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21 Years Old, 5'5, 125 Lb, No Kids, 397 Moderate Plus Above the Muscle

I have been so self conscious about the size of my boobs for years. I have a nice shape but just can't fill anything out. I am currently a 34A... can wear a 34B but can't fill it out completely. I want my implants to be a little larger than normal but not ridiculous. Still want them to look very... READ MORE

34yrs 2 Kids 130lbs 5"6' - Naples, FL

I have always wanted this after finishing breastfeeding both of my kids. It has taken a toll on my cute tata's! I am 5'6" 130lbs very active. I workout at least 5x's a week. I have decided on around 370cc at least and cohesive shaped implants above the muscle. I am hesitant about it being above... READ MORE

23 Years Old - BA 450-485cc Silicone Cohesive Gel - Above Muscle

Hey everyone! I've literally been following this site for years and I'm finally taking the plunge! I am so nervous but excited at the same time. I'm having my surgery done by doctor Susan Maclennan at Banff Plastic Surgery. So far I'm very pleased with my interactions with the clinic and my... READ MORE

29y/o 5'6 118lbs, 2 Kids - Ontario, CA

Hello everyone! I've decided to get a breast augmentation 8yrs after having my children. I'm 29y/o 5'6 118lbs. currently a 32b (padded bra) I workout 5 days a week. I've decided to go with a silicone implant somewhere between 375cc and 400cc. I want a natural look. Hoping to be a full C cup or... READ MORE

38 Years Old Breast Augmentation Above the Muscle - Boston, MA

I had looked into this surgery for years off and on and finally decided to go for a consultation after reviewing Dr. Seckel. I can't even begin to explain how great this Dr. is, I had my surgery on a Thursday and less than 48hrs later I was off pain meds and felt like I could go back to work.... READ MORE

44 Yr Old, Restoring to my Pre-kids Size of Full C / 360cc Cohesive Gel / Above Muscle - Sandy, UT

Really excited as this is something I have wanted to do for a while. I am close to my ideal weight and love my body for the most part, I just look like a boy when I lie down, and I wear padding in bras, sports bras, and bikinis so that I look like a full B, small C. But I measure an a or a tiny... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Children, Size 34B Breasts to Size 34DD - The Alexandra, Cheadle, UK

The results of my breast augmentation far exceed my expectations. My breasts were originally quite different in size and my nipples uneven. Today my breasts are full, far more evenly matched, and despite the size increase do seem to suit my figure well. I had little breast skin originally due to... READ MORE

25 Years Old 2 Kids Breast Feed Flat 34a 400cc Silicone Round Motiva over Muscle - United Kingdom, GB

So I'm booked for the 15th September 2014 at the Dolan hospital. My doctor is Mr Alberto Di Giuseppe. My 1st meeting was a bit blank he didn't say much. He took photos and asked what size I would like to be which is a 34D. I'm excited that I have him working with me as I've seen a few reviews... READ MORE

45 Years Old - Always Wanted Breast Augmentation - Folsom, CA

Why did I do's about looking and feeling my best, I'm so happy I did! I'm 45 y/o, 5'4" 150lbs, BA rounded silicone 575cc left & 600cc right, above the muscle with no lift. I looked at so many pic's with women my age/height/weight & cc size, it all depends on your body type. I almost... READ MORE

19, Want to Even out my Body - Boca Raton, FL

My ps is absolutely incredible. I want to have fullness and just a size up. I feel like this is the right option for me. 300 cc saline above the muscle. He explained everything clearly and understood what I was going for. He knew exactly what I wanted before I asked and I can't wait until I... READ MORE

325 HP dual plane

Have decided to get a BA as I'm going in anyway to have some minor corrections done from my liposuction in May. It's much cheaper abroad than in my native country, so why not? My breast aren't that small, I even had a BR 5 years ago! However, I've lost a lot of weight since I had the BA, so I... READ MORE

Gotta Love the Girls! - Salt Lake City, UT

I have had two procedures done by Doctor Clayton. My Breast Implants in 2006 and my nose in 2008. I found him professorial and personable in my consultations. He was up front about what was possible and didn't try to push me in to anything I didn't want. My story Growing up I was always... READ MORE

Boobs Please! - Chicago, IL

Hi dolls, since I was a young adult I have always wanted boobs. Not big breast but a little more than what I currently have. I finally decided to just do it. I set my surgery date and made my deposit. I choose 250cc's but still unsure. I am scheduled for 2nd spot on 6-28 to talk more and look at... READ MORE

35 year old mom of 3: 1st breast augmentation! ABOVE or BELOW the muscle placement?!

Hello! I'm scheduled for my breast augmentation in just 2 weeks! I went yesterday and had my sizing consult and ended up switching from the Mentor Tear-Drop implants to the silicone based on my natural breast location. I was needing a little more volume up top due to my breasts sitting lower (3... READ MORE

Married 17 Years, 43 Yrs Old, 4 Children - Las Vegas, NV

I do not want to change my body I simply want a small implant just to make my boobs a little prettier, I am a former ballet dancer and now teach yoga and Pilates, I am not trying to change that athletic look, I actually think small breasts are sexy! I only want to enhance what I already have. I... READ MORE

Fantastic First Meeting

Breast Augmentation - Met James last night for the first time to discuss having BA. I was immediately put at ease with his professional manner. I have previously seen another surgeon who recommended tear drop 420ml and under the pectoral muscle. But James explained in great detail why actually I... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Pasadena, CA

I use to be a 34 B, Im a 34 BIG C/D. I got seline round bag above my muscles im 110 pounds 5'1 height. Dr. Robert Yoho did my procedure. I like his work , the way my boobs feel real and how natural they look. Guys think they are real and woman always ask me if they are real. One thing i didnt... READ MORE

31 Year Old with Two Kids, Much Needed Boob Job - El Paso, TX

I have always been small chested. When I was Pregnant with my first son, my chest size increased tremendously. After breast feeding my second child for 19 months, my breast lost their volume and became deflated. I read reviews for Dr. Ozan Sozer and felt that he was the right Doctor to perform... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Mother of 1, 435 Cc Gel Silicone Implants Above the Muscle - Folsom, CA

Let me begin by saying that Dr. Mabourakh has, in 1 surgery, changed my life! I was referred to him through a friend (who also had an amazing BA with Dr. M), and after consulting with 5-6 other surgeons I decided to see Dr. Mabourakh. When I arrived, I was greeted by his wonderful staff and had... READ MORE

31 Years Old. No Kids. Want Nicer Breasts - Winnipeg, MB

Hey everyone. So I go for my BA this Wednesday DECEMBER 10th. I am doing this for myself. I want nicer fuller, Perkier boobs. I am 5'4 130 pounds. 34B right now. Been having a hard time deciding on a size. First I thought 300cc's than decided to go with 325cc's now have just changed my mind... READ MORE

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