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34 Year Old, 1 Kid, 5.3 Ft, 106 lb, 300cc moderate

Hi girls! I've always wanted to have bigger (normal size) boobs since I was teenager and always very petite. Now when my son is 4 years old and I saved some money I've decided to go under surgery and improved my look to feel better. I've never felt very comfortable with my small breast and after... READ MORE

5'8" 150lb 30yr Old Looking to Get Fullness Back After Pregnancy

I'm currently 30 years old and have a surgery date set but an undecided on the size. I had a child at the age of 16 (I did not breast-feed). Ever since then my breast have been extremely deflated and very bottom heavy. I currently wear a 34D bra size (despite not being able to fill out the top... READ MORE

After 25 Years I'm Sorting out my Severely Asymmetrical Breasts - England, DE

During puberty I noticed over time a difference in the size and shape of my grew larger and more rounder than the other. By the time I was 19 I saw my gp, who took one look at me and suggested cosmetic surgery on the nhs! At the time it was a scary thought and I decided to wait... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Breast Fed One Baby, 325 Mod Plus Profile

Never very busty to begin with, but by my late 20's had come to appreciate my perky, symmetrical 34 B's--then I got pregnant! And got a cruel, brief taste of life in the chesty lane. After 6 months of breastfeeding, it was all over, and I found myself unable to properly fill out an A cup. ... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Mother of Two

After having 2 kids and losing weight from those pregnancies my breast deflated a full cup size. Im looking for fullness and a little larger size then before. I do not need a lift and have a slight asymmetrical breast. I have decided on silicon, moderate plus under the muscle. I've been told I... READ MORE

24 Year Old, 2 Kids, Breastfeeding Killed my Boobs! - Houston, TX

So I've been checking out everyone's reviews and decided to share mine. I've always had small boobs. Of course, my older sister was blessed with big boobs in jr high. And once she got hers I wondered when I would get mine. They never came. Before kids I was a 34b. During my first pregnancy they... READ MORE

33 y/o mommy of 3, 5'8" 145lbs. I am SO ready for this! - Texas, TX

I have been trying to get breast aug done for at least 12 yrs, that's how old my oldest is. I've always been pretty slim with a tiny rack lol. When I got pregnant with my first child, I went from an A cup to probably a big C. Once he was born and I was nursing, I shot up to a DD. Wasn't... READ MORE

375cc uhp allergan natrelle silicone

Hey everyone , so I am obsessed with this website and reading peoples story and seeing their results. It has been super helpful for me. I never write reviews (read them a lot) but never wrote one. So this is my first time. I am going to being writing some and also sharing my experiences because... READ MORE

33 Years Old Breastfed 2 Babies - Irvine, CA

I wanted to get my body back after having two kids. I work out and eat healthy but my breasts were never gonna improve without help. I used to be a perky 32C before kids and breast fed my two boys for about a year each. While breastfeeding my boobs filled up to a 32DD and then deflated to a sad... READ MORE

I did it! 2 kids, now 2 new boobs. 390cc round hp cohesive gel, 5'5, 53kg - Brisbane, Australia

Thats how Im looking at my whole Breast Augmentation surgery, as a gift for me. I have had two children (ages 3years and 2 years) and breastfed both. I only had small breasts before children and always considered implants back then, but decided to wait until i had my children. Since children,... READ MORE

28 Y/o, 5'6", 125lbs, 32A, Mother of Three, Finally Getting my Dream Boobs!

Like most of you ladies on here I've always dreamed of having full sexy breast. Most of my friends in High School developed well while I was always praying for my boobs to come, like Judy Blume! I met my husband in High School and we have been together for almost 11 years. We had our first... READ MORE

Small Breast Implants - 180cc

I'm a 38 year old mother of 2. I weighed around 50kg at the time of surgery and I'm 5ft 2". Previous to having children I would never have considered having a breast augmentation but pregnancy and breastfeeding left my former b cups to a very deflated a cup. I wanted a natural look and was... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 3 Kids(breastfed for a Total of 3 Years), Deflated A-B Cup - Draper, UT

Well, I am 2 weeks out from my surgery and all kinds of emotions are taking over! I am travelling out of state for my surgery and had an online consultation. Because of this, I am unsure of sizing! Ive looked at many before and after photos and am estimating I will get between 300-400 cc's. I... READ MORE

saline HP 400/410cc-Post BA breastfeeding

So I've pretty much always been flat chested or small breasted my whole life minus a couple of moments related to pregnancy and breastfeeding. My mom had a nice natural set but my sister and I of course inherited the "no boobs" from our dad's side. While I always kind of wished to have a larger... READ MORE

25 Yo, 1 Child, Breast Augmentation After Childbirth

I've always had beautiful breasts (from my view and others). My size was 34B-C (some light asymmetry). Time has passed, I got pregnant. After giving birth to my baby girl, I for sure considered breastfeeding and didn't even think how my boobs will look like afterwards. I breastfed my daughter... READ MORE

25 y.o and a Mother of One, 97 lbs, 290cc, high profile teardrop

Pre-pregnancy I was 32A and when I got pregnant, I was a full A or small B. I thought my boobs will stay like that but nope! It got deflated like a flat tire!! I'm scheduled with Dr. David Stephens on Monday, I'm going under the muscle and hopefully will be a full 32C, small D or a full D. PS... READ MORE

27 Yrs Old, No Children, Long Time Want - Lethbridge, AB

First I want to say how much I appreciate all you ladies sharing your experiences and input or has helped me hugely sorting out what I want! I am heading for my first consultation in 1 week!! So excited but biggest concern is that I plan to have kids and worry how the implants will... READ MORE

26yrs,>wants> D Cup -TX

I'm 5'4" , 116 lbs A cup (pretty much nothing) I knew I was going to invest into breast augmentation for myself since I was never blessed with boobies. I always had small boobies and it never bothered me before, I still had confidence. Until after pregnancy, I had really nice C cups during... READ MORE

5'8", 138 lbs, 35Y/O, Mom of 2 - 485cc Moderate Silicone Unders - New York, NY

Long story short, always wanted them but never even considered surgery because I was afraid of all the risk and putting myself through it. After doing research and finding the risk reasonable, I figured after 2 kids that it's now or never. Feeling optimistic about the decision and looking... READ MORE

45yrs Old, 6 Children, 7 Pregnancies Having 600cc Implants - Brentwood, GB

After breast feeding all my children and losing 4st 8lb in 7 months my 34 E boobs have gone flat and around a 36C ish...been advised that the biggest implant they do (600cc) will give me back volume. Very nervous and expecting a lot of pain too. Does anyone find living life... READ MORE

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