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AA to D cup + Breast Augmentation

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Small Frame - 5'1 - 106 Lb - 300cc - Currently 28A Wanting a Full C or Small D

Like most here during my young years I kept waiting for my breast to develop. Every women in my family has big boobs specially in my mother's side of the family...they all have DD and some even DDD's... All natural!! So I thought for sure eventually I will develop some... a full B at the very... READ MORE

26 Yr Old, 5'5 /130 Lbs 34 AA - Oahu Island, HI

Next week i start my breast augmentation journey. I would like to share my experience to help others. i would also like to rate the Dr. i choose and my overall experience. My first consultation will be next week with Dr. Shim Ching. If all goes well and the price is right, i plan to schedule my... READ MORE

20 Years Old, No Kids, Completly Flat AA, Atheltic, Wish D, Waiting 450-500cc - Spain, ES

Hiii to every boob wisher :) I'ven always waiting my boobs to grow up but it simply never happed, it is because i've been so obsesed with it all my intered life. I'm 20 year old girl, i'm soo active, i workout like 5 time a week and i also work and study to be a nurse at university. I starded... READ MORE

It's been three years! ! 650cc silicone HP unders :)

I'm new here but have been reading reviews over the last month. It's time I add to the community :) My stats: 25 years old 5'3" 115 lbs 3 children - 8,3, and18 months all breastfed (4 years total breast feeding) Pre-op: 34AA (was 34 a/b before kids and a 34C/D while nursing) Hoping to get to... READ MORE

Changed PS! Now it's Dr.Mel Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetics!

I am 22 years old, I would say I am an AA cup or close and wanting to go up to a D or DD (depends). I have my first phone consultation with Dr. Tracy Hankins on Thursday and I am super excited to finally get this procedure done, hopefully soon! I have looked into a lot of PS and he just seems to... READ MORE

32 Double AA Now 32 D. Houston, TX

Ever since puberty I always knew I wanted a BA. All my friends bodies kept developing and I was stuck wearing training bras. I thought that maybe as an adult my body issues would improve, but they just got worse. My BA has been a great boost to my confidence and I'm glad I took the plunge to do... READ MORE

52 Years "Young"- Finally Have my Dream Boobs! - Huntington, NY

I have always been very flat chested. After being in entertainment (back up dancer)for many years, and having to wear padded bras, I decided now, at the age of 52, I wanted a voluptuous figure. My fiancé gave me the gift of boobs for our anniversary. Lol. I am over the moon with my new figure. ... READ MORE

19 Years Old Needing a Confidence Boost - Birmingham, MI

I was a 32 A/AA all my life and always felt insecure about my boobs. I always used makeup and wore double push-up bras (sometimes even two) to make it seem like I had something going on. I modeled throughout high school also, so I always felt as though I needed more to feel more confident and... READ MORE

21 Years Old... Went from Miserable AA to Happiest Small D Cup! - Westchester, NY

All my life I wanted to cry, being cursed with a flat chest. I finally was able to get this surgery done and boy, am I GLAD I went with Dr. Greenwald. Obsessed with getting DD's, he talked me down a cup size and a half because he considered my lifestyle and petite frame. I am ever so grateful to... READ MORE

28yrs Old with 2 Kids (3yrs & 1yr). Size AA Right Now - Orlando, FL

So far everything has gone well. The doctor is very nice and honest. I am a AA right now and feel like I lost some volume (the very little I had) by breastfeeding each of my kids for a year. I decided to go with gel and will end up at a large C or small D. Super Excited but a little nervous... READ MORE

28 Y, from 34AA to 34D, over the Moon :D - London, GB

It took me 7 years looking for the right surgeon, then i meet dr. Marcellino. He is professional but friendly at the same time, and he helped me a lot choosing the right thing for me, proportioned to my body. I never had a problem post surgery whise, and i'm very very happy of the results: my... READ MORE

How I Chose my Surgeon - Wichita, KS

How I chose my surgeon: I have wanted breast augmentation for literally over 12 years now...when I realized puberty had set in and I was given my mother's legs and my father's chest ;) Being a college athlete and now fitness professional probably has not enhanced my ability to maintain fat... READ MORE

Great Doctor Thank God - Miami, FL

He really is a great doctor and knows what he is doing. I was impressed by his professionalism and knowledge and I couldn't be happier with the results. From 34AA to D cup. They are so pretty and natural. Staff can be a little tricky sometimes but overally I'm glad I found spectrum and would... READ MORE

27 Years Old, One Pregnancy, Breast Fed - Thailand

Desired an increase in volume, from -aaa cup to hopefully D cup. Surgeon and Hospital were fantastic, & recovery was not as bad as expected. The waiting time to see final result is tedious and at times a little bitter sweat, but improvements this far are pleasing, and far better than what I... READ MORE

So Happy with my Results! - Carmel, IN

I am 23 years old and figured now is the best time to have a breast augmentation. I was a 34 AA pre op and now I am a 34 D (Victoria secret) I couldn't be happier with my results! They fit my body perfectly! I couldn't believe how easy the recovery was. I was out running errands a few hours... READ MORE

Great Result at Enhance Clinic Sydney - Australia, AU

I was considering going to Thailand to get my breast augmentation because of the low cost. Living in Australia you pay a premium for this procedure (between $10,000 and $13,000) being a mum I just couldn't justify the splurge on myself, conversely I also didn't want to risk my health with... READ MORE

32 Yo Mother of 3 in Oahu, Finally Have Beach Boobs!!!! - Honolulu, HI

I had been researching breast augmentation half my like plus 2 years lol. I just turned 32 and have 3 beautiful children, so I finally called a cease fire on babies and full charge to a beach body. I have been completely flat chested, 12 year old boy status for those who know what I'm talking... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Dr Kevin Ho

Surgeon: Dr kevin Ho Age: 24 Height: 157cm Weight: 43kg Cup size before: 8AA Cups size after: Measured as a 8D (6 weeks PO) Implant size: 250cc Implants: Mentor, round, textured, moderate plus profile Placement: under the muscle Incision: Breast fold I had my breast augmentation with Dr Kevin... READ MORE

Uneven Breast After Augmentation - Thailand, TH

I'm a 5 ft 88 ponds Asian girl. AA cup to D cup!! I had 280 cc round cohesive gel under the muscle, 5 weeks post op. 1st picture is 5 days post op and 2nd picture is 5 weeks post op. They are still uneven and way too big for small body like me. I’m very worry. I have tiny and look symmetry b... READ MORE

A Long Awaited Confidence Boost! - Newport Beach, CA

Hello, My name is Jenn. I'm 25 and a single mother. I am 5'3 and 110 lbs. When I was young, I was a "late bloomer". I had a few other middle school girlfriends who were "late bloomers" as well and we stuck together - only problem being they "bloomed" late... i never "bloomed" at all. At... READ MORE

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