belly button + Breast Augmentation

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The Best Doctor - Livingston, NJ

I'm 32 years old , mother of 2 children . After my second son my boobs were on my belly button. So I decided that I have to do surgery to feel sexy again. Dr. Tutela was the first with whom I consulted . And he was the only one . He was so professional that I decided to go with him . And it was... READ MORE

finally going through with it.

I am set on getting a tummy tuck in the near future, and have not had any consultations as of yet. I have four kids ages 10,7,3,and 1. Ya four kids took a toll on my belly and I feel I am far to young (28) to have body image issues. Not that any age is acceptable we should all be happy in our... READ MORE

30Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 160lbs, A-cup and So Ready for This!

Currently looking for the best surgeon for me in and around toronto area. Was hoping to see Dr Lista but can't get consult with him till end of august and would really like it done before my 30th birthday which is then! Have booked a consult with dr ahmad and would like to consult with Dr... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, Lipo and Belly Button Revision - San Antonio, TX

I had my surgery performed yesterday so I am still in a lot of pain. It's hard to find a position to get comfortable in to fall asleep so I'm on my couch now since it provides me with more support. I have to have my boobs wrapped until Monday when I got back and also keep a girdle on since I had... READ MORE

23 1 Kid Want Bigger Boobs - Nashville, TN

Love the doc very honest the staff are the best very helpful ask for c got double d but still love them very natural looking love how I have no scars went through belly button so I have no scars visible only inside my belly button I will always recommend him for this I love my boobs Dr... READ MORE

Find a Different Doctor! Albany, NY

Horrible experience! I had breast implants and one popped. My insurance was to pay due to medical necessity. I had to pay $6000 upfront and when she received my insurance payment she was to refund me! She didn't! She received $12000 for this hell! She put in double D's instead of the Cshe... READ MORE

They do it better these days

This doctor left terrible scars under my breast, when he told me he would go through my belly button. I guess he decided when I was out cold to cut beneath my breasts, all because it was complicated because I had prior lipo, and there was scarring there, well he should have said that before surgery. READ MORE

I Think This is Animation Deformity with a Reluctant Ps for Help - San Antonio, TX

I got 400cc through the belly button, under the muscle, 9 months ago and I feel like I've had problems since day one. They've always been high riding which is fine to some extent but when you have more boob up top then on the bottom it some time sucks. I went to my ps a few days ago thinking... READ MORE

Post-Weight Loss Nip Tucks - Wayne, NJ

Hi all! I decided to start writing about my journey with Dr Ganchi now because not many people have done so for the entire length of the experience, as others have with other surgeons. I will post pics along the way to help anyone! Really thorough reviews & images are essential on this site to... READ MORE

47.......yes I Was Small. ABOUT 36 full, Nice C ...I Was Even Told I Had Nice Boobs of an 18 Year old - California

Ive been in tears since day 1...I had always dreamed of big big boobs....I even had a photos of what I thought was geting....I ended up withe 36dd I think...I say I think because I was rushed out through a side door were my driver waited..all I was told was I wasent able to get my triple ds..... READ MORE

Very Pleased with the Results of My Surgery

In June 2016, I underwent breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and surgery to repair an umbilical hernia with Dr. Claytor. I would highly recommend Dr. Claytor to anyone who is thinking about having any of these procedures. Following the birth of my third child, my belly button protruded... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, Through Belly Button - Melbourne, FL

I had a breast augmentation and I could not have had a better experience. It was through the belly button, so I was left with a small, 4 cm scar inside my belly button (completely hidden). The staff was amazing and made me feel extremely comfortable. Dr. Vitale-Lewis did such an fantastic job.... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mother of 2 Auto Augmentation, Lipo, and Scar Revision - Toronto, ON

I'm a mother of two young children that were both born via C-section. After my last c-section i was left with major scar tissue due to an infection. This in turn, left me with a lump that hung over the left side of my c-section. I went to Dr. Born for a consultation asking him what he could do... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Previous Tummy Tuck - Newport Beach, CA

I had a prior Tummy Tuck with Dr. Horowitz after a bad experience from a previous surgery and different plastic surgeon and I was exceptionally pleased with the results, he created a new belly button and made my tummy look good again. I recently had a Breast Augmentation and was very pleased... READ MORE

So Happy - Folsom, CA

I went to Dr. Zimmerman in 2013 to have a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. He did a fabulous job, not much scarring at all, breasts feel and look natural. Tummy tuck looks great rock hard abs, my belly button is better now then before. I recommend him to anyone who. asks. It is like a spa at... READ MORE

Beautiful Work. Understanding Surgeon. Knows Exactly What You Want. Lafayette, CA

I never regret getting an augmentation. Very easy procedure and relatively fast recovery. Dr. Friedman is the best plastic surgeon. I all very comfortable discussing my needs with him . He has a lot of experience and the cost is not outrageous. Getting saline implants is the better choice and... READ MORE

No Kids, Small A to C, Underlining Condition Made It Challenging. Los Angles, CA

Hughes responded to emails super fast and didn't hesitate to give advice. Once he answered my questions and confirmed what I wanted he transferred me to his coordinator. I was able to organize everything via phone and emails which was important to me as I don't live in the U.S.. The staff were... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation (Belly Button Incision) - Orange, TX

I had the breast augmentation, belly button incision (transumbilical) (submuscular). I had it done on a Friday and was back to work the following Tuesday. The nurses and staff were absolutely phenomenal. I never waited long when I went in for my appointments. My surgery went great and I didn't... READ MORE

Best Boob Doctor in LA! (Trust Me, I Did my Research....) - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a breast augmentation done this past May with Dr. Kim. I have a job where I see horrible boob jobs all day long and wanted to be sure I didn't end up that way. For over 5 years, and 7 consultations later I finally decided on Dr. Kim. He is confident, professional, and will answer all your... READ MORE

Botched Surgery - Folsom, CA

Simply put, my body looked better before my surgery! I have one breast higher than the other, this is after a corrective surgery (Dr K performed initial and corrective surgery)after the initial augmentation. After my abdominalplasty my belly button healed the size of a half dollar with major... READ MORE

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