anchor + Breast Augmentation

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22yo with 2 Kids and 2 Years of Breastfeeding. Australia, AU

Tim and Tracey are awesome! So easy to talk to, they got me in for surgery within a week of consult and it's been pretty smooth sailing from there. Almost 3 weeks post op now 560cc textured round silicone subfacial placement with a areola reduction and a full breast lift with an anchor incision... READ MORE

Age 49 From Perth Western Australia. Thailand, TH

After having 2 children and losing and gaining wait my breasts suffered from severe ptosis (sagging) I needed Breast lift and implants - With lollipop and anchor incision and 450cc Dual Plane implants. I did much research into hospitals country's and most importantly surgeons. I decided to... READ MORE

Breast Lift + Implants Finally Done!!!!! So Happy!!!!

I've wanted the lift for 4 years now, but I backed up every time I had an appointment with a PS. Fear I think... I decided 2013 was gonna be THE year. I finally had my surgery on July 16th 2013. I've had a full anchor breast lift + saline implants moderate profile under the muscle. Before... READ MORE

Getting my Breasts Fixed After Breast Feeding - Spain, ES

I am a French woman with one child, 32 years old. When I did breastfeed to my baby my breast were like two cup sizes bigger than before and now back to normal they are saggy, look not nice anymore, have lost their shape completely…I am very sad about this, because I always found my breast very n... READ MORE

495/545 – Lift/BA – Dreams Come True @ Body by Pousti!! - San Diego, CA

Ready for a change… Like most of the ladies on this site, I’ve wanted breast augmentation for as long as I can remember. I have always had very apparent asymmetry and lack of fullness. Breastfeeding changed the entire appearance of my breasts, and literally sucked the volume right out. So,... READ MORE

Breast Asymmetry Correction with Silicone Implants. Newport Beach, CA

I had a breast augmentation, reduction and lift in September 2015. My breasts were very asymmetrical. My right breast was almost two cup sizes larger. I am from Phoenix, AZ and so I went on a few consults in Scottsdale. All the doctors wanted to do anchor incisions which scared me. I am only 30... READ MORE

40 Yr Old No Lift More Volume - Wilmington, NC

SO happy i finally went through with it, great result, little pain loved my Dr. I had a consultation before with a Dr who said I needed a lift and overnight hospitalization and would have an anchor looking scar on both breasts, The cost was almost $9000 so i chickened out. Made an appointment... READ MORE

Most Terrifying Experience - Cancun, MX

I needed a breast lift surgery with augmentation and few doctors that I consulted with said it has to be trough the nipple with the vertical incision. I didn't want the vertical incision and one doctor told me he could do it without the vertical incision just trough the nipple. Then i ... READ MORE

Paul Clarke Transform - United Kingdom, GB

After hearing good review about Mr Clarke at Transform Abbey Pines. I went for a consultation. I was firstly booked in the have an implant with a crescent lift. But advise I would need a lift in about a year of having the implant. Therefore I asked about a lift with a small implant. I was given... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Op Signs of Infection - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm 7weeks post op, I had a full anchor lift and augmentation. Yesterday my left breast started feeling more sore along the underside where the anchor incision is. The incisions are still redish and I did notice a white internal stitch poking through a couple days ago, I kind of squeezed along... READ MORE

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