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31 Year Old Athlete and Fitness Enthusiast, No Children

Hello everyone, I'm a 31 year old personal trainer who use to be an elite track and field sprinter. My whole life I have been flat chested. Always wearing bras one size up just to fill them with cutlets. Most people really don't know how flat I was based on how much I would wear padded bras... READ MORE

My 25Th Birthday Gift; 5'7" , 165lbs

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted bigger boobs. I've played sports and been an athlete all of my life, so I guess having smaller boobs was a plus but still it has always been an insecure characteristic that I've had. I went to a consultation over 2 years ago and was way too... READ MORE

23 Year Old, Being an Athlete Left Me with a Barely A Cup and Low Self Esteem

Being a dedicated athlete has left me with little to no boobs. It was something I was always insecure about! My mom got her breast augmentation in her 30s so she was very supportive when I told her I wanted mine done when I was 18! Luckily we waited to schedule a consultation until I was 21 lol... READ MORE

29Yrs Old, 5Kids, 110 (49kg), 5'4, before 10aa now 10DD smooth rounds under muscle. Brisbane, AU

Hey ladies, after stalking this site for months, and getting a better idea of what I want I have decided to finally go for it! I've always been I small AA to a AAA I breast fed 5 babies all for around 12 months each and feel they are looking a bit worse for wear my nips are quite out there! So... READ MORE

52 Year Old Athlete. 325cc Over the Muscle Implants. Denver, CO

Surgery was yesterday. I'm a 32 AA, 5'3" 115 pound athlete. My goal was to change my old titties into better looking titties. Not to big, but not to small. I opted for over the muscle mostly because I didn't want to mess up my muscles. I've also read that capular contraction is lower these... READ MORE

Female Athlete, 20 Years, 55KG, Flat Since Birth, GETTING BOOBIES!! - Thailand, TH

20 years young, athlete and student always wanted to have some chest assests but they never wanted to grow. Ive been working hard on my physique for years so I'm happy to congratulate my hard work with some boobies! So excited. Booked through Somino Medical & going to PIAC. Not sure of sizes... READ MORE

39 Year Old, 1 Child, Runner - Wanted to Feel More Feminine - Berkeley Heights, NJ

Post breast feeding and years of running, being thin and an athlete my entire life, I had always lacked breast fat and tissue. I had also undergone several procedures and surgeries due to very cystic breasts. All this had left me with no more than skin and muscle. I had thought about the... READ MORE

47 Year Old Spin and Bodypump Instructor-nursed Three Kids - Seattle, WA

I have always been small chested and after nursing three kids and being an active athlete, I was tired of not filling out my tops! Although I was very very worried about going too big and really just wanted more fullness rather than a bigger cup size. I went back and forth for about 13 years... READ MORE

47 Extreme-sport Athlete, Never Pregnant -Vancouver, BC

I am 5'9.5" 140# 36"chest 19"shoulders BWD-15cm high foot-print. I usually wear a 34B Presently my PS and I are considering Allegran 410 LX Dual-plane. Have my 2nd appt. with him Fe6/14 to more accurately determine everything. My goals are to have as full bust width-wise as possible... READ MORE

30 Year Old With Active Lifestyle

Care Plastic Surgery has the best patient care, bar none!! From the minute I called Care to schedule my consultation to my 3 month post-operative appointment (and still moving forward), every single member of the Care team has treated me with respect, kindness, positivity, and warmth. Any... READ MORE

Pre-Op Consultation with Dr. Momeni

I'm 29 years old and an athlete that exercise 6 days per week. Although my body is in great peak physical shape, the trade off is I lost most of the volume in my breasts. I have been seriously contemplating a breast augmentation for about 6 months. I did extensive research on all areas of the... READ MORE

39 Year Old Size A

After having two children, I decided it was time to have breast augmentation. When I first met with Dr. Malhotra, he was extremely considerate of my goal to achieve a natural and tasteful look. He recommended 275cc for my size A and slender frame. He also was aware of my active lifestyle. I... READ MORE

25 Year Old Athlete - Las Vegas, NV

I loved Bambi and Dr. Hankins, he gave me a very sensible and honest evaluation and helped me pick the best size for me... I'm an athlete so I didn't want them getting in my way. I'm 5 weeks out from surgery and they look amazing! I read many reviews about many doctors and Dr. Hankins had... READ MORE

Athlete Looking for Consistent Size Breasts - La Mesa, CA

My weight fluctuates quite frequently as an athlete and the very first thing to go are my breasts. Ive been mildly self conscious about my lack of breast when Im a try peak physique which takes the fun away from feeling great about being healthy and toned. After years of contemplation I... READ MORE

30y/o, 122 Lbs, 5' 2", Athlete, Mother of 2, Breastfed, Initially Large A, Layton, UT

My motivation was simple: my breasts had diminished to a large A after children, I was forced to wear a 2-cup-increase bra to even give myself any cleavage. I decided I needed to go under the muscle and with 425 CC to give myself the increase (not drastic or noticeably fake) I felt I needed to... READ MORE

20 Years Old | Bikini Competitor and Athlete | Breast Augmentation. Omaha, NE

I am a 20 year old college student. After reading several reviews about Dr. Edney, my mother and I drove from Des Moines, Iowa, to meet with him. I met with Dr. John Edney in August 2015 about a Breast Augmentation surgery. The staff I met with that day were incredible! During the appointment we... READ MORE

Athlete Who Just Wanted a Little More. Raleigh, NC

Absolutely hands down the best experience. Very natural & proportionate implants to fit my body! Being someone in the fitness industry I needed to continue my fitness lifestyle without having implants stand in my way. The best compliment I get is when someone tells me they would never believe... READ MORE

31 Year Old Extreme Athlete - Danville, CA

Best decision I ever made...EVER. Best doctor I could have ever asked staff everything!!! I love my results--they look super natural and HOT. ???????? I am one week out and feeling amazing and looking even better!?? I know it can be scary doing a procedure like this, but... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Breast Augmentation Result Too Small - Boston, MA

I had a mild case of tuberous breasts and a 34A pre-op. I have an athletic body and a small chest and wanted a more proportionate body, a nice D cup. 250 and 280 cc silicone moderate profile plus impants were used on either side, with 100 ccs of fat from thighs. It is almost a month post-op,... READ MORE

Beautiful Breast Augmentation - Los Angeles, CA

I feel amazing about my beautiful breasts. I had an especially complicated case because I am an athlete - more specifically a rock climber - and I was concerned about implant placement and maintaining strength and flexibility as an athlete. As such, I spent months doing research and contacting... READ MORE

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