bandage + Breast Augmentation

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26 Y/o 2 Kids Both Breastfed for a Year, 34A. 500cc UHP Under Muscle

Hey there ladies, greetings from South Africa. So, I had my surgery yesterday and everything went well, despite my own worries and anxieties lol, my only complaint is the pain! My upper back is killing me, I barely slept last night, the pressure on my chest is fine, as I expected it due to... READ MORE

24yrs Old, No Kids, Just Wanted Bigger Boobs - Rochester, MI

I've always wished I had bigger boobs. I guess that's a stupid thing to wish for but I've literally wanted them since I was like 14. Finally I saved up the money and thought why not do it? My surgery was scheduled for Friday, the day after having a labiaplasty. I had taken a week and a half off... READ MORE

28 Years Old, No Kids, Breast Augmentation and Nipple Reduction

I was thinking about doing it for a long time, finally I decided to it. And I should say so far it was one of my decisions ever! I always wanted fuller breast. I had the tissue but it was very empty and soft. My biggest concern was if i can have a natural look. I didn't want any fake looking... READ MORE

350 Cc Natrelle 32A to (Hopefully) Full C!

Today was my procedure day. Couldn't decide between the 325cc or 350cc, but I decided with the 350cc since two tablespoons isn't that much difference! SO glad I did. The surgery staff was amazing as was Dr Kerr. Very quick surgery. In some pain right now, but not unbearable and was expected.... READ MORE

5'3 150 Lbs 450cc Silicone Gel Implants, Breast Fed Two Babies and Want to Fit in my Clothes Right

I wanted to show people what 450CC looks like on a "larger" figure. I feel like a lot of people here on real self are super skinny. I'm a size 6, 5'3 and 150lbs. I always felt like I needed to be a size 0 to match my small chest and finally decided I would be so much happier to just feel full... READ MORE

Perfect BA

Sumida and his staff are beyond exceptional. They answered all my questions and made sure I was taken care of the entire time. I knew I wanted a breast augmentation and Sumida knew exactly what would look perfect on my body. I am 16 days post-op and I am so excited by the results. No... READ MORE

21 Years Old - 5'3 - 115lbs - COSMEDITOUR in Thailand

Pre-op pictures that I sent to my doctor back in October. Currently wearing 32B/30C bras but not filling them out. Leaving tomorrow for Bangkok with my fiancé. Consult/surgery the next day! I have wanted a breast augmentation for years now and finally have enough money saved to pay for it in ... READ MORE

Recovery Journal - Houston, TX

35 years old Two breastfed children Not even sure of previous size...wore sports bras most of the time. "34 AA or Nearly A" was last bra purchased. I have been on realself for the past month. Many posts pictures and reviews have been very helpful. Backstory : for the past 3 years I have... READ MORE

Today I Finally Go my Boobs Done - Beverly Hills, CA

I am 27 years old and roughly 140-145lbs and I'm 5'10. Today I got my transaxiliary breast argumentation surgery. And so far I absolutely love them!!! I have no regrets so far maybe because I have very little swelling. I go back to the doctor tmrw for a check up and I can't wait to see my girls.... READ MORE


So I had been wanting boobs for a really long time and thought long and hard before I finally made the plunge. I'm a bit bottom heavy and didn't have much up top so I was hoping to be more proportionate to the rest of my body. First I do know that its a lot of money but care credit made it... READ MORE

43 Year Old Ready for Dream Boobs! 445 cc smooth moderate profile under muscle Midlothian, VA

I am 43 years old and I have wanted a BA since I was in my 20s. I always figured I'd get one maybe after I had kids. Well, I finally got married, and my marriage lasted 7 years, when I divorced at age 39 (no kids). Money was tight after the divorce; however it is now a few years later and things... READ MORE

21 Year Old - Breast Augmentation from AA - 10C - Sydney, AU

I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have came across Dr Moradi and have him do my breast augmentation. I had seen 3 other top surgeons before him .One of the reasons why I chose him in the end was because he offers excellent correspondence with his patients, enabling them to email him... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 1kid (7 Years Old). Went for 335cc Silicone Implants Motiva, Ergonomix Silk. Auckland, NZ

Post op day 1 - pain is not as bad as I expected, though I'm on painkillers. My bandage is tight and in place. Going for my follow up appointment tomorrow morning. I went for 335cc (R) 315cc (L) motiva implants, Ergonomix. I have drain tubes attached and can't wait for it to be removed. My... READ MORE

32 Yrs, 2 Kids, 34A, Allergen Naturelle Style 410 360cc, Overs - Orlando, FL

I'm on day one of treatment and still waiting to see the final results, or at least see my boobs unwrapped. They look like they are near the size I wanted in the bandages though. Pain started about 12 hours after surgery and it's difficult to sleep even with the pills. I go to my follow up today... READ MORE

40 Year Old, 450cc Unders, 5'8", 122 Lbs, Worth Every Penny! - Richland, WA

Mom of 3, breast fed each child which left my breasts feeling deflated and my self confidence deflated as well. After pondering the huge decision for years I finally decided it was now or never. I am so thankful I went through with it, the decision has been life changing. I am much happier... READ MORE

A Dream Came True with 25 Years!!! - Mexico, MX

I'm 25 years old from Germany but living in Mexico, playa del Carmen. I searched for years for the right doctor. A friend of my suggested me Dr. Marco Antonio Carmona in Cancun. After my first appointment I was sure to do it with him. He was professional from the first second, answered all my... READ MORE

Nightmare Surgeon - Los Angeles, CA

I don't like bashing people, but I feel that it is my responsibility to inform people of this type of experience. Dr. Gary Takowski is the doctor I had chosen to use. Lets just state the facts minus my opinion so I can let the readers make theirs. I met with the doctor and during the... READ MORE

43 and 2 Kids - Las Vegas, NV

I am 5 ft and 104 lbs with a small frame. I have always been a small A and wanted to achieve a full B. Even with all the padding, I didn't fill up my bras and as a result I never truly felt sexy. It's Day 1 post op and can't wait to see what's under the bandages. My PS and I agreed upon 265 cc... READ MORE

26yo AA to Small C. Long Island City, NY

The surgery went well I didn't have any pain at all after the surgery. I took pain medication twice only because I could feel the muscle tightening when my left breast was dropping. I had to wear a Ace bandage for my right breast to drop since it wouldn't drop on it's own. Overall everything... READ MORE

Am 44 I Have Always Wanted Bigger Beast Family Members Said Don't You Think U a Little Too Old Now I Say No - Biloxi, MS

I really don't see anything but good coming from my beast being bigger, before I was like a boy a small a cup I put on bra's to make it look like i had something up there, I still have the bandage on and already feel better I take some pictures to post so any one wants to see the outcome can... READ MORE

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