B cup + Breast Augmentation

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22 Years Old, 5'7/135 Pounds, 485cc Silicone, Moderate (plus) Profile Breast Augmentation

Yesterday I met with my plastic surgeon, Dr. Kalantarian in Orange County for my consultation. He revealed to me that my right breast is smaller than the left. I showed him my wish pics and from that, he was able to decide the implant size and profile: Moderate profile, 445cc silicone implants.... READ MORE

Mom of 4, Liposuction after 50 lbs weight loss. 500 cc Breast Aug after breastfeeding. 5'0, 130 lbs. Mini Tummy Tuck??

I have been wanting Breast implants for almost 20 years I am currently a 32 B. I Breastfed 4 kids and lost 50lbs with Optavia and have maintained for 8 months. I am getting liposuction but am considering getting a mini Tummy Tuck. I just want to be happy with my overall results. My surgery... READ MORE

26, 32b 5'7" 535cc ultra high profile

So to start I have been researching a BA for several years now. I have known for a long time I wanted one. I have always been a member of the itty bitty titty committee. I started officially saving in Dec of 2015. I havent been to any consults but after a lot of diligent and thorough research I... READ MORE

26 Yr Old, 1 Kid, XL Implants

Scheduled a BA with Dr.Revis, hoping to get the best XL implants for me. Currently a 36B, 5'4" and 160 lbs. I have had 1 kid and have always been looking to enhance myself greatly. Although I am a little worried about boob greed. Will update review in it's entirety once surgery has been... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 5'3" and 95 Pounds, 30B/30C, 339cc style 15 Natrelle . Redbank, NJ

Since I was 12 I was wondering when my boobs would come in, and they still are the same little boobies I've had forever. I tried breast creams, pills, massages, you name it, to try to naturally grow my breasts with no success. After being on this website for a while and researching doctors, I... READ MORE

5'3 150pds 26 Year Old Boob Job

So far my experience has been great! Dr. Taneja was referred by a friend, who he performed a tummy tuck on. From the second I entered his office I was created with a smile and everyone I came in contact was kind and very helpful. Dr. Taneja is very cool and laid back and does not bullshit anyone... READ MORE

23 Year Old, No Kids, 455CC UHP, Round Texturized, Overs

Hello lovelies! I'm 2 day away from my surgery and because this site has helped me so much with research, I figured, might as well put my experience to help other women with this decision. So, a little bit about myself, I am 23 years old, I don't have kids, currently a 32a (32b with push up... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation | 20 years old | 114 POUNDS | 52 KG | 5'5 | Petite

Hey guys! So I've decided to start my journey with breast augmentation!! I'm super excited!!! So here's a little update so far, I have been for two consultations and have picked my doctor and BOOKED MY SURGERY DATE! Pre op = 2 weeks to go!! Now I am just undecided on my size to choose from. I... READ MORE

21, 5'8, 145, 325 and 340 cc under - Dallas, TX

My surgery was originally scheduled for this Friday but got bumped up to tomorrow!! I am so excited as I have been considering getting a BA for two years now. Also, moving the surgery up gives me more time to recover before my Master's program starts. I am so nervous though. Is this normal? It... READ MORE

28 Years Old No Children 520 Cc's

I always wanted to increase my breast size from a young age but I waited to make sure this is exactly what I wanted. My breast are still healing but the look amazing already. I started off as a 34b I am not sure what my size is now because I am still waiting for the swelling to decrease. I would... READ MORE

29 Y/o, 2 Kids, 144# and Ready for my 605 Cc's!

I went to a few consultations back in January. The first doctor leaned more on the "natural look" side of things, so I knew I needed to keep looking. My consultation with Dr. Robert True was high energy and everyone was so friendly! I canceled my remaining consultations because I just knew he... READ MORE

34 Year Old, Breastfeed 2 Kids, Want my Boobies Back! 5'4 / 118 Lbs - Knoxville, TN

Hello! I am new here, and so glad i found this website! I am a 32 year-old mother of 2 girls (almost 5, and 14 months). I've always had smaller breasts (my mother and sister were blessed in that department, me not so much). I'm probably a 32B, a very deflated 32B after breastfeeding/pumping for... READ MORE

24, 2 Kids, from b to ddd

I'm 4 days post op & having such a difficult recovery. It seems like everyone else is doing so much better then me. I'm constantly in discomfort, usually in pain and I have the worst bloating like I look 6 months pregnant. I have the implants in the crease and my doc has me wearing a... READ MORE

20 years old. 34B maybe smaller Asymmetrical breast

I've wanted a breast augmentations since I was 16 years old. I knew my breast were not gonna get any bigger. I want my breast to be similar in shape and size. I would also like to change the size of my nipple. This procedure would boost my confidence up. I can't wait till I get this done. This... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old Two Kiddies, Deflated from 3+ Yrs of Breastfeeding

I've jokingly been saying I want a boob job for years, in the last year or so it turned to a more serious I'm gonna get a boob job someday. In march after lots of research and looking at their work I narrowed it to two surgeons. I went to my first consult with dr Goldman, he was not the right... READ MORE

44 Years Old, 3 Children, Recently Lost Weight and Boobs Disappeared

Recently lostb significant weight, breasts went from solid 36 C/D cup, to barely there, deflated B cup. Dr. Gallaher did an excellent job, thought in wanted smaller 450cc, because of my broad shoulders he suggested I at least think about going larger. Tried sizers on up to 750cc, ended up going... READ MORE

32 Yrs Old, No Children, 350 cc silicone moderate plus, submuscular

I always had a b cup and I really wanted large boobs or an augmentation . I was self conscious in high school about the fact that I had pointier shaped breasts and puffy nipple (which I here are ideal for breast feeding). In my 20s I realized my breasts were quite pretty in comparison to a lot... READ MORE

450cc High Profile round implants from 34B

Hi everyone, This is my first post on here. I had my surgery yesterday with Vivek Sivarajan at Elanic in Glasgow. I really can’t recommend Vivek enough. His CV is extremely impressive, he is a really nice man and his prices are competitive. I was a 34 small B prior to surgery, I am 5ft 2 and w... READ MORE

24, No Kids 5'2 140 13.6 BWD

Long time coming, finally decided to go ahead and get this surgery done. I am stuck between 400-495 for implant size and want to look proportional to the rest of my body. Always been thicker on the lower portion, just want to feel the same way up top! I am starting off as a 34 B/34 A and I have... READ MORE

23 Yr Old. 575 or 600cc - Honolulu, HI

Aloha, I'm 23 yrs old. Height of 5'1. Weight about 125. I have one child. My surgery set date is next month on the 27 of July 2016. I honestly feel more nervous than excited! My goal is to go big but make sure it matches my frame WELL. Don't want to go too large or too small. Goal is to have... READ MORE

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