B to DD cup + Breast Augmentation

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32 Yo with Sagging Breast

I have been wanting breast implants for years. I breastfed my child and it destroyed my breast tissue. My surgery with Dr.Obaid went well and it has changed my life. I went from a saggy B to a 34DD. He has an excellent bedside manner and is very down to earth. He made me comfortable and even... READ MORE

5'3, 140 lbs, 24 years old, 36B

Just lost 18 lbs and am finally in a good place to start my BA journey! I began researching 2 years ago and have my heart set on Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills. His work is amazing and his results look pretty consistent. I'm hoping to go from a 34b to DDs. I just booked my consult with him next... READ MORE

29 yr...5'9...140lbs wth 1 child...495cc silicone high profile

So after what felt like forever...I've decided to get my boobs done. I had small perky ones before my son. But I BLEW UP when I got pregnant (boobies only thankfully lol) I went from a 32B to a 38DD! They were massive. I couldn't even fit Victoria's Secret. And then I breastfed which put me in a... READ MORE

22 Years Old 115 Lbs Fit Mother of 3 with Deflated Breats

After breastfeeding for a total of almost 5 years my breast are in need of a fix me up. I went and had my consultation with Dr Fryer a few weeks ago. Him and his staff are amazing! I was told I could go without having a lift which I'm super excited about (no extra scars!!) He recommend 320 cc in... READ MORE

*best Breast Augmentation Experience

After 3 months post op I am extremely satisfied, my personal ideal has been completely fulfilled. I could not be happier with the result, and the recovery has been great too! I attached a post op picture - prior was 34 b , or 36 a -- post op 3 months, sized by VS as DD - 455cc silicone UHP. As... READ MORE

27 Years Old / 5'3" and 115lbs. Subpectoral Under the Breast 425 Round Smooth Moderate + Silicone

And the journey begins! I've been wanting this for 10 years but like most of us, we were told "you don't need it", "don't ruin your body", "you look fine the way you are" There is some truth to that. I don't think I NEED it. I cant RUIN my body if I leave it alone. I think I look FINE the way I... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 160lbs, 6' Wanting to Go from 34b to 34-36DD

So I figured I wanted to share my journey through surgery. After years of going back and froward I decided to take the massive step and get breast augmentation surgery. So more about me I'm 29 turning 30 and I have decided that I want to start my 30 with the body I have always wanted and feel... READ MORE

Surpassed my expectations

Before getting a breast augmentation I suggest really doing your research on the right plastic surgeon. I'm so glad I did! I'm an African-American female, 30+, who wanted a confidence boost and to have my blouse's fit the way they should. I was always missing out on the cute tops because I... READ MORE

I got my dream boobs!

I booked in with Dr Moradi after researching for months. The moment I walked through the door at Parks Clinics I knew I made the right choice. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Dr Moradi was informative and honest and very personable. He understood my dream boobs and worked with me and my... READ MORE

From 34B to Hopeful DD

It is exactly a week away from my surgery date and the excitement is kicking in. I am searching the internet like crazy for my implant and cc size checking what other women's breasts turned out like from this hoping mine will look the same. I had originally told Mr. Hurren at Spire hospital in... READ MORE

PBG - Mark Pinsky MD -Ruined My Breasts then told Me to Find Another Surgeon Because "This is the Best He Can Do"!!

As a 40 something mom looking to undo some of the damage from breastfeeding my 2 children, I had implants and a lift with Dr. Mark Pinsky in August 2012. He did not listen to what I wanted and became defensive when I questioned anything he said. I started as a b cup and was looking to get a... READ MORE

20 Year Old Flying from the UK to Clinic BeauCare in Belgium for a Breast Augmentation

I am 20 years old and have wanted a breast Augmentation for as long as I can remember. I am 5ft2 size 6/8 in clothes but very small chested at a 32B. I feel unconfident in clothes and feel my tip half does not match my curvier bottom half. I want a breast augmentation to make myself more... READ MORE

25, 5 Ft 110 Lbs

I am looking forward to my breast augmentation! It's in a week and half and I'm excited to finally have boobs. I've always been small and never felt confident enough in cleavage clothing. After looking online for months I finally decided to go with dr aaron gorin in Tualatin. I'm currently 32b... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation!!

Hi RS, I'm a mom of two and I was 36 B. My height is 5'2 and my weight is 145lbs. I start to look for a plastic surgeon with experience in breast augmentation because I wanted more volume so I went to visit Dr. Rodriguez Balasquide. The overall experience was excellent and I'm very satisfied... READ MORE

20 Years Old 5ft6 Breast Enlargement 400cc High Profile Before and After

So happy with my results! If you already have some breast tissue want to enhance the size and shape 400cc over the muscle is a great choice my new breasts are no rounder and I can comfortably now wear backless tops without needing support of a push up bra Pre op - breast size 34b Post op -... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience!

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Maloney and staff for all your plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery needs and desires. I had breast augmentation, bilateral, high profile 500ccs. Being a model, I was very concerned with the appearance of my breasts. I was a 32B prior to surgery, and very unhappy with... READ MORE

Best decision I ever made was making an appt with Dr Karoo

I am now 5 months post op and I am over the moon with the results, I have looked at hundreds of before&after pics and my results are the kind that I prayed for. Dr Karoo was amazing, I can't recommend him or Sancta Maria team enough. I had two consultations before and I have had at least 4... READ MORE

25 Y/o B Cup to DD Cup - San Antonio, TX

My whole experience was amazing! After my surgery I felt like an enormous elephant was sitting on my ches, very nauseated and extremely thirsty. There was a nurse with me who helped me with everything! My pain lasted for about a week or so I was taking norco and Tylenol extra strength around the... READ MORE

Breast Aug 400cc

Breast augmentation was something I always wanted but due to timing and finances was never really an option until now. I consulted with 4 docs and made a decision. I'm made my decision based on post op expectations, surgery center used, and interaction during the consultation. . 34B - 34DD! Best... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, 110 Pounds, 5'3. 495/525 Ultra High Silicone Gel - Saint Louis, MO

I went on multiple consultations with other surgeons and when I met Dr. Prada I knew he was the perfect surgeon for me. He is experienced, personable, professional, and a perfectionist. His entire staff was kind and helpful through the entire process as well. I couldn't be happier with my... READ MORE

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