AA to DD + Breast Augmentation

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18 Year Old, No Kids, 5ft, 52kg

I was never the person to think I'd consider plastic surgery but when I was 15 I lost 12kg and went from a full 12B, small C to a 8A-AA. I was so self conscience and hated wearing clothes I thought required larger breasts to fill. I would like to achieve a DD-E cup size and have chosen 420cc... READ MORE

Flat As A Board to Beautiful Bussoms! - San Diego, CA

Being 6'2 and around 185, you would probably think I'd be well endowed already. Unfortunatly, my genetics, and a thyroid problem, I could barley fill a AA cup. Now I'm a 38 DD! Everyone was so personal and caring, the results were amazing and I couldn't be happier with my results ! So worth it!!!!! READ MORE

27 Yr Old, Athletic Body, 34AA Wants to Be a Full C! - Vancouver, BC

I have always had a very athletic body type, and I love it except for having small breasts. I feel like I never probably developed breast tissue and even though I have worked a lot on accepting my body as is, I struggle to feel feminine and sexy. I am pretty confident and happy overall, but... READ MORE

28 Yr Old, 36AA to 38DD - San Antonio, TX

Iv been wanting my breastfeeding done for awhile. I got engaged last year and when I went dress shopping, I got so sad because, your supposed to feel womanly on your wedding day. Well I couldn't fill out any dresses. So that was when I decided "ok I need to do this now". And I did. After surgery... READ MORE

21yo, 32aa to a 32dd - La Mesa, CA

I've pondered what to say in this review for about a month now, because words really can't describe Dr. Pousti and his team. Hands down some of the best people I've ever met in my entire life, everyone is so friendly and so willing to help you out with whatever you need. I drove from northern... READ MORE

41 Years Old, 5kids, Gym Junkie,10AA Wanting DD - Thailand, TH Dr Boonchai

Hi Everyone! I have been constantly reading everyone's post on here for ever and thought it's time to start writing my own Boob journey!!! So I'm a 41 year old Mum of 5, breastfed and have been doing bodybuilding (fitness/figure) training for years. All which have left me a 12A maybe really AA!... READ MORE

24y/o, One Child, 36AA to 36DD Maybe DDD :) - Redlands, CA

I've always wanted a BA ever since I was in high school, I was not blessed in the boob department like the the other women in my family. I know I wanted to wait to get them done till after I had children, before I got pregnant with my son I was a small B cup, during pregnancy I jumped up to a... READ MORE

22 Yrs Old Mother of Two Going for BA - Miami, FL

Hello, I am 22 years old I have two beautiful babies that are 14 months apart, my oldest is 3 and youngest will be 2 soon. I breast fed both children, also I was chubby whEn going through puberty, lost the weight, then got pregnant and got bigger than I ever was. After my son I was 215lbs, fast... READ MORE

They've arrived!!!! 23 Year Old, 1 breastfed child, 420cc HP silicone & round overs, 111lbs & 5'6", 32AA to ???

Hellooooo ladies!!!! I haven't posted on here before but have been following a few journeys! So for all of my life I have had very small (non-existent) breasts! When my girlfriends were getting bra measured, I was feeling sorry for myself in padded bras! My breasts were their biggest whilst I... READ MORE

Best Decision of my Life!!! Mississauga, ON

I had always been small chested growing up and decided that if my chest never grew, that someday I would have a breast augmentation. At the age of 23, having the procedure done has changed my life. I have never felt so happy. My body looks perfect, 38", 26", 38". I had gel-cohesive,... READ MORE

21 Y/o, 5'1, 100 Pounds and AA Cup Size - Adelaide, SA

Hello :) I'm so excited to share my journey with all of you - people who actually embrace cosmetic surgery! Having only just turned 20, I've received a lot of negativity about my decision to have breast augmentation within the next 2 months. "You're still growing!" "Your boobs are fine!"... READ MORE

:) Super Happy - Baltimore, MD

I went from a AA to a DD saline under the muscle high profile. Had I known how much this would benefit my self esteem I would of had it done much sooner!  My surgery was on 2.15.13 600cc o/f to 620cc in right and left breast. Transaxillary incisions. I can't believe the healing... READ MORE

Never Had Em So I Bought Em 47 Yoa 5'9 160lbs

Where do I begin? This has been something I knew I wanted since I can remember. I've stuffed with everything from cotton balls to socks. I've never felt comfortable in a bathing suite, strapless gown or lingerie. I've never bought a matching bra and panty set. Even after 4 pregnancies, as the... READ MORE

The Doctor you can TRUST!

Dr.Kramer, I can't thank you enough! This woman is a true professional and perfectionist at her trade! I saw Dr. Kramer for a Breast Augmentation in September of 2015, and cannot believe my results! My husband and I went back and forth on this subject for years, and with every doctor we had a... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement from 32 AA to 32 D/DD

100% recommend Mr Murphy and the Spire Hospital in Manchester for breast enlargement surgery. I had a free initial consultation with Mr Murphy and I went in with some doubts and lots of questions which Mr Murphy happily answered every one and reassured me of lots of rumors and myths I'd read... READ MORE

Brest implants from 30 aa to 30 dd

Brilliant, he will not make you look like a cartoon character Natural is his way. He is the best surgeon yet.nlooked and spoke to hundreds Very very professional but also very to your own body I love my body now READ MORE

Confidence Boost

From a very young age, I wasn’t happy with the size of my breasts, this was a result of my own idea of how I should look plus some silly comments from people at an impressionable age. I was a 32 AA but always wore a 32 A bra as I was too embarrassed to buy the correct size, plus you would only r... READ MORE

I Did It! 25 Years Old, Mommy of 2, Breast Augmentation - Folsom, CA

If I could give Dr. Mabourakh more than 5 stars, I would! Fabulous office staff, amazing nurses, and Dr. M did a wonderful job! I went from a AA (if that) to a DD and it looks so natural -- Dr. listened to my concerns, answered q's and because of the great job he did, I now feel confident in my... READ MORE

I Love How my New Boobs Look! - Newport Beach, CA

I've known Dr. Grover for 5 years now and I owe my improved look and confidence to him. Dr. Grover is honest and realistic when it comes to what to expect in results and how to achieve the look that we're going for. In the past 5 years, I've gone from an AA cup to a C/DD cup. Even though it's a... READ MORE

24 Yrs Old - Mommy - Murfreesboro, TN

I have always been small and always have had smaller breasts. I then was as a 32aa after having my little boy 2 years ago. I am now a 32dd and it's EXTREMELY NATURAL looking evening though I'm so petite! My breasts are soft and they don't sit extremely high at all! I did 320cc of saline! I'm in... READ MORE

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