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30 Years Old, Had Been Contemplating BA for 5 Years and Finally Did It!

BA and right nipple lift Ultra high profile implant over the muscle Left 420 cc Right 375 cc I contemplated surgery for quite some time and had around 5 consultations with 3 different surgeons. I instantly knew Mr Clarke was the surgeon for me. I had been deliberating so much because I... READ MORE

27 Year , with Breast Augmentation . From Small A to Full C - Beverly Hills, CA

Where do I begin ? To be quiet honest I researched about 14 different plastic surgeons prior to going to Dr. Rahal . What I was looking for was a checklist of things lol . If anyone is going to be "going under the knife ", you need to be more than 100% sure that your confident in the surgeon as... READ MORE

Best doctor I could have chosen. No regrets.

Before I went to Dr Pousti I had already had a consultation with another local doctor in San Diego. I thought I was happy with that consultation but wanted to seek a second opinion. I was recommended to him by a friend. So I scheduled an appointment and the staff was so friendly and kind. ALL... READ MORE

32 Yrs Old, No Children, 350 cc silicone moderate plus, submuscular

I always had a b cup and I really wanted large boobs or an augmentation . I was self conscious in high school about the fact that I had pointier shaped breasts and puffy nipple (which I here are ideal for breast feeding). In my 20s I realized my breasts were quite pretty in comparison to a lot... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, & breast augmentation

Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad has changed my life! Dr. J has provided me with the confidence I always desired. Since adolescence I was bothered by my hook nose and weak chin. Additionally, I knew I wanted to enhance the size of my breasts to better proportion my body. I researched plastic surgeons... READ MORE

Horrible experience! Will not recommend him!!

Dr ghurani was so arrogant with me as a personal experience. I sat down to wait for 23 hours before my surgery and I could hear him from the outside saying he doesn't care , I had to wait until he was doing his priorities! Furthermore since I travelled from New Jersey I was already nervous and... READ MORE

29 Year Old w/ two babies finally got breast augmentation

I wanted to share my personal Journey which as I know for most women is usually pretty long especially when it comes to researching the right surgeon. I have gotten so many quotes and for me a single mom of two it was hard to be able to spend $7000 and up for breast surgery. So the day came and... READ MORE

46 Yr Old 2 Kids and Wanted This a Very Long Time

My surgery date is 6/21 and pre op 6/6..I've wanted this a long time but hope I'm not regretful. I am very confident in the surgeon I selected but very anxious about pain control and anesthesia...I am having the Implants placed under the armpit. My doctor is known to be very skilled at this and... READ MORE

Barely A Cup, Deflated from Breastfeeding. 390 CC

I have wanted Boobs ever since I can remember. Literally, there is a picture of me and a friend at 6 in our swim suits and I've got water balloons in my suit! My husband suddenly asked for a divorce after only a year of marriage and I was shattered. I was also turning 30, which made me feel... READ MORE

I Was 45 Years Old and Really Wanted my Breasts Improved - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I chose to go to this place and this doctor for breast augmentation and lift I had to have 3 different surgeries and the first two times I did not get my lift and I was left with some scarring the third time I have horrible horrible scarring painful around my areolas I can't wear anything low... READ MORE

11 Hours Post Op - United Kingdom, GB

Well that's it! Finally had my BA yesterday and I'm now 11 hours post op. Not feeling too bad to be honest. Didn't sleep much last night..felt like jet lag from the anesthesia! Very pleased with the result and keep having a peek down my pj top ! The pain I'm experiencing is more muscle at the... READ MORE

Breast augumentation experience

I had an amazing experience overall! I've never had surgery before or went under anesthesia but Dr. Dreszer made me feel very comfortable and not nervous at all. The facility is very beautiful and clean. As soon as I walk in I feel very welcomed and at home! READ MORE

Operation "Glow Up" in Effect.

*sigh* so I think I finally built up enough courage to get my boobs done...I've always wanted to do it since my early 20s but the thought of going under anesthesia scares me..I been going through a lot these past few months and kinda started to lose myself but I'm starting to pick back up and... READ MORE

45 year old undergone breast enlargement surgery

I started my on-off journey researching breast augmentation and potential surgeons approximately 16 years ago.... For one reason and another I didn't commit until in late 2016. After reading about his skills and knowledge, his amazing work and the respect Dr Guy Watts has in his profession I... READ MORE

800cc Saline Dual Plane High Profile Round

Hey y'all! I joined RealSelf a few years ago, but have finally scheduled my long awaited & much needed breast augmentation. The awesome ladies on this website have been super informative, honest, & helpful, so I'm hoping to do the same in return! After doing EXTENSIVE research, I've... READ MORE

Professional Perfection

I fell in love with this doctor just as my girlfriends said i would. He is truely a gentle soul. My consultation was calming, exciting and non invasive. I had no nerves regarding my procedure around Dr Rastogi due to his calm kind nature. He turned any anxiousness into excitement and with... READ MORE

Same Day Post Op - Houston, TX

Post surgery, I was still a little bit groggy and couldn't really recall much. All I remember was that my chest felt heavy and I didn't feel that much pain or soreness which was surprising. I'm assuming because the anesthesia was still in my system. Not much bleeding or drainage either.... READ MORE

5'8.5", 140lbs, 30 Years Old, No Kids, 400 (R), 425 (L) HP Round, Partial

Hi All, So today is my first day post-op and I thought I’d write a quick review for all those going into the first stages of BA. Yesterday was so so much easier than I could have imagined. I was seen relatively quickly, really put as ease by the staff (who were all lovely) and my surgeon, Mr T... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 325cc Mod+, IN LOVE ALREADY! - Indianapolis, IN

I had large breasts during puberty, then when I got a bit older they shrank. When I exercised or lost any weight, they were always the first to go. My friend had a breast augmentation and I absolutely loved the natural results, so after long thought I decided to go for it. Pre-op I was a 34B,... READ MORE

Highly recommended! Draper, UT

Was scheduled for surgery around 1pm and let me tell you, that midnight cut off for food and water was a killer! I was super nervous but when I got there Dr. Fryer and the anesthiologist made me feel very comfortable. Before I knew it I was in the operating room getting pricked and boom I was... READ MORE

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