age 35-44 + Breast Augmentation

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40 Year Old Fairly Athletic Body, No Kids, 5 Ft 7 Inches, 140 Pounds, Midsize A Cup to Large C Cup - Hopefully.

I am having the procedure in about one week. I am nervous and hope that I am happy with the results. I am a runner, hiker, HIIT person so not being able to workout for a month will be tough but I want them to heal well and look good. I am not as thin as some of the women that post here but I do... READ MORE

37 Years Old Breast Fed 3 Kids. Agonisised Too Long.

I've never had big boobs (nor do I want very big boobs) but breast feeding 3 children (last one fir 2 years) I'm left with nothing. No confidence. Can't wear anything. No bra is comfortable. Without bra I've 2 backs, could be mistaken for a child. I work hard to keep fit and try to maintain good... READ MORE

38 Yo, 2 Kids. 390 cc Mentor Teardrop

Well I can't post a review yet, but I might as well start a record! I am checking this board more and more now that my date is locked in (12/19/16) and can't wait to compare experiences. I'm attaching before pics, with and without bra. I have 2 kids, combined I breastfed for 4 years! My... READ MORE

My own "Mommy Makeover"

I am not actually having a full mommy makeover, but rather have been making several changes to my body finally - to feel better and be comfortable in my skin. I've always been petite, until recent years y 100lbs not pregnant. I am 36 years old, 5'2" 128lbs, and a mother of 3 kiddos. My... READ MORE

38 year old mom of 2. 5'7 silicone under the muscle 375cc -- Orlando, FL with an amazing surgeon!

I am a mother of 2 teenage daughters and had 2 miscarriages, after 4 pregnancies and breastfeeding my breasts really took a hit. In the last year I kicked my fitness into high gear and no matter what I did I always felt uncomfortable with my breasts. This was until I met Dr. Anup Patel. He was... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 5'8" 140lbs, Breastfed 2 Kiddos, Ready to Get Them Back

So excited to FINALLY be doing this! Have wanted to put them back since baby #1 took them away :) I have been scouring RealSelf for about 2 years and narrowed it down to 2 docs. Went to 2 consults, picked my doc, and set the date! Have started my preop do's and don'ts, ordered me a few luxury... READ MORE

41 yr old mother of three. 112lbs 5'5" 34A. Decided on 310cc moderate profile silicone. Love love love my results!

Never having much breast tissue and then breast feeding three kids for over a year, I had always dreamt of a day I'd be able to afford a BA. Dr Salzman and his staff were amazing, I never even considered a different consult. My results are amazing and I can't wait to see the final result after... READ MORE

40 Year Old, Breast Fed 3 Kids,

Turning 40 has had a lot of pros and cons. My kids are almost grown and have wanted BA for almost ten years but my ex-husband didnt want me to get them and of course the money. So one day I said I was tired of talking about it and went to se Dr. Lille in Scottsdale. Found out I could save a lot... READ MORE

41 Yrs Old, No Kids, 5'2, 117lbs, Currently 32 Deflated D, Getting 300cc Silicone Moderate Profile Over Muscle

I'm looking to add some roundness back to my deflated breasts without having to get a lift. I lift weights along with yoga and work a physical job I wanted to go over the muscle and thankfully my doctor agreed. I know my breasts have some droop but I want an overall natural result. I'm a petite... READ MORE

39 and Super Excited

Alright - I will be 40 in 3 months and i always said that once I turn 40, my life will change, started with my breasts! I am scheduled to have my BA in 2 weeks! I have been so excited about this and doing a lot of research, but I have questions about the rippling? Im getting 450cc silicone,... READ MORE

35 Years Old, Breast Fed Two Kids and I Wanted my Old Boobs Back!

I missed the volume I had before nursing my two kids. I felt uncomfortable with my husband touching them anymore and I wore a padded bra all the time to balance out that I have a booty! I never wanted a boo job before kids so I was super skeptical about doing it. I am beyond happy and relieved!... READ MORE

37 Yr, Married 2 Kids

Pleasant experience, very patient n passionate about his work..very knowledgeable n thoughtful, i initially wanted 375 cc or less, but at the end i went with 410 moderate silicone..1 day post op n feeling well. This is a graduation presents for mr, from my hubby. Still swollen but doing okay,... READ MORE

41yrs Old, 5'4, 145lbs, Breastfed 5 Kids. Pre-op 34B/C, 600cc high profile

Hello everyone! First, thank you to everyone who has posted and shared their stories. I have found this site to be so incredibly helpful. I am glad and grateful for the support and knowledge! I am a 41yr old woman who just had her last baby June 2016. After nursing 5 beautiful babes and losing... READ MORE

38 Yrs Old, 5'3", 125lb, One Child, Tuberous Breast Correction in Albany NY

Everyone with tuberous breasts knows the embarrassment and confusion that comes along with it. Chances are, if you're over 30, you had no idea why your breasts weren't developing during puberty the way everybody else's were, seeing as the internet was still young and not many people have heard... READ MORE

35yo, 5'7", 145 lbs. 400cc Ready for Some Curves! - Jacksonville, FL

Had my first consultation today. Really liked the office staff, doctor and the results I saw in his book. Scheduling for September, don't want to have to miss out on swimming with my kids this summer and it will be easier to recover when they are back in school. I have been waiting to do this... READ MORE

35 Years Old Married with 3 Children

Dr Kevin Ho is the epitome of amazing. He is professional, highly experienced and conservative with his approach. From my first consultation there was complete trust, trust in him as a surgeon, trust in his decisions of what would be best for me and trust in his care. His prices are competive.... READ MORE

39, 5'0", 150lbs, 34A, Allergen 405cc Moderate

I have been on RealSelf for a while now getting the courage to finally go ahead with my procedure. It has helped tremendously and now it's scheduled....1week and 1 day away. I have chosen 405cc but am now freaking out that they might be too big. Unfortunately not many people match my build. So... READ MORE

Hi Im 35 and Iv Breast Fed my 4 Children, I'm Now Measuring 34D Although I Don't No How As They Look Like an A to Me.

I'm having a internal uplift with 475 cc implants under the muscle. My Dr has explained that because I don't want a full up lift because of the scars he will be performing a internal lift where he will lift the nipple approx 2 inches on the inside and then insert the implants, good to me has... READ MORE

38 Years Old One Child and Much Needed Breast Augmntation

I wanted a fuller breast and bigger cup size . I went from size B to D with 560CC high profile silicon implants . This type of implants gives you highest projection and nice round size . I took a 3 weeks off to fully recover because I was able to , in reality 10 days are just fine . First 3... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Momma of Two Breast Fed for over a Year Each, Totally Deflated Small A's - SC

Like so many others, I have talked about this for so long. Even before kids I was the smallest chested out of all of my friends. This didn't bother me so much because they were cute and perky and didn't limit what I could wear. Depending on where I purchased my bra I was between a 32B and 32C... READ MORE

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