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32 Years Old, 1 Teenage Daughter

Het ladies! Well I've toyed with the idea of breast implants for about 10 years, it was only in June 2016 during a holiday to Greece that I finally made my mind up. I'd got taking to a lady, about 46 years old with INCREDIBLE boobs. (She was topless poolside) and I got into a debate with my... READ MORE

60 Years Old, Boob Job

Having carried out all my research on sites such as RealSelf prior to making my own decisions about breast surgery, I thought it only fair to share my experience with everyone, in the hope that it helps others make informed choices. I am sixty years old and have always been slender and have had... READ MORE

35 yr old, saline implants

Like many of you ladies on this site, I too have been contemplating breast implants for quite sometime and have done an extensive amount of research in terms of the process from beginning to end. I had a plastic surgeon in mind already due to a recommendation made by my sister. I an not... READ MORE

30 Year Old with Dr Plovier at BeClinic - Belgium

Hey everyone, so I had my breast enlargement with Dr Plovier at BeClinic in Brussels 2 days ago and I thought I would share my experience. My surgery was scheduled for 7am on Tuesday. Their driver picked my friend and I up from our hotel and we were at the clinic for about 6.30. At this point I... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op With Asymmetry - Stockholm

4days post op & I'm thrilled! Have a few concerns with asymmetry & possible bottoming out, but it's early days & patients is key! I'm super tight & have all sorts of funny aches & pains, just hope it's all normal(ish)! I find myself turning to this site for reassurance about... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - 24 Year Old, Mum to One

I love my new boobs! After my first and only child i breast fed for a very short time - literally around 2 weeks! But once my breasts returned back to normal and had stopped producing milk i was left with empty, volume less, uneven and to me, unattractive breasts. I couldn't wear the underwear... READ MORE

20 No Kids - Manchester, UK

Small breast before procedure now a lot fuller. Very happy with the results. Completely worth it. Pain was minimal - wouldn't even describe as pain really. More like an ache. And a lot of tightness. Sleeping wise I slept absolutely fine. Probably due to the tablets I was on. Couldn't recommend... READ MORE

One Week of Pain for Bigger Boobs? Sign Me Up!

I kept a diary during my recovery from breast augmentation. Looking at it, I was miserable beyond description the first week and doing fine after that. Isn’t it obvious why I got it done? ROFL I wanted bigger boobs! At least I can admit it was a total vanity experience. Before the... READ MORE

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