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26 Years Old. Mom of 2. Lost Weight 3X

Mom of 2. I've lost 80-100lbs 3x as well. I needed new boobs! I went with dr Moises Castillo Cantu at Hospital K-3 in Matamoros. I would definitely refer him for breast augmentation. He does great work. I had a good experience. He's very busy so he doesn't have much time for bedside manner... READ MORE

28 yr old; 2 kids; 5'5"; 155lbs; 400cc saline submuscular

I got serious about getting in shape a couple years ago. I started working out and dieting. I've settled into a good rhythm and I am really happy with the results of my efforts. Except my already small boobs somehow got smaller. I went from a decent B-ish state to a small A-cup. I like my boobs.... READ MORE

33 year old 5 kids, breastfeed 3 450cc 400cc may need more surgery for haematoma

Day 11, had surgery with Dr frati in London Fitzroy lovely staff and Dr frat was great, anisetic team were lovely too very kind and friendly. Woke up with my drains in spaced out my left boob was bleeding over the 250 mil line so Dr Frati came back to check on me was put on a drip to stop the... READ MORE

Hematoma Immediately After Surgery. Yuba City, CA

I love my new look! I am so happy with how they turned out. I used to wear a 34b bra but that was even perhaps too big. I am one month post op and now wearing a 36c. I am a runner so I didnt want to go too big. I am 5'2" and 125lbs with no kids. When I awoke from surgery I recall feeling pain... READ MORE

Nightmare Surgeon - Los Angeles, CA

I don't like bashing people, but I feel that it is my responsibility to inform people of this type of experience. Dr. Gary Takowski is the doctor I had chosen to use. Lets just state the facts minus my opinion so I can let the readers make theirs. I met with the doctor and during the... READ MORE

33yr Old Mother of Two - Madison, WI

I had my surgery yesterday, it was successful! I'm sore and tight but meds are keeping pain in control. I got 500cc underarm saline behind the muscle. Today sore but able to move around. Little bleeding under left arm I think I been moving too much. Been icing my breast and I have little pain.... READ MORE

43 Yo Mother of 5 Children and Tired if Buying Bras from the Little Girls Section. Cumberland, MD

Hello everyone, Let me start by saying that I'm thrilled to have found this website. I've read a few reviews and the support here is amazing! I have been debating on a BA foe over 10 yrs now ans finally decided to take thr very first step last yr when I went for my first consult. I was only... READ MORE

26 Yrs Old with 1 Toddler - Richmond, TX

Day 1 after surgery, bilateral saline. I am bleeding through at one incision site. Help, is this normal? Other than this, everything went smoothly and quick. I had some pain yesterday from incision. My doctor was very great! I am went from being in A/B cup on my left side and a full b on my... READ MORE

Am loving the additions more everyday :) - Australia, AU

Hi girls! My name is Lisa, im 24years old! I'm from Victoria, Australia. I've been dreaming if having boobies for at least 8 years! Well here I am surgery completed! I'll take a step back & tell you my reasons for wanting this surgery. I have always had an almost... READ MORE

Chosing Dr. Bucko As My Surgeon Was the Worst Mistake of My Life!

Dr Bucko performed a breast augmentation that resulted in a deformity called a double bubble. When I showed Dr. Bucko and his nurse the results of the surgery and they had no concern what so ever with results of my surgery. I ended up getting consultations with several high profile plastic... READ MORE

High profile implant on one side, Extra high profile on the other= symmetrical for the first time!

I love my results. I was very nervous about doing this, Dr Fryer and his entire staff were great. They made me comfortable and not embarrassed about my surgery. I have scoliosis and have concavity on my sternum and after breast feeding four babies this helped me feel like I can be a woman... READ MORE

27yrs Old - Modesto, CA

The staff was very welcoming the morning of my surgery, they made me feel very comfortable. I bled a lot during surgery and had tubes put it. Having tubes was the worst part of this exexperience. If i had any questions or concerns the staff or doctor was always there to give me an answer right... READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeon In Hawaii!!!

Dr. Chu was my first choice due to his vast cosmetic surgical knowledge and high level of expertise performing breast augmentations, esteemed reputation as a plastic surgeon and his perfectionist demeanor. My great experience at Dr. Chu’s office began during the consultation. Dr. Chu e... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, Lipo, & Fat Transfer - Pensacola, FL

Ever since I had my daughter, I was disgusted with my body, I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I went to see Dr. Shaddix for a breast augmentation & BBL, after my consultation we decided to do the breast augmentation, lipo, & fat transfer. This was the first time I've ever had... READ MORE

25 Year Old Fitness Competitor - Raleigh, NC

I absolutely love lifting and competing in figure competitions, but I've always been a little on the smaller side even before my body fat started to drop. Once I got serious about weight lifting, my chest was the first thing to go. I didn't want to give up my love for lifting, but I did want... READ MORE

30 Year Old, 4 Kids, Need Volume Back in my Breasts. Draper, UT

I was really nervous to go forward with my breast augmentation- but have been wanting to do if for about a year now. I visited 2 other doctors, and easily decided on Dr. Fryer. I liked the feel of the office, his staff, and he has really personable bedside manor and he helped me feel confident... READ MORE

Mother of 4 Girls in Need of New Updated Breasts After Nursing! 375cc High Profile. Burnsville, MN

My whole life I've never been more than an A cup. It always bothered me and so when I was 21 I decided I was going to do the surgery but my husband convinced me to wait till after children. With much dismay I decided to take his advice and wait. After 4 beautiful children, nursing all of them... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation by Dr. Mark Epstein - Stony Brook, NY

I had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Epstein in October 2012. From start to finish, the whole experience could not have been better. I live out of state & have a clotting disorder, so I wasn't even sure surgery was an option. Dr. Epstein & his staff worked with my hematologist to... READ MORE

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