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bloating + Breast Augmentation

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24, 2 Kids, from b to ddd

I'm 4 days post op & having such a difficult recovery. It seems like everyone else is doing so much better then me. I'm constantly in discomfort, usually in pain and I have the worst bloating like I look 6 months pregnant. I have the implants in the crease and my doc has me wearing a... READ MORE

Almost 34 Years Old, After 2 Kids, 5ft 3'' 8 Stones, Flat Boobs to 320cc Polyurethane Under the Muscle

I've wanted this for many years and I finally plucked up the courage. I suppose it was a gift from my husband for my 34th birthday. After a terrible experience at spire parkway hospital in SOLIHULL, I came across mr Jonathan staiano. A friend recommend him! This guys bloody amazing, don't know... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old, No Kids and Just Wanted to Br Happy Looking in the Mirror - Brussels, BE

2 days post op and of course I'm sore trying to keep painkillers for when I feel I'm at my worst.. left side seems to have more range of movement where as the right side is agony where my incision is, is that normal? Also any tips for sleeping sat up as my back and neck are killing me! Glad I... READ MORE

24 y/o Breast Augmentation. 425CC polyurethane foam teardrop implants.

It has been a dream of mine to get a BA once I finally realised I wouldn't be graduating from an A cup! When I started considering my options I made the decision that I would not pay less to compromise my wellbeing or the outcome of the surgery; if I was doing this I wanted to do it right. As... READ MORE

27 Yrs, 5'9", 130lbs, No Kids, 375cc - Houston, TX

I want to leave my experience here for other girls doing research to learn and know what to expect. I decided to finally go through with a BA after many years of debating. I loved my boobs before but always wanted a little extra to feel great in clothes and great in a bikini, and at a time when... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation with Dr Guy Watts - Cottesloe, AU

I had an amazing experience with my Breast Augmentation, I highly recommend getting this procedure done especially if you lack the confidence like I did. Please see below details of my journey. Night before: I was contacted by Dr Watts Anaesthetist Chris to go through his part in the surgery... READ MORE

24 Yrs Old, No Children, Weight Loss Resulting in Deflated Boobs. Australia, AU

After losing 15kgs and gaining confidence in other parts of my body I was losing confidence in my boobs. From the very first consult I felt extremely comfortable with Dr Miroshnik and his team. I couldn't have asked or expected better care, I did experience a bit of pain between days 2-5 after... READ MORE

30 Yr Old, One Child, 32B 59kg 5ft 6, Manchester, U.K.

I have wanted this procedure ever since having my son who is now four. Since then I'd list a lot of breast volume and felt very self conscious of my non existent boobs. Had a consultation with Dr Netri and was advised to go for 325cc under muscle which would take me from a B to a D cup. So I had... READ MORE

40 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 5'7" 122 Lbs, 34 A - Sugar Land, TX

Breast augmentation was something I thought about for years but was never willing to spend the money - feeling like it was a selfish expense and there were always so many other financial priorities. I've always had small breast (34A) since high school. When I had children, -I have 2... READ MORE

36 Years Old, BF my babies , 350cc Anatomical Implants with Circumareolar Tightening. Scottsdale, AZ

After having our cutie kids, I started researching breast augmentation. I was really nervous about the procedure. My goal was a very natural look. I was hoping to just replace what I lost. I did struggle a bit about the 'vanity' of this procedure. The amount of money spent on just me was... READ MORE

I'm 33 Years Old and Have Two Children - Traverse City, MI

I just have to say this is the best info site I've ever found!! I'm so thankful I have found all of you. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I was a saggy c cup after having my two amazing kids. I wasn't happy with my body one bit. My breasts were so gross! I couldn't stand looking... READ MORE

36A to 36C - 34 Yrs Old No Kids - 140 Lbs - 397cc mod + - Aventura, FL

I've always had a big butt but very small breasts. I thought about implants for years and finally decided to go for it after what was probably the roughest year of my life. I am 5'6" 140 lbs with a slightly broader build. I went with 370 mod profile silicon under the muscle. I am so pleased, I... READ MORE

30 Years Old. Flat As Pancake. Thailand, TH

After much struggling and contemplating, I finally plucked up courage to go ahead with this procedure. I'm surrounded by people who are not for plastic surgery. So it was a tough decision to make. But I realised that we must never make decisions based on people's approval. So there I was! Dr... READ MORE

Meet the Girls! - Charlotte, NC

This site has been what's gotten me through the past few weeks of this experience. I've literally spent hours reading reviews and browsing pictures for a better understanding of life with two special additions - now it's my turn to share! I'm 24 years old and on a whim decided I wanted a... READ MORE

Breast & Lipo - Saint Leo, FL

30 years old. 5'0 and 150 lbs Had 450 cc and lipo of flanks, stomach, bra line, hips, and lower back. Has procedure on Thursday 15th. Still feel bloated and kinda miserable. Not sure if I can post photos from my phone. But I've lived on real self .com for the past 3 months prior to... READ MORE

44y Years Young, 1 Child, Small B Cup - Las Colinas, TX

Hi ladies, first I would like to say thank you to all you lovely ladies by sharing your BA journeys with everyone. Real Self is such a great research tool:))))) It made me be more prepared going into this, and I am hoping by sharing my journey, I could help someone as well. My stats are 5'6,... READ MORE

Dr. Epstein's One Day Recovery - Stony Brook, NY

I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Epstein and my entire experience with his office. I am 5 weeks post breast augmentation surgery. I am 37 years old, never nursed and was blessed with twins. I am 5' 5" tall and I weigh 120 lbs. I have 310cc Allergan “Inspira” round silicone gel imp... READ MORE

A 29 Year Old in Need of a Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation and Areola Correction. Australia

My motivation came from being 29 and sick of living with what I believed, breasts, looked liked wet socks with tennis balls in the end of these lifeless saggy 'snoopy ears' looking boobs. So I began my research (which was quite extensive) as I needed to find a surgeon who was great at Breast... READ MORE

30 Year Old with 2 Kids - Miami, FL

About 8 months ago I decided I wanted to get breast implants after seeing myself in a swim suit. This is when I realize I had lost all of my former fullness. I began researching Breast Implants and that when I came across my amazing Dr. After scheduling 2 consults I decided to proceed. Best... READ MORE

Exactly What I Wanted - Naples, FL

I wanted to look exactly like I did with a Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bra on, but without the bra! A bombshell adds two cup sizes approximately. I was so sick and tired of being limited in my wardrobe and not being able to wear backless dresses, while at the same time looking flat chested in... READ MORE

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