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age 65-74 + Breast Augmentation

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67 Years Young - Arcadia, CA

Sorry for the late posting, but with the holidays and etc., I was a bit busy. I had my BA on 19 November and it was performed by Dr Caroline Min at the Arcadia (CA) Outpatient Surgery Center, and what a wonderful surgical experience from pre op to post op and after care she is a wonderful... READ MORE

65 YO Rediscovering Life ... Living It and Loving It Too! - Jacksonville, FL

January 12, 2014 - Grief and Sadness to: Rediscovering Life ... Living it and Loving It Too! Well I suppose I had better get started posting my pre and postoperative experience. I am so very excited about all of this: the upcoming procedure, having access to the forum and network,... READ MORE

65 Years Young

One day I am excited the next I want to cancel. I feel I am too old to undergo a procedure like this. I am scared about so many things that could happen. I worry about anesthesia, neurosis, mammograms will not show cancerous situations, I won't enjoy these long due to my age. On the other hand I... READ MORE

66 Years Old and Had an Implants Leaking.

After having breast implants for the last 12 years, one seemed to be getting smaller. I called one plastic surgeon and was told it would be 3 weeks before they could see me. I called Dr. Zweibel's office and was seen with in a few days, I was told on the phone they do their best to get you in... READ MORE

Breast Reduction at 66yrs - Richland, WA

What a change in my life! After having the procedure I stand straighter, walk better and sleep sounder. When I first decided to have the operation I thought it would help my back problems and appearance. After the operation I have been pleasantly surprised to find I feel so much healthier. ... READ MORE

73 Years Old and Always Wanted Breast Implants - Spartanburg, SC

I have thought about having breast implants for many years and finally decided at age 73 to have it done. I am so glad I did and am very pleased with my results. Should have done it sooner. Every moment of my experience has been a very pleasant one. From the first inquiry online to my 6 week... READ MORE

68years Old. Lost Most Breast Tissue. Much Needed Enhancement - Houston, TX

Wanted to look better in my clothes. Never had large breasts, but with aging and weight loss, lost most breast tissues. I am enjoying the look of fullness. I wish I had done this sooner and definitely am pleased with my new look. The staff was very professional and I did not feel... READ MORE

67 Years Young and Decided to Have Breast Augmentation - Indianapolis, IN

I have always taken care of myself, spiritually, eating nutritious foods, taking vitamins, being active at work, at home with my hubby, our children and grandchildren. I had given having breast augmentation some consideration over the past few years. Then this year, as I considered having the... READ MORE

68 Yr Old Breast Lift - Dothan, AL

Gravity had taken place; felt really ugly. Dr Walding explained procedure in detail along with expected results and healing process. The surgery went well with minimum swelling and bruising . Absolutely no pain, continued routine without any down time. The results are awesome and couldn't be... READ MORE

67 Year Young Woman Fulfills a Long-time Goal @ ASI - Omaha, NE

I initially heard about ASI on the radio and subsequently called a few days later. I am so happy that I did! My experience @ Aesthetic Surgical Images and Dr. Bruneteau and his staff was so absolutely perfect that I am recommending this business and Dr. Bruneteau and the staff with the highest... READ MORE

67yrs Old and One of Old Implants Deflated - Oahu Island, HI

I have had several replacements because of complications from past surgeons and Dr Larry and his staff made me feel very special and that they cared as much for the outcome as I did. I had complications in past and Dr Larry is so professional and wants the best for his patient as it reflecks on... READ MORE

65 Years Old; Better Late Than Never! - Bradenton, FL

I have been very small breasted since I hit puberty. Measurements when I was younger were 32 (AA)-24-36. I have wanted breast augmentation since I was 16 years old, and finally have the money set aside to do it. I have chosen a doctor and have an appointment at the end of September to discuss... READ MORE

The Ultimate Filler - Northbrook, IL

The decision to have implants (Allergan Natrelle 410 silicone/ anatomically shaped) was huge for me. But at age 71 I was just so tired of viewing the loss of my feminine identity everytime I stepped out of the shower and bent over to dry my feet! I didn't want much, just something that would... READ MORE

My Super New Boobs - Manchester, GB

I had a natural uplift and felt that I must add my comments to this site. I have been thinking about having this done for years, I am 65 this year and it got to the point that I could never find a bra that fit well and looked good under my clothes so i decided to bite the bullet and have it... READ MORE

Had Procedure Done on Monday 8/6/2012 - Ocala, FL

Having waited al lmy life with asymetrical breast left a B and right and A so I had to use padded bras and never could find bras to fit and clothes that looked good with cleavage. After breeast feeding 4 children the breast went back to never stayeing any fuller. Finally after spending... READ MORE

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