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African American + Breast Augmentation

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31yrs Old, 3 Kids, Went from A Got 350 Silicone

Right breast looks ok but my left breast looks and feels out of place as if it has extra room on the inside . To me it looks as it has a weird shape to it and like is bottom is out of place My doc say I need to give it time to heal but is been two weeks now and nothing really change besides my... READ MORE

26 year old African American girl finally getting my dream breast. No kids. First surgery.

I am about 12 hours out of surgery. Honestly guys I barely feel any pain. I took one Percocet about 8 hours ago because I was anticipating the pain however I really feel just fine. I am able to comfortably use the bathroom, get in and out of bed and even warm up my own food. Sure it is not as... READ MORE

Saline Augmentation - Miami, FL

Hi EVERYONE!!! I am a 31 try old African American woman seeking a breast augmentation with Dr.Orlando Llorente. I have chosen to go with Saline implants for my own personal reasons. I am a B-Cup wanting to increase my breast size to a natural looking full C-Cup. [340CC Implants] As far as... READ MORE

36 Y/o, No Kids, Time for a Boob Upgrade! - Miami, FL

Hello Ladies, I'm soon to turn 36 and finally taken the big step to get bigger boobies. I have wanted to do this since I was 22 and had to swallow the hard fact that my breasts were never going to get bigger. My older sister is a DD and my Mum too, I'm the smallest in my family of many girls... READ MORE

My Breast Look Amazing. Minneapolis, MN

My breast look amazing! I went in to Minneapolis Plastic Surgery to increase the size of my breast and fill out some of the sagging caused from breast feeding (and age). I didn't want my breast to look like implants, I wanted a natural yet noticeably different look. I received 421 cc's in... READ MORE

Looking for a Change - Miami, FL

So here's my first post-op review, I'm a 29 year old woman with one child. Since having him my breast have become smaller from breast feeding! I've never seen self concuous until now. I don't want to take my bra off during sex, I'll even try to wear a shirt. My boyfriend loves my body but I... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old , African American , 1 Breastfed Kiddo. Encino, CA

Dr J is he absolute best best best ! I've been back and forth on here and his website trying to make my decision! I'm so happy with him and his staff, the support they provide and his amazing talents. I'm only 7 days post op and feel back to normal! I had Tummy&thigh lipo too and to be honest ,... READ MORE

27 Years Old. No Kids. Just Pre Exposed to Sagging. Miami, FL

I'm 5'8 size 34 d breasts , African American and I'm Really considering getting a breast lift, and maybe augmentation. I'm really researching spectrum aesthetics in Miami. Dr. Ortega . Can any one help? Share some experiences? Pricing? Pictures? I'd love to see some journeys. Can't wait to hear... READ MORE

"31" Years Old with 3 Kids - Birmingham, AL

I finally decided to share my story was a little unsure about it.. Well im an African American women never really had large breast didn't even start developing until my freshman year of High School ive always be insecure about my breast being so small . As the year went by i thought maybe once i... READ MORE

African American - 32 Yrs Old - Went from A Cup -> Up 304 CC's - Beverly Hills, CA

Motivation: I've always wanted my breasts to be bigger; however, I was scared of the following: -Not waking up after surgery -Pain -Not liking them -My man not liking them -Regretting that I spent the money -Problems after surgery Pros: -I've realized that the pain was tolerable, thanks to... READ MORE

Best Breast Augmentation - San Diego, CA

All I can say is I followed the right man. He is very meticulous about his work and is excellent when it comes to African American skin. My biggest fear was scaring and keloids. But I will have to say I have NONE because of his excellence. I have a few more procedures I want done and I know... READ MORE

Good Looking Woman with One Thing Missing. - San Diego, CA

I have searched for a great plastic surgeon for quite some time now. I neither had the money or resources until now to accomplish everything that I needed. I am in the military and with all of the home of resident changes I would find a doctor that caught my interest then have to move on.... READ MORE

This Has Been Amazing! La Mesa, CA

I am a 39 yearr old African American woman and mother of four. I am 5ft 1 and I weigh 116lbs. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have breast augmentation. I knew I wanted to wait until after I had my children to do it and now the time has come. I began doing serious research in... READ MORE

Consultation Tomorrow - Nashville, TN

So, I'm 35, African-American, mother of two, 5'1, between 120 - 125 lbs and currently I'm barely an A. Honestly I don't know what my bra size is because even A cups (all different brands) aren't filled out by me! Before I had my kids I was a B cup, but after breast feeding the last one,... READ MORE

1 Year Post Op.......... Chicago, Il

I have wanted a boob job since I was in my twenties, I have never had big breast outside of pregnancy! I have put it off for too long, im 42 and figured its now or never!! I have a couple of friends who have implants(u couldnt tell), and that was my epiphany, Im like "I want boobs too!!" So i... READ MORE

Loving my New Girls!!! - Birmingham, AL

Hi I'm from Atlanta and I've been wanting breast implants since high school.. After I had my second child I've decided on having breast augmentation. I chose Dr. Hedden in Birmingham AL, and I can say he's a wonderful surgeon... I received my surgery on April 2, 2013 and it was very quick and... READ MORE

absolute best surgeon ever!!!!!! - Houston, TX

I have researched the breast augmentation for nearly five years. Yes, thats right, 5 years. I wanted to be sure whom ever I placed my trust in to cut on my body had exellent expertice in this field. After a couple consulltations with other top Houston surgeons, I chose Dr. Vitenas and he did not... READ MORE

Pre-op Blogs - Newport Beach, CA

I Have an appointment dec 1,2010 @ 11:00am. I'm nerves but supper excited at the same time. I've decited to do a 455cc I am now a 34B I'm going with saline under the muscle.. So now I'm doing a count down and well keep bloging intill time. Nov.28.2011 i messed up on my... READ MORE

A.A.-F-28-5'1-114lbs Breast Augmentation (Dr.Rami Ghurani)

Emily at Spectrum Aesthetics has been very prompt, thorough and attentive . She wasted no time when responding to my BA inquiry (neither did I). They requested three photos (front, side and back) with my stomach and waist line showing for a better online assessment. Luckily for me I caught their... READ MORE

MY Stats. Miami, FL

Age: 31 Race: AA Height: 5'4 Weight 105 So I finally decided to get a BA after years of wanting it. I decided to go with Dr.Salzhauer in Bal Harbour (Miami, Fl) after doing some research. Hoping to do it sometime in April. I am a little scared of anesthesia because I can not tolerate pain and I... READ MORE

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