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A to DD cup + Breast Augmentation

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21 Years Old, No Kids with 275cc Unders

Im 5'4 and 58kg and have always wanted a breast augmentation as I stared of a small a cup, but didn't want to go too big and kinda keep a natural look so got 275cc hoping to be a c cup. I am two weeks post op now and finally got my mobility back (after a week of walking around hunched over) and... READ MORE

24. No Children. 32a to 32dd Hopefully 400cc High Profile Implants - London, TX

Right so here goes. Iv always been unhappy with my breast size always been a small 32A cup. Then I met my boyfriend forgot about how unhappy I was with them until I found a message to another girl saying how he didn't like mine and they were to small. And how he liked hers as they are bigger.... READ MORE

535cc UHP BA Happy Birthday to Me! 5'6" 118lbs

I guess I should start with Hi, I'm Valerie. I guess I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was 12. I remember stuffing my bra and hoping no one noticed and going to school... I have 2 children, a nine year old and a 5 year old. I breastfed both for a year, and it shows. I was fat after my... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 5'8" and 160 Pounds. No Kids!

Hi ???? I go for my consult on April 10th, I am beyond excited! I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was 18 and I have recently decided I am finally going to get it done! I am currently a 34A, after everything is done I'm hoping to achieve a large D or even DD. I am nervous but so... READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeon - La Jolla, CA

Dr. Soltero and his entire staff are the best! I was a 32A (I am also 5'2 & 120 lbs) prior and was very lop-sided due to breast feeding. I had 525cc silicone ultra high profile implants as well as a lift and inverted nipple correction. Currently, I am 5 months post op and wearing a 32DDD bra... READ MORE

24 year old with an A cup to DD's

I am so happy with my procedure! Professor Ramakrishnan was amazing! I was nervous and worried about going too big as I'm small framed and i went to see professor a number of times and he was very understanding throughout the whole process! He certainly is very talented and i felt totally at... READ MORE

24 y/o, 450cc HP Unders - New Birkdale Rotherham, Mr Kumar

I'm 24 as of yesterday and I spent my birthday at the new birkdale clinic Rotherham with mr kumar discussing options for my breast augmentation. I've been wanting my breasts done since the age of 18 and finally I've managed to save my pennies. I've been training for 4 years and taking part in... READ MORE

So Far I Am Loving my New Breasts!

Well, first offf I'm exactly 7 days post op. I went from a very small A cup with no shape at all.. with a Sumbmammory incision.. Smooth, Round, Moderate Profile, Saline 540cc implant. And I'd like to think that I've have an awesome healing process.. I've taken it really easy and had lots of... READ MORE

27 Yr Old Mum of Three. Breast Augmentation

I'm annum of three beautiful girls and needed a little help after breast feeding all three of my children. I went from a 32 c to a very saggy 32 A so breast augmentation was a perfect solution. I'm so incredibly happy with the results of having the op in Sep 16. I went from 32A to a 32DD /E.... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 460cc, Extra High Profile Silicone

I went from A cup to hopefully D or DD ,still can't tell because breast is still dropping and changing its shape every day. It's been 2.5 weeks since my surgery and I'm so happy with results!its been the best decision I've made in a while lol And also the best decision about doctor!Dr. Carmona... READ MORE

36A to 32DD - Look Very Natural

I was a 36A with room in my bra. I'm 5'6" and about 130 pounds. I was 36 when I had the procedure. I now have 34C/32DD which to me sounds huge but they are great. I could have done one size down but after a year now, I love them!! I did a modest/natural implant, I forget cc's but doctor made... READ MORE

ONE WHOLE YEAR!!! 275cc HP - A to DD! - Thailand, TH

I assumed breasts would be waiting for me on the other side of puberty, but I was wrong! Always felt embarrassed of my non-boobs, as I hardly have enough breast tissue to wear a push up bra to get cleavage. I live in Australia, and will be travelling to Phuket, Thailand for the surgery. Having... READ MORE

25, 5'9" 135, No Kids, 32A, 480cc Ultra High Profile - Arlington Heights, IL

After years dreaming of the boob fairy, I decided it was finally time. The largest I've ever been was a 34B and even then, I lacked the feminine curves I desired. Being 5'9" and athletic, I tend to look lanky when I compete in body building competitions. My upper body just looked so... READ MORE

33yrs Old, 34A to 34DD - London, GB

I had wanted breast enlargement since I was 14- yes, a bit young but my natural boobs were non-existent and by the time I was 21 they hadn't grown anymore!! So I bit the bullet in June, and can say it's the best decision I have ever made. My only regret is that I didn't do it years ago! Go get them! READ MORE

Finally I have boobs!! 540 cc's Saline moderate profile, slim mommy of 2

I've been wanting breast augmentation for awhile! I nursed both my kids, my daughter for over a year. I have always been flat chested so after nursing my daughter I have been completely deflated. I have seen Dr.Hause, Dr.Yamahata, and Dr.Sumida. I had more of a connection with Dr.Sumida there is... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Mother, 32A to Hopefully 32 DD. Ohio, OH

Hi all! My surgery has been scheduled. Super nervous! I am currently a 32A and debating on implant sizes ranging from 400-500 cc saline implant. I really want to restore fullness destroyed by breastfeeding as well as go up significantly in size. I will keep everyone posted on the details! Wish... READ MORE

Beware! - Jacksonville, FL

After 5 surgeries I gave up. He could never fix whatever he did wrong. My breast are so uneven it's noticeable through my shirts. He always said he could fix no problem and wouldn't listen me, he talked me into going bigger and now I have so much unwanted attention. I'm very shy and didn't want... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 34A to 34DD, 390cc Overs. London, GB

Dr James was nothing but friendly on my first consultation. There was no pressure to go ahead with the surgery and i was advised to go away and think about exactly what i wanted following his advice. He gave me realistic expectations of what he could achieve with the implants and i was... READ MORE

Had a Breast Augmentation Went from 34a to 34dd 425cc Silicone. Huntington, NY

Absolutely love it ! The surgery went well , my doctor had good bed side manner... After all I was up and running in two weeks , little to no pain after the first week .... Has a bit asymmetry but it evened out after about three months .. No regrets what's so ever and had a good payment plan as... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 2 and 1/2 Year Old Son, Breastfed for Two Years. - Chattanooga, TN

I was a full b before having my son, then escalated to a dd while nursing! Once I weaned I dropped to be barely an A. I looked like I had nothing but skin! I went to doctor nease here in Chattanooga I informed him I wanted to be BIG but not to big to for my body! We chose 460cc saline implants... READ MORE

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