeon recommended. I think that's high enough to not have size regret, yet just a touch smaller than the size that my mind thought was huge. I have everything prepared for after the surgery. Pillows, all of my medications are filled, the refrigerator... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 5'5", 117 Lbs, 34AA, Tear-drop Silicon, Seoul Korea

It’s been 6 months since I had breast augmentation. I’m in my late 20’s. My height is 5’5” and weight is 117 lbs. I was satisfied with my body shape expect the breasts. My bra size was 34AAAAAAA… And I’m getting married this May so I was worried of looking bad on a wedding dress. Meanwhile, o... READ MORE

Breast Aug and Lipo

Dr Jason Altman is amazing!!!! I still can't get over the fact that I was brave enough to get through surgery but thank God he made me feel very confident and I put my trust in him....I signed up for real self and requested for a consultation from Jason thinking I won't hear from him until next... READ MORE

Dream Come True - Dominican Republic, DO

I wanted to find aPlastic Surgeon with good credentials and that listens to me instead of rushing me through the process. I researched quite a lot before I decided to go to Dr Tactuk and I'm soo glad I chose him!! No regrets!! Dr. Tactuk made the process easy from start to finish he send... READ MORE

28 Years Old - my Journey From cup A to C ;and a Mini Brazilian Butt Lift! - Melbourne, AU

PRE-SURGERY: contacted Dr. Lanzer through here about a month prior to my scheduled date and straight away I got a reply from Brad, his assistant. Everything was so detailed, he explained everything that I needed to know. When it's medical related, he would squeeze me into Dr. Lanzer's time so I... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'9 & Ready to Get Some Boobies That Make Me Feel Like ME - Miami, FL

Well, I am going with Dr. Ortega who is based in Miami. I am traveling from Tampa and I know I have a slew of great doctors around me locally but I know this doctor's work is what I am looking to achieve. A family member has also used this doctor as well and had wonderful experiences with him.... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation in Bangkok- I Love Them! Thailand, TH

Hi all, I am a petite girl previously measuring 32A, 5ft 1 and roughly 40-42kgs, roughly 90 lbs. I’m now 2 weeks post surgery and I had my BA done at Bangpakok9 International Hospital in Bangkok, my surgeon was Dr Chatpong. I had 225cc in both breasts and so far can wear a 32C bra / 34B. I am s... READ MORE

39 Yo, 2 Kids, 5'5", 115 Lbs I Want my Pre-baby Boobs Back! Miami/Coral Gables, FL

I have always wanted bigger breasts...even before having my babies and breast feeding both. Now I'm left with flapjacks and minor stretch marks. My pre-baby boobs were not huge, or small, they were perfect...I can say this now even though I didn't appreciate them then. I know from being... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mother of 4 Kids, 5'7", 133lb, 375/400cc Silicon HP Submuscular. London, GB

Hi RealSelf! Well, like many, I have been lurking on this site for quite some time now, and it's definitely helped my friends and family from having to be bored rigid by my new boobie fixation. I have wanted this procedure done since I was 23, and 9 years later, I am finally in the financial... READ MORE

18 Years Old Acup I'm 107 and 5'6 Athletic. Miami, FL

Hey guys I decided to do this review cause realself has helped me get a lot of knowledge on breast augmentation I decided my dr to be dr.ortega I already had my consultation with him n I decided on saline I believe he is going to overfill my implant to 480-500 a 420cc implant depending on what... READ MORE

27 Yr Old Mom of Two. Getting Something Done for Me! Birmingham, AL

I am a mother of two sweet babies (almost 9 yr old girl and 3 yr old boy). I have always wanted to have large breast... unfortunately that never happened for me. I have my consultation and blood work scheduled with Dr. Hedden in Birmingham for May 8th and my surgery booked for June 1st. I have... READ MORE

34 Year Old Weight Loss Victim. Atlanta, GA

I had naturally large breasts and after gaining and losing weight when I was younger I was left with a deflated unattractive chest. I considered surgery for 10 years before pulling the trigger. I can't say enough positive things about Dr.Colgrove! I loved my friends Breast Augmentation so I... READ MORE

26 Year Old, 5' 2'' 98 Lbs, Too Excited to Sleep. Miami, FL

I am starting the count down (5 days until surgery). The cost of my procedure is very cheap but with flight and hotel in Miami - the cost and other expenses would be about $5000 which is roughly the same quote I received from surgeons in Boston. But Dr. Jacob Freiman from CG Cosmetic has... READ MORE

Finally-after 29 Years, Surgery in Miami with Dr. Hunsaker! - Miami, FL

I am actually from NJ. I've been wanting this procedure (breast augmentation) for the last 12 years! I did live in Miami in my early 20's, but came back down here to actually have the procedure. I never really thought about it seriously while I was down here permanently. (my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

22 Year Old from Barely an A to 850CC!! Long Story but Truthful Experience. Coral Gables in Miami, FL

So I have been debating writing a review on my procedure or not first based on privacy and second based on I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to say. My experience here has been quite rough but the surgery is now done and I am glad for there. Where to Start because the back story plays into... READ MORE

Beyond Nervous! I've Wanted to Do This for 5 Yrs Now Kinda Exciting! - Miami, FL

Not sure what to say, since it's very close to my procedure date bought I'd start documenting my journey. Did my blood work that's when it hit me..... It's all very real. Can anyone tell me which is the closest hotel to Dr. Mel Ortega's clinic? Will I be far off if I booked around Biscayne bay? ... READ MORE

46 yr Mommy of 2 - Goals: MORE Booty. MORE Boobs.

Hi Dolls, I'd like to begin by letting you know that I had wanted to detail my journey from the Beginning but fortunately for me, it all happened so fast! After countless months of saving money, and researching procedures and Doctors, I finally made the Decision to have BA (Breast Augmentation)... READ MORE

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