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A to B cup + Breast Augmentation

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22 Yrs 5'2 100lbs 2 Kids

I'm very excited I've been planing this for a year or two now an I finally got the guts to do it! I've always been very small. Before I had kids my boobs where tiny but perky! Now that I've had 2 they are completely flat and very saggy! I'm a 34 A/B depending on the bra I'm looking to be a full... READ MORE

2 kids, breastfed, currently 34a (if that), wanting a large B.

I've always had small boobs, never been in danger of buying a bra larger than an A cup until I was breastfeeding. Even then it was a B, which seemed huge to me! I'm 5ft 6, 126lb and have a small frame. I'd always toyed with getting bigger boobs but thought I'd wait until after children. Now I've... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 105 lbs, 5'6", No Kids, 240 cc, 32A to 32 C - Saint Louis, MO

For years I have been on the fence about getting a breast augmentation. For a while I had myself convinced that I wasn't going to get one because "they don't look or feel the same" and "if someone doesn't love me for who I am, then to hell with them". While the second still holds true, I have... READ MORE

Tall, Athletic, but Flat Looking to Balance Upper Body..

A little about me: I'm tall, about 5'8, and 120lbs. I am extremely flat chested, hardly filling an A cup. I also work out a lot in the gym, so my figure is borderline "boyish" at the moment, and I hope to correct that with Dr. Berans help! I am aiming for a full B or small C, basically the... READ MORE

Mark Epstein, Stony Brook, NY 5ft2 55kg 32b/34a - 410FM Natrelle Anatomical 310cc. Want C cup.

I am a 34a, 32b is ok around the band but the cup is too small. 34a I just about fill fully. I have always wanted larger breasts. I was quite sporty at school and was very small framed so 32b was ok then. Now that I'm older 47 and middle age spread has taken over the flatness in my opinion... READ MORE

21 and Finally Confident with my Breast! - Towson, MD

I had breast augmentation surgery done by Dr. Rottman a few weeks ago. The outcome couldn't have been more perfect. Before the procedure I couldn't even fill an A cup. I now am a full B cup and couldn't be more confident in myself. I finally feel like a woman. From the time I made my appointment... READ MORE

295cc over Muscles Mod Profile Implants.. Unhappy. London, GB

I'm 4 days post op, I got 295cc over the muscle silicon mod profile implants. I got this in London with Transform clinic. The implants have made me go up by 1 cup size, I was a 36 A now a 36 B. My desired size was a 36 D. I am really unhappy with what size they are. I realise that it takes a few... READ MORE

21 Year Old - Breast Augmentation. Newmarket, ON

I have a small A cup now and am looking to get a full B or small C. I plan on getting full profile, 290cc. I wasn't sure whether to get a full profile or extra-full, but I was told the full profile's wider base would provide me with the cleavage that I wanted (rather than projection). I will... READ MORE

32 Years Old, from an A to B. Santa Monica, CA

I wanted a subtle, natural looking augmentation. I was impressed with all the positive reviews for Dr. Teitelbaum in Santa Monica. I decided to go with him, did the consultation, did the surgery, and everything went great. He is such an expert! I think that if you are going to get surgery, go... READ MORE

36 y/o, 5'8", 46 kgs, post-op, 275cc silicone smooth round moderate+, 10th Sept - Victoria, AU

Just identifying the look I want to inform upcoming consult with surgeon. Currently 12A going to a full B. Trying to avoid "fried eggs"/"half coconut" look with minimal gap between breasts. Establishing whether submammary or subglandular placement would be better and what size implants to go... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 5'6" 115 Lbs, No Children, Looking for a Very Natural Yet Full Breast. Atlanta, GA

So I've wanted a breast augmentation for some time now. I am almost 23 years old, have always been very petite all around with small breasts, barely fitting into an A cup bra. When I was younger it definitely affected my self esteem. However, the older I got I came to appreciate my little... READ MORE

43 and 2 Kids - Las Vegas, NV

I am 5 ft and 104 lbs with a small frame. I have always been a small A and wanted to achieve a full B. Even with all the padding, I didn't fill up my bras and as a result I never truly felt sexy. It's Day 1 post op and can't wait to see what's under the bandages. My PS and I agreed upon 265 cc... READ MORE

I Was 36 and Tired of Not Looking Womanly Due to my Small Chest - Greensburg, PA

I recently also chose Aestique for my Breast Augmentation. The moment I sat down with Dr. Antimarino, I knew that he was my surgeon after meeting with countless doctors. He set the record straight with me and stated if I was there for the wrong reasons, that he was not the doctor for me. I... READ MORE

5'3" 115lb. 36 Year Old Mom of 4 _ Madison, WI

This was not something I had put much, if any, thought into until this past January. I was born with good genes and have always been comfortable and confident person with my own body. I have a logical view that there are all different body types out there. I can appreciate that we as woman,... READ MORE

The Incredible Shrinking Boobs with 2 Young Kiddos - 5'3" 104lbs - San Francisco, CA

It is very liberating to be able to talk about this journey on this outlet. Honestly, I have no one other than my husband to turn to and I hope I am making the right decision. I don't plan on telling my family or friends about this procedure unless they somehow figure it out or notice the... READ MORE

23yrs Old, 1 Child (5yrs), 5ft 125lbs - Future Exotic Dancer/homeschool Mom - Miami, FL

As you can see ive been debating on plastic surgery for a while. I've posted up other reviews fishing for answers and opinions when finally the other day i buckled down and decided to follow thru for myself on SOMETHING besides being a great mom. I decided to start with breast enhancement.... READ MORE

The natural look!! feeling great 10 months post op!! :)

I'm scheduled for a BA in less than a month.. Starting to feel pretty apprehensive about it. I'm a 34A, breastfed 4 babies, and I'd like just a little boost... To a 34B. I'm actually pretty darn terrified of going any bigger. I like have small breasts for practical (working out) reasons, but I... READ MORE

Went Ahead with the Sienta Implants - San Salvador

I had nursed my three children and was left with a bra size of 36a. Maybe even less. I am 5ft 108 lbs. I decided to get the augmentation because I was really unhappy with how deflated they were. I choose Silimed/Sienta textured rounds. I wanted full Bs and the dr suggested 280cc. They were... READ MORE

23 Years Old 5'3 113 Lbs Small A Cup Thinking Full B or Small C Because I'm Petite

I'm getting my surgery done this month on the 28th but I'm afraid the Full B will be too small for me so I'm thinking about changing it to a small C or a full C? I'm currently a small A so I'm not sure. Mainly want a natural look but also not anything too big for my body type but I'm really... READ MORE

28 Years, a Kid, 5'8 Ft, 132lbs

I am 28 yrs, 5'8", 132 lbs with a 32A cup prior breast augmentation surgery. I am getting teardrop natural looking Silicone implants something between 325 and 350 cc's (still not sure). I would like to achieve full B or a small C. After breastfeeding my breasts became even smaller, so I'm having... READ MORE

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