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I could not be happier, I am sorry it took me so long to have the surgery

When I was 17 years old I went to a surgeon to enquire about a breast enlargement. It was daunting and I really didn’t connect with the surgeon, that coupled with the cost I decided not to go ahead with it. Fast forward 21 years, I am married and have two children and I was still thinking a... READ MORE

38 yr old 2 kids 152lbs 5'3 545CC Naturell Inspira 410

My recovery is going good so far. I love my boobs!!! I had my BA on Feb 17th and at the one month period I ended up in the hospital for some type of Infection or allergic reaction to the implants. My doctor and hospital doctors weren't sure what was wrong with me. Needless to say I'm doing well.... READ MORE

Nightmare Breast Augumentation

Terrible experience. Please beware.. I'd hate to see another person go through what I have. Went to Dr. Martin because saline needed replaced. Went with the textured gummy at Dr. Martin's. One week after surgery I got an infection. He called in meds for that, it didn't work. The infection went... READ MORE

385/425 Silicone Texture and Inner/outer Thigh Lipo - Pittsburgh, PA

Only on day 4.. Had a rough past few days. Was allergic to oxicoden so I just took Tylenol. Having lipo and the BA at the same time was financially smart but not being able to use the top half or the bottom half of your body wasn't fun. My breasts don't seem as big as I thought they would be..... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 4 Weeks Post Op - La Mesa, CA

I have been wanting to get a breast augmentation since I realized my boobs were never gonna grow... When I was 17. I really had no boobs, I could nearly fit the smallest bras. But I didn't have the time or the money to do it. I moved to San Diego for good about a year ago after graduating, and... READ MORE

32 Double AA Now 32 D. Houston, TX

Ever since puberty I always knew I wanted a BA. All my friends bodies kept developing and I was stuck wearing training bras. I thought that maybe as an adult my body issues would improve, but they just got worse. My BA has been a great boost to my confidence and I'm glad I took the plunge to do... READ MORE

Feeling Like I Don't Have Anyone to Talk to. San Mateo, CA

I'm 25--had small boobs all my life and decided to go for it. Went into surgery 5' 3'', 110 lbs and added 335 CCs. Had done a lot of research and decided going under the breast was the best decision for me. Now 9 days into recovery, and I have been having a really difficult time. Seems like my... READ MORE

Adjustable Breast Augmentation W/ 4 Area Lipo - San Antonio, TX

Dr. Jeneby was the third Dr. i saw! I was going to do just lipo at one point but didnt like that Dr. Then i went to Dr. Ortegon as he was refereed by my OB/GYN. Great guy, loved the free consult. To expensive and he never followed up with my hematologist. The consultant was rude, as if we were... READ MORE

My 10 Year Anniversary Gift, 33 Years Old, 2 Kids. So Worth It!! - Honolulu, HI

I feel like a sexy wife and mom again thanks to Dr Healy. I believe my husband and I picked the best doctor in Hawaii to give me back boobs I once had before breastfeeding my two kiddos. Doctor Healy and his professional staff made my decision even easier after our consultation. My surgery was... READ MORE

35 years of age 2 children - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

STAY AWAY FIND ANOTHER PLASTIC SURGEON!!! Dr Pinsky is at first personable and charismatic. I had my breasts done by him and got a big infection. I was on antibiotics which his physician assistant Lorie prescribed (I was allergic to the one she called in) so i did not take it- then could not... READ MORE

Mother of 4 Breast Implants Upsize and Areola Reduction - Folsom, CA

I cannot being to describe how amazing my experience with Dr. Mabourakh has been. All starting out with his amazing staff. Maggie was so extremely patient and helped me through the entire process. I traveled all the way from L.A and was very accommodated. My nurse Joyce was outstanding. Made me... READ MORE

23 Years Old Mommy of 1. 32aa

Hello, I've been wanting my boobs done for years now!! I'm a 32 aa (if that) and I would love to get to a D cup. I've been to several different plastic surgeons, but have just been to scared to go through with it. I have very sentive skin and I'm so scared I'll have an allergic reaction to them... READ MORE

Breast augmentation review - Allentown, PA

Definite 5 Stars! Him and his team are very friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied with the results of my breast augmentation. It was a great experience!! A little more detail: The procedure went smoothly. All of the nurses at the hospital informed me from the beginning that the doctor was... READ MORE

40 Something Needing New Boobs. San Antonio, TX

Dr Harris & her staff are outstanding. Dr Harris is so knowledgeable & puts your mind at ease. My outcome is more than i ever expected!! After surgery I knew exactly what to expect & do. Pain was very minimal. I had a slight allergic reaction to some of the prep but Dr Harris made sure to... READ MORE

24 Year Old, Asymmetrical Breasts, Teardrop Implants - Chicago, IL

I cannot express how amazing Dr. Iteld and his team are! I am so beyond thrilled with my results. I had been contemplating a breast augmentation for years and could not seem to find a doctor that I felt comfortable with. I met Dr. Iteld and immediately booked my surgery with him. He did not rush... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation- Gummy Bear - Melbourne, FL

Dr. O was amazing. I had a fantastic experience. He was a very thorough and caring doctor with a great bedside manner. I have an allergy to opiates and he accommodated me by using a nerve blocker (exparel pain management) during surgery with no rx pain medication. I had very minimal pain... READ MORE

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