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AA to C cup + Breast Augmentation

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22 Years Old, 5"2, 32AA - silicone 385cc high profile

I've been researching on this site for the past two months and it's helped immensely on getting a feel for what's to be expected in my up coming surgery - so I thought I'd start writing about my own journey. I've been wanting to get a breast augmentation ever since I could remember. My goal was... READ MORE

29 Years Old Runner No Kids 5foot2 100lbs 32 Aa. Toronto, ON

I've always been small chested and have always thought about getting a boob job. Finally after realizing how unhappy I am with my current size I have book my first consultation for Monday! I have no idea how big I can even go given how petite I am but anything is better than what I currently... READ MORE

26 y/o, 110lbs, 5ft 3in, 3 Kids, 32AA to 32C/D, 320cc Sientra Anatomicals

I'm currently a 32 AA with very little tissue. Ive never had anything over an A cup, but after breastfeeding all three of my kids, there is nothing there!! I've been saving and waiting for the right time, and it's finally here! I go tomorrow for my pre-op appointment and my surgery is scheduled... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mom of 3, Avid Runner/crossfit, Allergan 410 FX 315cc

I am writing this review at 18 DPO. I am a mom of three awesome kids and an avid runner so that means I had NO boobs. Like nothing but nipples ladies. I was a 32AA. But today I went to Victoria Secret and was measured at a 32C! So happy about that! My stats: 5'5" 115 lbs Pre Op: 32AA I got... READ MORE

23yrs Old, Mother of Twins (Both Breastfed), Currently 32A hoping to be a Full C, 95lbs, 225cc HP Partials

My decision to have a breast augmentation has been pushed to the back of my mind for years. I somewhat learned to be happy with my small breasts... Until recently, I made the choice to breast feed my twins (for 6 months). Only a year and half after I realised what a mess they had become (I went... READ MORE

Wish Pics - New Jersey, NJ

Hey RS users! I'm still trying to ge the hang of this app lol. But I've been wanting to get a Breat Augmentation for years and being that I'm soon to be 25 (sept 10) I feel like I'm the right age to start looking into what doctors and ideal shape I want to be. Top three: Dr. Yily, Dr. Duran,... READ MORE

Need Advice...3 days off work enough for breast augmentation? 350 cc vs. 300cc??

I am a 39 year old mom of 3 kids. I breastfed all 3 kis and currently size AA cup but want size full B or small C. My plastic surgeon recommended 350cc and 310cc silicone gel unders. I told him I dont want it to look obvious. I want natural yet nice looking breasts. He then said I could go... READ MORE

35 Year Old, No Kids, Athletic, AA Cup, 340 Cc

I finally decided to go through with the breast augmentation, I went with a doctor that has already done some work on me. He fixed my nose that I broke 4x and removed a small piece of cancer on my upper lip with minimal scarring. As time got closer I started to get more nervous about the whole... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 270 Anatomical

Hey I'm having a BA in less than 2 months. Eating disorders in early teen years kept me from developing breast so I'm getting them done. I have limited breast tissue, so I can't go as big as I really want. I have to use anatomical implants because the distance from my collar bone to the nipple... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 5'5", 130 Lbs, Mother of 3 Breastfed Children-ready to Have Boobs!! - Fayetteville, GA

Well, I will begin by saying I AM SO EXCITED to finally be getting some tatas!! All the women in my family have larger breast (D to DD) and somehow I was blessed with a 32AA. I kept thinking in high school that my time would come and one day I would grow some of my own.... but that never... READ MORE


3 more days until surgery! Tomorrow is my pre -op. I'm thinking about getting 400cc-425cc under the muscle . I want a full C & look natural as possible . I am 173lbs & 5'6..i hope my recovery is fast because I only asked for a week off work . I'm a cashier so I have to move a lot . I... READ MORE

AA to C Cup with Amazing Results - Honolulu, HI

I have always been very flat chested and most often would wear padded push-up bras to merely feel 'normal'. After having two kids, my breasts seemed to be even less shapely and what breast tissue was left seemed to sag. I looked for a surgeon who could give me real looking breasts. Dr. Larry... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement, 250CC sub-muscular anatomical implants. Birmingham, GB

I have always been self conscious about my breasts, and at 20 years old decided to make a change to feel better about myself. I was originally a 32AA, and decided to get 250CC teardrop implants submuscular. I am over the moon with the results and am now a 32C, and they look really natural like I... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Journey - 23 Years Old, 5'5", 126lbs, Athletic, Looking to Go from AA to C - Austin, TX

Like many of you, I've been dreaming of resigning from the itty bitty titty committee for a long time. As a woman in the fitness industry, I tried owning my smaller breasts like many other women I admire (Dana Linn Bailey and Christmas Abbott, to name a couple). I wanted to be a positive role... READ MORE

33, 2 Kids Breast Augmentation - Davenport, IA

I wanted a breast augmentation since I was 18. Once the kids were old enough I decided I'm gonna do it. Did my research on doctors and fell in love with the Iowa Plastic surgery in Davenport. The nurses were amazing. I was so nervous the day of surgery, told the nurses and they talked to me the... READ MORE

21 Year Old - Breast Augmentation from AA - 10C - Sydney, AU

I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have came across Dr Moradi and have him do my breast augmentation. I had seen 3 other top surgeons before him .One of the reasons why I chose him in the end was because he offers excellent correspondence with his patients, enabling them to email him... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 5ft4, 120lbs, starting with AA, hoping for full C

So I have always thought about getting a BA, yet I also thought I would never actually get one just because it's something so drastic. But I'm really tired of being so self conscious about it since I have absolutely nothing and always have to wear a very padded bra out. About 4 months... READ MORE

22years Ol, No Kids, Very Petite - Malta, MT

I really wish to be 30C or small D, I'm 30AA now. The most important is natural look for me. My surgeon told me to go for 300cc high profile but I felt it huge on me. After I tried it with rise at home I felt much better 260cc. I have two days left to my surgery I'm getting 260cc hp. I'm still... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids, 32AA, to 255cc Implants - Leeds, UK

So I finally decided to go for it and get this done, I was told by my friend to go to this surgeon who did her boobs, after looking at his website etc I decided why not. This was through a private hospital and not a company so cost a little bit more than other places in UK. I felt comfortable... READ MORE

36 yrs, 5'6 and 135lb. 365cc HP anatomical silicone unders

Hey, I'm 36 and am married with three young children. I breastfed all three kids for about a year each and it's taken a toll! I've decided to do something for myself and get my boobs fixed up. I'm 5'6, 135lbs and about a 32AA. In reality, I'm so flat that no bra really fits me anymore. I was... READ MORE

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