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B to DD cup + Breast Augmentation

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29 Years Old, 160lbs, 6' Wanting to Go from 34b to 34-36DD

So I figured I wanted to share my journey through surgery. After years of going back and froward I decided to take the massive step and get breast augmentation surgery. So more about me I'm 29 turning 30 and I have decided that I want to start my 30 with the body I have always wanted and feel... READ MORE

27 Years Old / 5'3" and 115lbs. Subpectoral Under the Breast 425 Round Smooth Moderate + Silicone

And the journey begins! I've been wanting this for 10 years but like most of us, we were told "you don't need it", "don't ruin your body", "you look fine the way you are" There is some truth to that. I don't think I NEED it. I cant RUIN my body if I leave it alone. I think I look FINE the way I... READ MORE

25 Y/o B Cup to DD Cup - San Antonio, TX

My whole experience was amazing! After my surgery I felt like an enormous elephant was sitting on my ches, very nauseated and extremely thirsty. There was a nurse with me who helped me with everything! My pain lasted for about a week or so I was taking norco and Tylenol extra strength around the... READ MORE

Breast Aug 400cc

Breast augmentation was something I always wanted but due to timing and finances was never really an option until now. I consulted with 4 docs and made a decision. I'm made my decision based on post op expectations, surgery center used, and interaction during the consultation. . 34B - 34DD! Best... READ MORE

20 Year Old Flying from the UK to Clinic BeauCare in Belgium for a Breast Augmentation

I am 20 years old and have wanted a breast Augmentation for as long as I can remember. I am 5ft2 size 6/8 in clothes but very small chested at a 32B. I feel unconfident in clothes and feel my tip half does not match my curvier bottom half. I want a breast augmentation to make myself more... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, 110 Pounds, 5'3. 495/525 Ultra High Silicone Gel - Saint Louis, MO

I went on multiple consultations with other surgeons and when I met Dr. Prada I knew he was the perfect surgeon for me. He is experienced, personable, professional, and a perfectionist. His entire staff was kind and helpful through the entire process as well. I couldn't be happier with my... READ MORE

Lipo Revision and Breast Aug- 375 Cc's-- Very Happy with Doc!

Two years ago, I was placed on a medication (seroquel) that made me gain 20 pounds, mostly all in my belly. It was distressing and nothing I did would make a difference. I made an appointment with Dr. Parker to initially talk only about liposuction. I was interested in doing my stomach,... READ MORE

680 cc saline implants...

I found a really good plastic surgeon here in North Carolina named dr Hamel and he had a deal going on for the month of January a saline boob job only costed $2500!!! Crazy right!!! I'm so excited and ready for this day to come. I am only 5'3 and weighing 160. Has anyone else gone that small to... READ MORE

26 years old, no kids, lost 80+ lbs, B cup wanting to be a DD

I found Dr Parhiscars on realself. After browsing all of the reviews people have posted and before/after pictures of his work, I really wanted to schedule a consultation with him. As soon as I met him I was confident about booking my procedure with him! READ MORE

23yrs Old, 5'6", 135lb. Need to Feel Like a Woman!

I'm currently a 32B and thinking I want to go to a 32DD. I have my first consultation with Dr James Mcdiarmid through My breast booked for Nov 1st. From endless research and trawling though many many images of other ladies post op pics. I'm going to ask to go to 32DD using teardrop silicon... READ MORE

5'6" and 140lb Range Going to Use Approx 500cc Round Silicone

Pre op was 10/18/16 and surgery is 11/4/16 Dr. Greco will bring at least 15 sizers into the operating room and decide what looks best during surgery. Going in the 500cc range round smooth silicone. I have wide bwd of 15-16cm and need larger size to see any significant change. I'm probably a 34b... READ MORE

34, Mother of 3, Getting 450cc Polyurethane, High Profile, Overs. - Perth. WA

Being a mummy for 10 years, it's now time to treat myself! Iv always had tiny little boobs, 12B which I couldnt even fill lol. And after breast feeling 3 babies they were in need of a make over!! I am 6 foot tall and a size10/12 and I was wanting to achieve a 12DD-E. I love my lady curves,... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Mother of One-nursed for 18 Months and Lost 40 Pounds Recently - Minneapolis, MN

My experience with the staff of Minneapolis Plastic Surgey greatly surpassed expectations. If I could give Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS and his staff 10 stars out of 5, I would. After much research, I knew this was the place for me! I am 29 years of age, nursed my now 6 year old son for 18... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 160lbs, 545cc Ultra High Profile Overs

I am booked in for breast augmentation on the 20th of jan 2016. I currently have very slight tuberous breasts that are empty from weight loss. I am apparently a 38b UK according to my surgeon although I tend to wear 36C bras that are extremely padded. I have faded stretch marks around my... READ MORE

21 Year Old. 1 Kid and Breastfeeding/losing Weight Murdered my Boobs - Las Cruces, NM

I wasn't happy for a vey long time with my boobs. Was a full C before pregnancy and after BF/losing weight I went to a saggy 34 B. I wanted a full DD. And I couldn't be any happier with my results. They are 580cc of high profile silicone and placed sub muscular. If you want a more natural look I... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 32B Now, Weight 90 Ibs & 5'7! - Birkdale, AU

Hey everyone I am looking to get implants, I am currently a 32B now, I am wanting to achieve at least a DD.. I am thinking 400/500cc. I am hoping to get Natrelle implants, they also do eurosillicone but not heard many good reviews on them?! I am looking for ladies with similar stats or any info... READ MORE

43 Yr Old Mom of 3 - B Cup to DD 800cc High Profile. Minneapolis, MN

Hi - I am a 43 yr old mom of 3 kids. I have always had small breasts ( a small B cup ) and have never really thought of having them done but -- after having my 3 kids and losing a lot a weight I lost what little I did have. My density was really degraded. They looked deflated, saggy and sad. I... READ MORE

29 Year Old, 5'9" 140Lbs, 34B, 525cc Silicon. Miami Fl.

Hi y'all I have been waiting for this for years. It's time to say goodbye to my little boobs. Finally I can't believe that I already booked my appointment ???????????????????????????????? ( 05/05/2016 it's going be the big day ) I'm counting down the the days ???? but I'm little worried too... READ MORE

26 Years Old, Need Advice/help on if Revision is Necessary - Idaho

I had my breast aug done in December and I did not have a high profile implant like I wanted or expected. Lack of communication. I was told this is bad on the breast tissue long term and not recommended. However, based on before and afters and what my friends have, I love how they look and how... READ MORE

24 Yr Old, Going from a 34 B to a 34 DD - Ogden, UT

The experience I had with Dr. Brzowski and his team was phenomenal! The amount of information and support that Brzowski and the nurses have is comforting and exciting. Not once did I feel nervous or scared going into surgery because I knew everything I needed to from the beginning and was always... READ MORE

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