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I thought I'd love them.. - Mississauga, ON

So two months ago I decided to get breast augmentation with Dr. Lista. I was so undecided on the size I had three fittings!! I had quite a range from 375ccs 400ccs 450ccs and 475ccs. I loved the 375s first but then tried the 400s and felt perfect. He said they will be smaller under the muscle... READ MORE

Oops, We Implanted the Wrong One's - Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Palin did my first breast aug. April 11, 2011. I cried when the bandages were removed. They didn't have the projection I anticipated. 3 months post op and my breast have dropped dramatically, the scars were half way up the implant and the nipple on the left breast was on the edge of the... READ MORE

Advise - Arenas Valley, NM

A lot of u girls are asking questions that a lot these docs can't answer. U have to consider what your Breast look like right now as in 0( gap) 0 in the middle, how wide your ribcage is, everyone and every size is different for everyone. Plus how much Breast tissue u have? is it firm? is... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation/Saline - Omaha, NE

I am 5'10, 140 pnds and wore a 34B padded bra. I have 480cc saline implants and I love them. I haven't went out and bought an actual bra yet but I am wearing a 36C sprots bra. All of my visits were wonderful and the outcome is great! The procedure was not as bad as I always thought. After... READ MORE

Breast Expansion, Breast Augmentation, Face Lift - Minneapolis, MN

I've always wanted to have large breasts, and after research and careful consideration, I decided that having breast expansion, and then breast augmentation would be the best choice. I wanted to be very natural looking, and feel comfortable wearing various types of clothing. This two stage... READ MORE

Post Op 3 Weeks - Lutherville, MD

My Procedure cost is for a Mommy Makeover. (BA & TT) I'm a 31 yr old Mother of 3 boys (13,12, & 8) attempted to breast feed them but didn't work out. I'm 5'4, weighing 130 lbs. Before kids I was a full B; After kids I am a saggy C. Went to 2 different consults, the first PS suggested implant... READ MORE

2 Days Post-Op Pain Free - WONDERFUL Experience! - Las Vegas, NV

I am an out of town patient and had to fly in to meet Dr. Hankins. Pre-op was two days before the actual procedure and I instantly felt at ease after meeting both Dr. Hankins and his entire staff. While my results are still "fresh" they look perfect. I am painfree ( except for right when I... READ MORE

My Breast Aug - Edinburg, TX

I got my breast augmentation because I wanted to feel better about myself. I am 31 now, I got the augmentation just before my 31st birthday, and I felt like a young kid. I still dressed like a young kid, and with small breasts I didn't feel sexy. I am finally getting used to them, but at first I... READ MORE

Gap Problem - Illinois City, IL

I have a major gap, I knew I would have some due to my anatomy but not anywhere near this bad! My breasts are not big enough or as full as I'd initially like. I have spoken with surgeons and they said a bigger and wider implant will correct this, not completely but to have about a inch/ finger... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Dr Tavakoli - Double Bay NSW

I had breast augmentation with Dr Tavakoli just over 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier with my surgery results. I had minimal pain and a quick recovery. I found Dr Tavakoli's care and aftercare was very thorough, his website and before and after gallery very helpful through my surgery... READ MORE

The Best -New Orleans, LA

I've had my breast augmentation, since May 5, 2005 and I'm satisfied with the way my look. I'm getting them done again, soon, because they have fallen a little over the years and the cleavage is spaced away (unlike they were), not to my liking. I don't need to, but I'm spoiled. :) I really wish... READ MORE

Best surgeon and seduction cosmetic best clinic

Had a BBL and a breast augmentation with him and I LOVE IT!! He is such a great surgeon. And seduction cosmetic center was the best! I was a bit scared because of the reviews i was seeing but It was nothing like that! friendly staff super attentive, clean and they know what they're doing! Going... READ MORE

breast aug. experience

I had breast augmentation on October 13, 2016 with Dr. Pelosi. I went with a more natural look and got 350cc's. I absolutely love the results and can't seem to stop looking at them in the mirror. My fiancé seems to enjoy them as well. I feel very confident. Dr. Pelosi was great throughout the ... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement and Rhinoplasty UK. Manchester, GB

Iv thought for a long time about getting rhinoplasty and my breasts enlarged and finally had my first consultation in January this year knowing I wanted to wait until at least September to be able to save up for the operation! Mr Frati was recommended as a rhinoplasty specialist but I'd also... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Thousand Oaks, CA

I had a breast augmentation Thursday with Dr.Costanzo he's of Lynn rd. next to hospital. Him, his staff and surgical team are amazing, I never felt pressured, rushed or like they where irritated with me asking question and I asked a lot and called with a lot of questions. The pain for me was... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mother of Two B-D - Johnson City, TN

My consultation appointment was at the end of March 2013 and I noticed that Dr. Bharti was very punctual. I waited maybe five minutes to be called back and maybe ten for him to come into the room (even at my follow up appointments I don’t wait very long). He was very thorough and answered all o... READ MORE

Rapid/24 Hour Recovery BA - Santa Monica, CA

I can't believe how easy my long-awaited BA was! Out to dinner and full range of movement day of the surgery. Ibuprofen & amoxicillin only for a week - mostly for inflammation as all I ever felt was some stiffness/tightness/soreness. Nothing I would call pain. At about 3 weeks - scars are mostly... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Changed my Life - Miami, FL

I've been thinking of getting bigger boobs since my late teenage years. I already knew back then I wasn't going to watch them grow any bigger so a few years later I found myself discussing with Dr. Salomon the possibility of getting an implant. I was wearing 34A bras and I was thinking of... READ MORE

Best Breast Surgeon In Atlanta! - Atlanta, GA

After lots of research I decided to have a Breast Augmentation. Dr. Zaworski was wonderful, as he discussed all the options with me. I decided on gel implant instead of saline. They feel soft and natural, and look great, too. The look is so natural, and it has lifted my self esteem. Now, I... READ MORE

TUBA Breast Augmentation - Austin, TX

Fantastic!!! I had the TUBA in April 2013 and I am thrilled with my is my husband! Dr. Driscoll and his staff are very professional and super friendly. From the initial consult through to my follow ups, they have been awesome, making me feel very comfortable and answering all my... READ MORE

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