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5'4", 142 Pounds, 4 BF Children, Extremely Active and Muscular, 36A, Natrelle 410, overs

I've been thinking about BA for 15 years. Not until the last couple months did I decide to meet with surgeons in the area. I met with one in March. She was nice but I didn't feel 100% sure so I met with her again. I reiterated my concerns about being very muscular, not wanting my pectoralis... READ MORE

Natrelle Inspira 375SRM

Considering BA with Dr Medalie in Cleveland Ohio. Allergen 375cc silicone under the muscle but nervous 375 cc may be to big. I'm currently 34B (barely). I like to run and be active. Anyone that has suggestions or advice please feel free to comment. Surgery is in 6 days. I'm not feeling very... READ MORE

34 Years Old-2 Kids-Active Life 310CC sientra anatomicals

Had an amazing experience with Dr. Kirk Moore. No pressure. His staff listened to my wants and advised me accordingly. Had surgery Thursday and was at work Monday. It is not pain free but I'd say more of a discomfort than pain. I'm so happy with my results as well as the whole process. If you... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Nursed 4 Babies, Round Silicone over the Muscle

I am 36 years old, breastfed 4 babies, 157 lbs. My goal is to fill in lose, saggy skin and have nice boobs. I've never really had a great set, unless I was nursing babies! My surgery is 5 days and counting. I had 2 consults and have decided to go with the PS who will do "overs". He suggested... READ MORE

30 Yo Active Physician Planning for BA - Los Angeles, CA

Ever since I decided to start the process of getting BA I've been more and more confused. I am a physician but I have no idea how to go about picking a good surgeon who will make me happy without too much downtime and expense. It seems like in LA the options are too plentiful and I'm having a... READ MORE

20 years old, A-D Cup

Age: 19 Weight: 125 lbs Height: 5'8" Current bra size: 34 A (sometimes B depending on the brand) Goal bra size: 34 C or D I've always wanted bigger boobs... I never developed when all of my friends did. I love my body and am comfortable with the way I am, I just know how much more confidence I... READ MORE

27 Years Old, No Kids, 475cc OVER Muscle

I finally went in for my BA consult in August. I've been interested in this procedure for a long time because I am not happy with the size and shape I naturally have and finally just scheduled for a consult to see what my options were. Right now I am wearing 34C bra but it doesn't fit as well as... READ MORE

35 Year Old Women, No Kids, A32 to Start, 5'4'', 130Ibs, Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Im going to keep this short and sweet. Ive been wanting boobies for a very long time.. since I was about 16 and have been humming and hauging on the idea of going aboard. I finally stummbled upon a website called "Whatclinic" and found a company called "flyhealth" with all the wonderful reviews... READ MORE

32 Years Old - 34A - 135lbs. - 5' 3" - No Children - Filipina - Very Active

Hi RealSelf Ladies! Just wanted to start documenting my journey to get a BA! So i've always wanted bigger fuller breast but the only thing that was holding me back was the actual surgery and recovery itself. Now at 32 and after many of my friends getting a BA, i've decided to get over my fears... READ MORE

Mom of Two,31 Years Old, going for 575cc- Portland, OR

I have been meaning to write this for a while. I am a mother of two, an 8 year old and a 5 year old. I got a breast reduction when I was 19 because of my large, saggy, droopy breasts. I was so happy after the reduction that I finally had normal boobs that were not stretching my skin out. I... READ MORE

22 Years Old, No Kids - Newport Beach, CA

I've had plastic surgery before, about 2 years ago I had a rhinoplasty, but now am ready for some new boobs. Went to a consultation on april 11th and scheduled for June because I am a college student. Currently a 34B at victorias secret and hoping to be a small D. I am active and do not want... READ MORE

36 Yr Old, 125 Lb, 5'3" Gummy Bear implants, Charlotte, NC

I have always been a small B cup, and disappointed in my boob size. But when I lost 40 pounds in the last year, my breasts reduced further and I found myself as a full A cup. I also recently got divorced, and have been taking some time to work on self improvement and feeling like a whole sexy... READ MORE

25 Year Old Very Active...ready for some boobies!- Albany, NY

Hello everyone, I am scheduled to have my BA at the end of the month. I am getting 450 saline implants. I am so excited but getting nervous about the pain post op. For you ladies that have had your BA how intense is the pain right away? Also how long before you could return to physical... READ MORE

Super Excited - Clarksville, TN

Very pleased with the experience. Little to no pain. I do feel pressure. Surprised how difficult it is to not reach over my head or lift. Simple household activities suprised me that I couldn't do but my husband and children have been wonderful. Very happy with my doctor and his office, they... READ MORE

I Love my New Breasts! -La Jolla, CA

I am a CrossFit addict and U.S. Marine. I do weightlifting workouts twice a day, 6 days a week, which left me with very small breasts. Prior to CrossFit I was a 34B, but went down to a 34A. Paired with muscular shoulders and legs, I looked very disproportioned. My ex-husband said I lost my... READ MORE

51 Year Old Woman

Having experienced the menopause and seeing how my body had changed I made the decision to have breast augmentation. I am very fit and active and feel that this decision would compliment my body. I felt very at ease with Mr Tariq and the Nuffield Cambridge was very comfortable, modern and... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old, Breast Augmentation, Dr Robert Spies, Scottsdale AZ

I wanted to have a more proportionate body shape and to be able to feel confident wearing certain items of clothing. The recovery process for me was a little more uncomfortable than anticipated however by day 3 post op I was only taking Ibuprofen, my choice, for pain management. Make sure you... READ MORE

500cc High Profile or Should I Go with Moderate???

I am 45 yo, 5'4", 130lbs. 34A, Moderately active and healthy. (I am an archer) I have no kids and I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. I will post before pics shortly but wanted to get anyone's take on what direction they think I should go. I measured 13.2 and started with... READ MORE

Best Breast Augmentation Experience

Before my breast augmentation surgery i have visited a lot of different doctors all over the Austin/Round Rock area. What made me choose Synergy Plastic Surgery was the staff and the nurses that were so amazing and wonderful. They were very caring and had nothing but amazing things to say... READ MORE

Happy Boobies!! - Oahu Island, HI

When I turned 18, I've always dreamt of getting a boob job. I never thought I would get them done at 19, I DONT REGRET IT AT ALL! I was so anxious choosing the perfect size. I'm so happy I chose Dr. Schlesinger, he is awesome! Of course there was many limitations after the surgery, I love to go... READ MORE

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