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back pain + Breast Augmentation

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Dr. Peter Somers and Miami

I originally was an A to B. My goal was for a large C to Small D. My doctor gave me about 550 cc, they look huge. I go back on in today to see him. What size do you think those are anyone? The pain is about a 9. I could move around too. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My back has been... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 4 Weeks Post Op - La Mesa, CA

I have been wanting to get a breast augmentation since I realized my boobs were never gonna grow... When I was 17. I really had no boobs, I could nearly fit the smallest bras. But I didn't have the time or the money to do it. I moved to San Diego for good about a year ago after graduating, and... READ MORE

30 Yes Old, 5,4, 112 Ibs - Mother of 1 - 34a - 375cc. Czech Republic, CZ

Hi There This site has been really helpful so I thought I'd write a little review. I have always been a flat 34a cup, looked like I had a boys chest. I've gone for 375cc after reading alot of regretful reviews thought I'll take the biggest that could fit so I don't wish I had gotten more. I... READ MORE


So I had been wanting boobs for a really long time and thought long and hard before I finally made the plunge. I'm a bit bottom heavy and didn't have much up top so I was hoping to be more proportionate to the rest of my body. First I do know that its a lot of money but care credit made it... READ MORE

36 Old Mom of Two, Wanting my Full Perky Girls Back - Alpharetta, GA

I have to tell you ladies.. When I joined RS I never intended on posting anything.. I've never even commented on a post. I hope I'm not alone in this, but I joined just to read reviews and gain my dream boob pic. Which I did.. Thanks ladies! :-) Well, all that changed today at my consult... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Dr. Kim- Beverly Hills, CA

I am very happy with the results of my BA with dr. David Kim. My breasts look natural and I have no scars at all. Dr. Kim was very informative and nice. The young nurse before surgery was ok, but the nurse in the operating room was very sweet and made me feel confortable. Recovery was hard the... READ MORE

26yr. 5.2,110pounds, Mom of 1. Not Sure on Results - Las Vegas, NV

It's been a year but want to finally share my journey. I'm kinda going through what Heidi Montag is going through. Looking for some before pics, will post some up soon. So when I was young I had big hooters, 34c,perky, till I gave birth at 18 breast fed then my breast deflated. Flat with lose... READ MORE

Exotic Dancer That Needed a Boost! Newport Beach, CA

I had a Breast Augmentation with Dr. Toohey yesterday and so far I am very satisfied. I got Silicon 475cc's under the muscle with a inframammary incision. I have no experiences any pain and did not need the pain meds at all. My chest does feel heavy and my back is sore but it's nothing I can... READ MORE

54 Yr Old with MS, Wanted to Look Good Again. Fort Myers, FL

I've always wanted to do it, but was worried about the impact it would have on my multiple sclerosis. My daughter had a very nice consultation with Dr. Schneider for herself and convinced me to go talk to him. So my husband and I finally decided we're not getting any younger and to go for it. ... READ MORE

46 Y.o. It Was Time ! - Connecticut

Probably a little late to post my "experience", but after commenting on a few posts, I've been asked to, twice, I am 46, 5'4, 135 #. Was a 36A...woke up in the 8th grade with 36 A's and that's all I ever got! Even when pregnant, twice, they never got any bigger. In high school, I noticed... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids - Toronto, ON

AMAZING experience, from start to finish. From the very first meeting she just seemed to understand what would be the best fit for me body, and she couldn't have been more right. Following the procedure I've had almost no pain - only needed percs because of back pain my new boobs gave me!... READ MORE

27years Old, 5'9", 155lbs Hairstylist - Fairhope, AL

Wanted to accomplish a more feminine look. Part of me wishes I had gone bigger. The other part wishes I hadn't done it at all. The pain has been excruciating. I can deal with it thru medication. However the headaches and the nasea is what I can't handle. So far I'm 6 days in and want to go back... READ MORE

30 yrs old, 5'6, 110, (375cc Silicone smooth Mentor Gel, mod +, Periareolar)Maryland, MD

I am 34A size right now, in my 30, 5.6 height and 110. I am consider silicone implant for 400cc, 425cc or 450cc, but i have bad left shoulder pain in my neck to my middle of the back for at least a few years already and i dont know if i go big will bothering or make the pain getting worse? have... READ MORE

31/4 Kids/86lbs/5'/ Not Even 28a. 425cc under

My surgery was a bit of a whirl wind. My husband and I have discuss a BA since we have been together (12+yrs) He has always supported me and loved me for who I was, but knows I hate shopping for clothes and often come home crying. Last year I even tried having a swimsuit custom made and that was... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Breast Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

My motivation was wanting bigger breasts! more rounder fuller appearance! Pros: Confidence Look good anywhere n everywhere Feel better naked Feel more womanly Not worry about boobs getting smaller when I have kids Being able to wear anything I want Cons: Possibility of not being happy... READ MORE

I'm 33 Years Old and Have Two Children - Traverse City, MI

I just have to say this is the best info site I've ever found!! I'm so thankful I have found all of you. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I was a saggy c cup after having my two amazing kids. I wasn't happy with my body one bit. My breasts were so gross! I couldn't stand looking... READ MORE

Deflated Breasts ... from Breast Feeding - Bangkok, Thailand

After breast feeding my breasts felt really empty and had nothing left. The looked like balloons had been popped. It made me depressed to wear anything revealing of the breast area as i had none to fill them. I had looked up for breast augmentation overseas i had heard of people getting it down... READ MORE

Good Surgeon just does what he wants not what patient wants. Better yet, hit the gym. Older Women => Mastopexy/Implants

Plastic Surgeons are clearly stuffing oversized, in my case underfilled and lumpy, implants in a midaged woman whose breasts have begun to sag, not telling them about mastopexy or informing them of how much bigger of a saggy mess they will have on their hands fairly soon after the implants have... READ MORE

Dr Pousti Changed my Life! - San Diego, CA

Nature gave me size D breasts on my 6 foot body. Breast feeding two children left me looking ridiculous with sagging B breasts. Nothing made me look good, and I was embarrased to go out on dress up nights with my husband. 13 years ago I found doctor Pousti and I asked him to just pump them... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Thin and Athletic Pageant Girl - Norwood, MA

I was extremely pleased with Dr. Russo's staff from the minute I walked in. Mind you, I was very nervous. I never had a real operation before. He told me his honest opinion of his work right off the bat which is a natural look:exactly what I was going for. I appreciate his honesty, As I've... READ MORE

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