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BA - Almost 52, 5 Babies, 120 Weight Loss, Deflated A+

Getting ready to finally get some boobies! I've always wanted them. I had a TT 2 year ago and have continued to lose weight. My breasts are entirely deflated. Dr. Derby and I have decided on 520cc moderate profile under muscle placement. My stats: 5'8", 145, 36B, pigeon chest. I am a... READ MORE

----- new chapter to life

I'm so glad all of you are here!! I read so many stories and it's helping me prepare so much more.....except kind of scared. I was under the impression you go in and boom perfect boobs when you come out . It seems like it's a few months before they "drop", "fluff", etc. So I am thinking what... READ MORE

Allergan Natrelle Inspira SRF 415cc SRM 375cc

I am 5'8" tall 138lbs. I'm a mother to two kids. After years of being a 34D, I had two pregnancies, breastfed two babies, and had a 36DD that whole time... now I've lost just over 40 pounds, and apparently it was mostly my boobs I lost! I wear training bras, and sports bras, wired bras don't... READ MORE

Breast Implants, Arm Lipo, Back (Bra Fat) Lipo

I've been wanting/thinking about this for years. Planning for months. Tomorrow I'm finally getting it done. 485cc medium profile silicone; under the muscle. Underarm lipo (traditional) as well as the bra/back fat bulge. I'm 39 yof, 3 children with the youngest being 13, 5'9" & 185lbs... READ MORE

36 Mother of 4 Looking for a New Body After Weight Loss. Clarksville, TN

I learned of and read about Dr Blalock here on real self and followed up asking questions around town. I have already had my consultation, picked my size, and made my appointment for my surgery. I'm flooded with emotion but mostly excited. Pre-op Monday and Wednesday is the big day. I'll be... READ MORE

29 Yo 5ft 6 150lbs Pre Op 34c/d Going for 600cc HP Silicone Implants

I am a 29 year old looking to get volume back in my breasts after weight loss. I've always wanted a breast augmentation, but never really made it a priority until about a year ago. Last January I reevaluated some of my life goals and realized I really wanted to get myself some new boobs for my... READ MORE

28, 5'6", 133lbs, 2 Kids, Getting my Boobs Back!

I had larger breasts throughout high school and most of college and I loved them! I had cleavage and looked amazing. Then about 5 or 6 years ago I lost 30 pounds and they, of course, got smaller. Then after having my children they seemed to disappear. Now, I have to wear a push up bra to make... READ MORE

5'9 170lbs 480cc UHP Mentor Implants - Harley Medical

So after 2 years of being flat chested after losing 3 stone and weight lifting I've finally decided to do it!!! Really excited to meet my surgeon but for now I'll take about my consultation at Harley Medical Group. I decided to have my operation there after researching surgeons and also going to... READ MORE

Dr Lista - Mississauga, ON

I am on my way in just a few short days to meet Dr Lista for breast augmentation. I have had gastric by pass 6 years ago and maintainEd a weight of 125lbs. I'm 46 years old and have wanted to do this for along time. Anyone had the bypass and then done augmentation. I'd love to here from you. Or... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Mother of Two, Significant Weight Loss, Needed to Feel Like a Woman Again - Birmingham, AL

I've been researching, and waiting for this moment since about May/June 2014. I'm 28 years old with two children 9 & 3. I was 193lbs at my heaviest point other than when I went in to deliver my daughter in 2011. I was 201. I slowly lost the weight that I had gained over the course of two... READ MORE

37 with 3 Kids. Deflated Boobs After 45 Lb Weight Loss - Birmingham, AL

I went in May 2015 and booked on the spot after having 2 other consultations. I lost weight very quickly and I went from 'thick' to a fit and trim lean yoga body in 4 months. My boobs went faster than I could blink! My pec muscles are bigger than my boobs at this point. I'm a tall girl and this... READ MORE

46 W/ 5 Children 5'5" 170lbs. Mexico, MO

Looking for BA!! Need recommendations on PS. I have looked hi & low from California to Mexico. I had a reduction back in 1993 but I have lost about 80lbs and I lost boobs then also! My BOOOD's lol look manly! Want TT/LIPO after w/ fat transferred to butt...PLEASE HELP THIS CHARITY... READ MORE

42 Looking for a Fuller Bust After Breast Feeding and Weightloss - Brussels, BE

42 years old looking for a fuller bust after breast feeding and weight loss. Feeling excited but nervous. I'm having my surgery 18 days time. Flying in on the 20th Aug hoping for a full dd In stead of a empty c cup that I have at tge moment. Live in the uk and chose clinic beaucare for the... READ MORE

"30 Yr-old Mother of Three Kids Slight Asymmetry 28aa Scheduling Surgery but Still Has Reservations." Miami, FL

I am a mother of 3 kids and it has always been an issue with my bust whenever getting dressed or shopping for clothes specifically bras. I recently got more concerned after losing 20 pounds i went from 142 to present 122 my boobs have sagged dramatically with a sunken area on my left boob. I... READ MORE

22, 600cc High Profile Silicone, No Kids, Areola Incision - Beverly Hills, CA

This is my first time altering my body. 2 years ago I weighed 168 through diet and exercise I lost 51 pounds leaving me at 117. Before my weight loss I was a C cup after the weight loss I was an A.. After I got healthy and fit I joined the police academy. When I graduated the academy it really... READ MORE

32 Yo with Tuberous Breasts and Saggy After Weight Loss - London, UK

My breasts have always been embarrassing to me, limiting my sex life and my confidence. I finally got the gumption to throw off the "love your body as it is" yoke, recognize that this truly bothers me and that I can do something about it. After shopping around in Chicago and then London, I found... READ MORE

41 Yrs Old, 5'7", 159 Pounds. Silicone gel. Subglandular Smooth Round HP 590cc LB, 640cc RB. Modesto, CA

PS said I was borderline for a lift. After much consideration, I decided against the lift at this time. Victoria's Secret said I was a 36C, PS said I was really a B. I told him I wanted him to fill up what I lost from nursing two kids and from weight loss. I was slightly smaller on my right side... READ MORE

Highly Recommend! - Staten Island, NY

After losing some volume and fullness due to weight loss, I really wanted to regain a fuller upper look and look better in my clothes. Doctor Cutolo and his staff were wonderful and I recovered quickly and with ease. I'd highly recommend him to anybody. His aftercare is also very good and his... READ MORE

41 Y/O booked for BA May 11th/2016-low profile, gel cohesive, 310 cc sub glandular placement

I had a breast reduction 8 years ago that I was/am extremely happy with. I lost 20lbs shortly after which resulted in loss of fullness in the upper pole area. This created an undesirable amount of loose skin and wrinkling. After a few years of consideration I finally booked my breast... READ MORE

44 Yr Old 63" 120 pounds , 510cc saline-Columbia, SC

After the loss of 70 pounds a great deal of my breast volume was gone too. I was unhappy with the lack of tissue in the upper portion of my boobs. Dr Sexton was through, he explained the options available and provided excellent care. The office staff: Nancy, Charlene & Catherine were all... READ MORE

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