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40YO 5"2 113Lb. Almost 34A, Breastfed 3 Kids.

My stats: 40.8YO 5'2" 113 Lbs breastfed 3 kids East Asian Almost 34A Going for 345 or 365 cc. Surgery date June 30, 2017. (Note: my breasts have some asymmetry - see the 3D imagine picture - but my doctor said he will not use different size implants. He explained that by putting the folds at... READ MORE

24YO, Asian, 5'6, 118lbs, Mentor 450 HP Round Silicone - Rockville, MD

From the moment I first spoke to Dr. Tattelbaum I knew he was going to be the right surgeon for me. He took his time at the first initial consultation, went over every complication, answered all of my questions (that I had at the moment) and really listened to my breast goals. I've been wanting... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Asian Canadian, Flying to Miami to Get Boobs! - Miami, FL

Hi! I'm 22 years old from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I just put the deposit down to have my surgery done at CG Cosmetics in Miami, Florida! Breast augmentations cost $10000+ in Canada and even with my flight, accomodation, and car rental, the entire thing will end up only costing about half as... READ MORE

24 Yr Old, Asian, Petite, 5'0, Slim/slender frame

My motivation: Always wanted more breasts since I was born an A cup. I loved my A cup breasts, and loved the slim frame, however, I wear a lot of bikinis, it would be nice to wear them without wearing padding all the time for cleavage. Plus, I just wanted to have a more balanced figure. My... READ MORE

31 2 Children. 4' 11" 85lbs - Seattle, WA

I really want to improve my look. I am a typical Asian. Petite and small breast. It is very hard for to find nice feminine clothing. I really get jealous because I see women that have body I only dream of. I look at reviews and like the high profile look. So my fiancé agree that after the ... READ MORE

24 Yrs Old, No Kids, 5'3 and 94lbs, Petite Asian Girl - Southlake, TX

My breasts are asymmetrical. I went in thinking I was going to get 375cc but ended up choosing 300cc at my second appointment. After many research and consultation appointment I went with Dr. Obaid. I knew he's the one the moment I met and talked to him. I picked the 300cc for my bigger breast... READ MORE

25 Year Old, Asian, Breast Augmentation!

I'm Asian, compete in bodybuilding bikini division, and also in the military. As I went lower in body fat, so did my breasts. I was skeptical at first to get a BA procedure in Fayetteville, NC since it's a small city and Dr. Ortiz is a military surgeon. I was also concerned about having it done... READ MORE

29 Asian Athletic Slender - No Kids - Encino, CA

I've been meaning to write this review since, well, the week after my surgery! I discovered Dr. Bresnick through my then boyfriend, whose ex girlfriend got a breast aug from him and it turned out great. I noticed they looked natural, where it's questionable if she was born busty or got implants.... READ MORE

52 Y.O. Asian-american, 5'2" and 120 Lbs - Anchorage, AK

I'm moving forward with my desire for larger breasts! I've always been a 32/34 A/B. My breasts grew to C while pregnant and I was able to breastfeed my beautiful kids until they were 2 years old. But I've spent half of my life dealing with padded, air, or water bras and thinking about... READ MORE

Asian, 21, 5'3 No Kids,Just Lost Weight - San Diego, CA

This is my first review on RealSelf so bare with me. I love myself and my body. I was the type of person that if you told about plastic surgery I would say YUCK why! Since I got older, obviously my mind has changed. I went from 135 to 115 easily. I lost weight super fast which wasn't good... READ MORE

28 / No Kids / Skinny Asian / Wanna Finally Have Boobs That Fit Bikinis

I never enjoyed weating a bra since they never fit me properly. A first bra i borrowed from my little sister (9 yrs old) even showed that there were small gaps between boobs and the fabric. It was just unfortunate but I didn't see it as my problem. Until one night i was out with this guy who is... READ MORE

22 Year Old Asian Girl Getting Breast Augmentation 450/475 silicone under

I've been reading many people's experience and finally made an account. SOOOOO, I had my first consultation today and I have to say I was nervous and excited. My nurse Felicia IS so awesome, she made my time there so comfortable. She was very open and spoke to me like a BFF. The PS was so... READ MORE

Mid 20s, 5'5'', 125 Lb, Asian, 300cc Silicone, Underarm Incision - New York, NY

I have been following different users on their BA experience for months, and I can't say enough about how much knowledge and comfort this online community has given me. This is my turn to contribute and express my gratitude. Background: I always had small breasts, which of courses is quite... READ MORE

385cc; round; silicone; full profile - 115 lbs, 5'5, 31 years old

I've been diligently reading the experiences of all you lovely ladies over the past few weeks and decided to start a thread here as well. I hope that you will be able to help me along this journey :) Here is some background on me! I've wanted breast implants for AS LONG as I can remember. I... READ MORE

31 Yo 3 Kids Half Asian Getting 500 Cc Mod Plus Transaxillary. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I'm 5'8 and 135lbs. 34a/b now, was 36c while breastfeeding. My mother is taking off a week so she can help me and my husband with the kids. Very concerned about when I be able to lift my toddlers, any thoughts? Been using bio oil and moisturizing. Any other advice on what I can do to prepare... READ MORE

Asian, 5'0 , 104 Pound. Got 255 Hight Profile Implant. - Cincinnati, OH

I had consulting with Dr. Columbus on 11 june, pre-op 13 july, op 29. Dr. Columbus picked 210 plus, 225 plus, 255 hight, and 275 hight for me choosed. So I picked 255,and 275. My pre op went well, I signed paperwork and everything, but unfortunately they called me next day they could not... READ MORE

5'0", 105lbs, Asian, 300 Cc, Transaxillary - Fort Worth, TX

I had my pre-op consultation on 2/10/15 and am scheduled for surgery on 2/27/15 with Dr Strock in Ft Worth. Dr Strock was my very first consultation. While I had also gone to another doctor, not to mention extensive online research on others in DFW, I kept going back to Strock due to his... READ MORE

Asian, 31, 5' 2", 100lbs, 32B to Full C - San Diego, CA

Wasn't able to finish uploading pics before, but think we got it figured it now. :) Just want to let everyone know that this review is being written by the Husband, as my Wife isn't really into doing all the research and/or writing about this stuff. However, I personally spent lots of time on... READ MORE

25 y/o, 5'7", 120lbs, Sientra Shaped Implants 275cc/310cc! On the road to recovery

So I have a consultation tomorrow morning. There are no surgeons that I trust in my area, so I am actually driving about 3 hours away from home just to see this doctor. I'm hoping we're a match, but he'll be the first that I'm seeing. If he isn't the one, I might have to hold off booby plans... READ MORE

Planning to Get Boob Job, Asian Petite Frame, 24 Yrs Old, 5' 7", 110lbs, 32B Cup Desires Full D Cup/DD

Hi girls, So I'm planning on getting breast augmentation after sooo long. Been wanting it since I was under 18 and now will finally go ahead with the decision! My mom has it done, but tells me I will regret it, but I don't think so. I think everyday I dream of having big boobs! So I have an... READ MORE

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