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Petite 110lb, 20 Year Old, 32A to C/D, Ultra High Profile Silicon 350cc Right Breast and 320cc Left Breast - Little Rock, AR

Day of Surgery In my case I had a lot of asymmetry. I could barely fit out a 32A without gaping on my right breast! I forgot to take any pictures before my surgery but here are some pictures day 1 of my surgery. The band around my chest pushed my nipples down making them look lower than the... READ MORE

5'3" 140 Lbs Breast Augmentation Chicago, IL

I have always considered this procedure. I'm 29yo, 140lbs and 5'3". I work in the medical field. I've never loved my breast. But It didn't get serious until about April where I went to see Dr. Lorri Cobbins in the West Loop area of Chicago. She is absolutely great. She has amazing bedside manner... READ MORE

650cc Saline Transaxillary - San Antonio, TX

5'7.5 650cc Saline 150lb 3 kids (c sections) (5,2 and 8 months) Transaxillary- under muscle Pain Meds after- Valium and Codine (didn't miss a dose for 7 days) Started antibiotics day before surgery and completed those after. Had my surgery at 1:30ish and was home same day by 6ish. 1st day... READ MORE

Fit 34 Yr Old, No Kids, Starting W 32A/B, Mentor silicone 275cc, submuscular, 63" Height, 130lbs

I have never been happy with my breast size. In my Best fitness level I was a 32 A/B at 120lbs. On my average fitness level I was 34A/B maybe at 125-130. Depending on my fitness level my breast decrease to almost nothing... which always made me very self conscious, and forget about trying to... READ MORE

38 yr old 2 kids 152lbs 5'3 545CC Naturell Inspira 410

My recovery is going good so far. I love my boobs!!! I had my BA on Feb 17th and at the one month period I ended up in the hospital for some type of Infection or allergic reaction to the implants. My doctor and hospital doctors weren't sure what was wrong with me. Needless to say I'm doing well.... READ MORE

28 Years Old - my Journey From cup A to C ;and a Mini Brazilian Butt Lift! - Melbourne, AU

PRE-SURGERY: contacted Dr. Lanzer through here about a month prior to my scheduled date and straight away I got a reply from Brad, his assistant. Everything was so detailed, he explained everything that I needed to know. When it's medical related, he would squeeze me into Dr. Lanzer's time so I... READ MORE

35yo Aussie, Allergan 445cc Round silicone, moderate profile, under muscle - Sydney, Australia

G'day guys :) I've been scrolling through here for ages and figured 4 days out from my surgery that it's time to get posting :) In the last year I've been diagnosed with Coeliac disease (wheat and gluten intolerance) and so in that time I've slowly lost 14 kilos, dropped 3 dress sizes...and... READ MORE

Dr. Yamahata - Mentor Smooth Round ModPlus Profile 300cc Saline - Sacramento, CA

Hi RealSelf! This is my first 'review' on here and this site has helped me sooo much during this process! I thought I would write one to help give back to you guys, and because I am in need of some support myself. This will be my first cosmetic procedure. Ever. A little nervous only because... READ MORE

140lb, 5'7, 385 CCs Silicone Textured (Former A Cup) Doylestown, PA

So today is the end of day 4 post op. I never thought I would put my business out here but it helped me and I want to help others. Any questions please ask although I'm still figuring the site out! Surgery was Thursday and I went home the same day. My first day was the worst which was not what... READ MORE

34, 5'11, 155lbs, 36B, 350CC, No Kids

I've wanted larger boobs since I was about 19. After years of thinking about it I finally decided to go for it. I always thought I would wait until after I had children to take the plunge but now at 34 I have decided I'm not going to wait anymore. I went to a few different doctors. One in... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation. Dominican Republic, DO

I underwent a breast augmentation in June of 2010 with Dr. Mejia Santana. Labs and exams were done to make sure that I was healthy enough to undergo surgery. After the surgery was done, I was taken to recover in a room with my best friend (which also underwent the same procedure) and had great... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Without a Lift! Newport, CA

All my life I was very insecure about my small saggy boobs. It bothered me that my boobs didn't develop like most of my friends. The nipple was pointing a little bit down and I felt so insecure taking my bra off around my boyfriend. I would cry sometimes because I always wished that my boobs... READ MORE

33 Years Old with 5 Kids! - Coral Gables, FL

I'm only po one week but for you ladies debating on breast aug and looking into where to go I'll tell you this I'm back to work and living my normal life exactly one week later, so far loving my new body!! I flew from Long Island NY to coral gables cosmetic surgery center after booking my... READ MORE

3kids, Breast Just Kept Getting Smaller, Hard to Fill a 34b Bra Now a C Cup. Westchester, NY

Well I didn't really think I would ever so it but once the idea got I to my head here I am laying down with implants, I did my research and went with Dr Joshua Greenwald, his pricing was very reasonable especially in NY, went to a cosmetic surgery place in LIC and they were charging $5k but when... READ MORE

Make Sure You Do Your Homework Before You Choose a Surgeon. - Miami, FL

I wanted and needed a breast augmentation due to having children, loss of valume, and also to help boost my confidence. I was wrong for not looking into all my available options and I thought the cost was great. But beware, because it's true that you get what you pay for. The surgeon was very... READ MORE

28 Year Old, Small Frame, Revision BA from 255cc Saline to 495cc HP Silicone. Very Happy So Far! Sydney, AU

I am on my day 5 after surgery and I feel great so I decided to share my experience with RealSelf, and recommend Dr Eddy Dona to everyone looking for a great Plastic Surgeon in Sydney! I am 28 years old, 1.60m, 53kg (small frame) and I had my first BA done 9 years ago. As I was very young and... READ MORE

21 Year Old, 525CC, and Now Flat Chested - Bluffton, SC

I thought about implants since I was 7. I use to put play-doh on my barbies and stuff my bra with tube socks. I promised my mom I wouldn't get implants till I was 21, I went to my PS on April 10, 2013, and now a year later, after a BA, and capsulectomy, I'm getting my implants removed tomorrow.... READ MORE

500cc's, High Profile, Natrelle Silicone: 33yr Old.Partial Under Muscle, Partial Sub Glandular: 123lbs:) BEFORE & AFTERS Finally

3 days post op, lots of pain still; went 500cc's undermuscle, high profile, Natrelle Silicone. The pain has been tolerable with medicine but the worst part of all of this was the after effect of the antibiotics given prior to surgery. My whole upper body & face is covered in a bright red rash... READ MORE

BA with Complications (21 Y.o. + Mother of 1) - Wilmington, NC

Preview: 32A to a 32DD, Natrelle 300cc (either high or ultra high profile) silicone implants. The cost above was my TOTAL cost, including medications and new bras, etc. I spent about $500 on new bras and clothes, and $120 on medication. I always felt I had small breasts. In high school I wore... READ MORE

3 Weeks and Left Breast Still Hard and Pain - Philippines, PH

Its been 3 weeks but Why my left breast still hard and pain? And my crease incision still surgeon just give me some antibiotic cream to apply but didnt ask if i should cover it with bandage.. but right breast is healing and dropping..anyone experience of this after 3 weeks PO. I'm... READ MORE

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