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armpit incision + Breast Augmentation

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27, Mom of 2, 34A, 5'6 136 lbs breast augmentation

Going to Florida in February to have a breast augmentation with Dr. Lawrence Scott Ennis. I had a brief skype consultation and loved the way he explained everything and answered any questions or concerns I had. I will do another consultation in person to choose implant size and type. I am going... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 5'8", 115 Lbs, No Kids, 375cc Silicone, Moderate Profile, Under the Muscle

1 week until surgery and I'm so excited! Been looking forward to this for years. I've always been pretty flat chested. I am between a 32A and 32B. I am thin and somewhat tall so I don't want anything to big on my small frame. Decided to go with 375cc silicone under the muscle. My surgeon prefers... READ MORE

32 Yrs Old 235 Lbs 5'8 with 2 Kids and Really Bad Tubular Shaped Breast

I have tubular shaped breast and Dr Adrian Lo agreed and recommend the gummy bears so I had the incision done under the armpits which I wanted because of scaring, but I would have did whatever to have them looking normal even if i had to get cut underneath, he said the nips would lift with... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old, 5'4, 118lbs, Mother of 2, 450cc smooth round mod profile saline

Today was my first consultation. Appt was at 2:30, didnt get called back till 2:50... Drs office and staff was very welcome & friendly.. Appointment took about 1.5 hours. I decided on 325cc to be filled to 350cc but that may change to bigger.. Dr seemed to favor more in Saline through the... READ MORE

23 Year Old Female with Two Kids - Tualatin, OR

It's only been a couple days I haven't really experienced anything to bad I went under my armpits and there doing well my boobs could of been a little bigger but I'm 110 lbs so I got what looks right with my body. I would want more clevage if I could go back but it's okay I'm filled out and... READ MORE

Best Decision of my Life! No More 'Tubular Boobs' San Antonio, TX

24 years old, 5'9 175lbs. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to correct my breasts. They never quite developed correctly and I self diagnosed my self with tubular breast deformity years ago. After losing some weight I decided to take the leap and I'm so glad I did. I went to several... READ MORE

25, No Children, 32B/A Currently , 5'9, 115 Lbs. - Philadelphia, PA

Hello, Age: 25 Height: 5'9 Weight: 115 approx. BS Now: 32B / A Surgeon: Dr. Adrian Lo Date of surgery: 11-25-2015 Incision: Armpit Size: 350-400+, Dr. Lo will ultimately decide during surgery So like most people here I'm not too happy about being part of the no boobs crew. I've been wanting... READ MORE

21 Years Old,first Operation. Spain, ES

Hi! i had my breast operation 11 days ago, my doctor said that the swollen part is normal after this surgery and can be swollen 4-6 weeks! My surgery was done on my armpit Im just wondering if this is normal or shouldnt be this swollen? i am curios about other opinions as well,because im afraid... READ MORE

38, Supervisor. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I had been working hard for some time but still wanted that little extra to be fully satisfied. I was specifically looking to work on a few areas that needed improvement in spite of my routine and fuller breast without looking like I had a tacky boob job. After some research I decided I needed... READ MORE

42, Kids Grown, Living Live to the Fullest. Tampa, FL

My motivation to do the surgery is because I was teased in school, and very insecure about myself. I was and always been an A cup. And now I feel sexy, an gorgeous being a DD. the only thing tht sucks is I can't sleep on my stomach, but no biggie, I can, but uncomfortable. So now I'm very happy.... READ MORE

*I Can't Wait* 450cc Here I Cum... - Miami, FL

I'm 29yrs old n have 2 kids, 3yrs n 9yrs old n im a 34a cup n sick of them I have been thinking about the Boob's for yrs n now its almost time can wait im going with 450cc saline so Dr . Freeman is my doctor n im going with the under arms for my scar cause I dont want no scars on my Boob's.. I... READ MORE

22 Yrs Old 100 Lbs 5'6" One Child. Kansas City, KS

I had my first consult on February 26th. I am currently size 32AA (NON-EXISTANT). I would like something that fits my body. I ended up choosing 375-400 cc silicone implants. A few days after my appointment I decided that I picked something too big. I am now leaning towards 350-375 cc. I have... READ MORE

Love my Implants! Will Return to Dr.goldflies in the Future - Kirkland, WA

I got implants when i was 20. I decided to get them done to boost my confidence and my income (i work in the adult industry). I researched and consulted with ALOT of Dr.s before choosing goldflies. I first heard about him of realself. The consultation was completely comfortable. Dr goldflies is... READ MORE

33 Years Old 2 Kids 650L/590R Silicone High Profile Axillary Incision - Oklahoma City, OK

I have had 2 kids and ladies who have children know what that means. I was a full 34b I have tried on a 34ddd and fits good but I'm only a week in so im sure swelling will decrease a little more I did go thru the armpit and the recovery is much worse than I had anticipated. It's officially one... READ MORE

29 Years Old, No Kids, Wanted More Fullness. Campbell, CA

I have always wanted my breasts to be more full. I started as a 36B and wanted to get to a 36D roughly.. I have an injury in my right breast when I was a child, I fell on a dishwasher, and a knife penetrated my chest (I know, freak accident). This injury caused my right breast to grow a bit... READ MORE

375cc, Mod Plus, Silicone, Transaxillary Incision.

After years of wanting to do this, I finally have my surgery booked for breast augmentation! I'm stoked and nervous all at the same time. I've chosen to go with silicone due to the more natural feel. Stats: 5'5" 140lbs 34A Implants Chosen: 375cc Moderate Plus profile... READ MORE

Beautiful Results for 37 Year Old Mom of 3. Burnsville, MN

Dr Joe and his staff make you feel comfortable from the minute you step in their office. They are very patient and knowledgeable. After nursing three kids for almost a year each, I wanted to get the fullness back. I met with Dr. Joe and we decided on a 300cc Silicone Moderate Plus Implant... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 140 Lbs, 5,6'' , Don't Know if a Have Tuberous Breasts but I Know They're Not Proportional! Montreal, QC

As said in the title, I think my breasts are ''tubular'' or anyways they don't look the way I wish they did! The shape is really ''cone'' like, they are asymetrical, there almost no space between the fold and the nipple, absolutely no cleavage whatsoever ... In fact I am pretty depressed when I... READ MORE

This Is The Breast Decision I've Made In Awhile! - Fairfax, VA

After wanting to do this for myself over ten years, I'm finally getting breast implants! My surgery is scheduled for July 30th and I will be getting 325 cc saline implants under the muscle with a one inch incision under my armpit. I'm hoping this will take me from a B to a D cup and am debating... READ MORE

44 Yrs. Young, 3 Sons and 600 Cc's - Honolulu, HI

Wanted to give myself the ultimate Birthday present before turning 45 this year... did extensive research on the type of breast augmentation procedure I'd have done. I found that going under the pectoral muscle was the way to go as far as looking and feeling the most natural. Understanding... READ MORE

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