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750-799cc + Breast Augmentation

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43 Year Old Mom of Teens, Ready for Boobs!

I'm so excited that I finally scheduled my surgery!! I'm 5' 10", athletic build, currently 175 pounds but I'm currently on a rigorous workout and nutrition plan with 11 more weeks to go before my surgery. My goal is to get back down to my normal weight of 155-160. I have been enjoying way to... READ MORE

36 Y/O 5'10" 159lbs 700cc's, Mom of 2 W/ New Gym Addiction and Getting Big Boobs! - Concord, NC

36 year old mom wanting and looking for a better body image. Always wanted breast augmentation since my last pregnancy. My surgery is set for June 29, 2016 Worried about pain and recovery. Worried about getting back into the gym with weights and heavy cardio. Currently 5'10", 159 pounds. I have... READ MORE

Review on Silicone Implants-what I Learned. Trumbull, CT

There are many misconceptions about implants. Things people tell you, esp those who have never had the procedure. Everyone has an opinion. The first and biggest misconception I believe is the size issue. I went under the muscle with silicone. Im 5'3, 145 lbs. i work out, so naturally, my boobs... READ MORE

Finally Got my Breast Augmentation but Not Happy with my Results. Pennsylvania, PA

I'm 23, 5'8" about 180lbs. I finally got my breast augmentation. I got 752cc moderate plus silicone implants. I wanted large breasts and to be full up top with nice cleavage. I do not like the way my breasts look. They are not full up top and I have no cleavage. Also they are pointed a little. I... READ MORE

750cc Silicone - Mexico

I'm happy but I think i went really big. I was 360 34D before and i wanted to be DD but now I am 36DDD They look great but I have a double bobble.. will this go away? how can I make my scaring go away faster? I'm sacare if I go smaller later my skin will be stretch. How long does it takes to... READ MORE

20, No Kids, 5'7, 135 pounds, UHP 750cc silicone implants

My surgery is tomorrow... AHHHH! Finally. I feel like today will go by so slow because of how excited I am. When selecting a doctor I went with one who was a little more expensive but in my opinion, you get what you pay for.. My doctor is very experienced and listened to my wants and gave his... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'10", 165 Lbs, 750 Cc Silicone UHP with Crescent Lift - Metairie, LA

I'm scheduled for surgery in a week on December 29. I'm getting so nervous and excited at the same time. I used to like my breasts until I breastfed. My first two kids I breastfed for 3 months. My last child is almost 2 and I breastfed him for 18 months. This really deflated me and made me... READ MORE

800cc hp Silicone 26 y/o 5'8" 116 lbs - Orange County, CA

I am about a 32 a/b cup and I will be getting 750cc hp silicone breast implants in a few months. I spent years looking for the right Dr. and I finally found him. I thought a lot about the size that I wanted. I tested out different sizes and came to realization that\at the risks involved in a... READ MORE

34 Year Old Female in Love with my New Breasts!! - La Mesa, CA

First off I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!, Dr. Pousti for everything you have done for me. I just recently moved to San Diego and I have spent the last year or so saving up and conducting research for the Surgeon that would give me the XL breasts I have always wanted. After... READ MORE

45yrs 170lbs 5'2" 755cc - Hudson, FL

Had 400cc for 11yrs. Yes I may need a lift. Just like the look of natural big boobs. And love the feeling in my nipples. Don't want to risk that. 400cc recovery was nothing. 755cc a lot more painful recovery like almost a month to feel the way I did with the 400cc after 3days. Under... READ MORE

breast augmentation - revision 2 & 3 - Miami, FL

Can only write one review per topic - so have to include these two in this review. After an accident in the end of 2006 - I was left with a deflated implant. I did not have the money to get surgery at that time - so just lived with the deflated implant for almost 5 years. I did things like... READ MORE

Lone Ranger in need of breasts

So far so good I received 630 0verfilled to 725ccs I wanted big large boobs, and I believe she managed to give me just what I wanted, I'm about 7 days post op so far, and managed to take the plane ride back to Florida yesterday, other than that through out the first week I had very sharp pain Ma... READ MORE

Chrissy - Lakeland, FL

I had my first Breast Augmentation 16 years ago and was ready to go bigger. I definitely found the best Doctor ever! I went from 480cc to 780cc couldn't be happier. The staff were all so friendly and courteous. I love the way they all interact with the clients. Even the surgery room staff was... READ MORE

So Worth It! - St Louis, MO

I started at a small 38B And had to perk. When I wasn't sure exactly how big I wanted to go Doctor Prada told me what would look best for my frame I'm 175 and 5'6 so we went with high profile 770cc and couldn't be happier! Glad he knew what I wanted without me even really knowing. He actually... READ MORE

27 : First BA 375 Cc Mod + Second BA 700 HP Saline Third BA Overfilled 750 Cc Saline Implants - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dr Revis is amazing , gave me exactley what I asked for , he is so prompt in answering all questions and concerns and is so talented -- I am 6 weeks post op and healing nicely ???? I got the internal bra and 750 cc saline implants overfilled to big --- this was my third surgery -- excited to see... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 5'9,780/750 Cc. San Diego, CA

I've wanted a breast augmentation since I started High School. I had always thought of it as a dream but this past month I decided to get my dream procedure. My old boss had gotten her breast augmentation and loved them and this is what inspired me to finally get this procedure . I booked my... READ MORE

31 Year Old with 3 Kids , Finally Got the Boobs I've Always Wanted !!!! - Sugar Land, TX

I have to brag on dr Feldman Jeannette and the rest of the staff at Bancroft fieldman . They treated me so well and calmed all my fears . I wound up getting 750cc high profile saline implants filled to 800cc . This is my 2nd day and they look awesome already !! Jeannette is by far the sweetest... READ MORE

51 Years Old and After Years of Research I Did my Breast Augmentation! - Riverside, CA

Best experience of my life, best doctor I could have found! I received 750 cc silicone high profile implants...I absolutely love them and Dr. Hardesty helped me every step of the way! Staff was completely professional and always answered any concerns I may have had! The surgery went smooth and... READ MORE

Terrible results. - Breast Augmentation - Honolulu, HI

Terrible results. I was instructed to wear an ace bandage wrapped tightly around my chest 24/7 for 3 months to try to even out the uneven implants, but nothing moved. Now, 4 years later, the extremely over-sized 750cc implants continue to overpower my 5'3 frame. I look ridiculous. Dr.... READ MORE

Breast Revision Breast Augmentation with a Lift - 3rd Surgery a Success

I had 325cc round smooth saline above the muscle BA . I had a revision done to place them under the muscle and & to get a lift  but, my previous dr told me to stay over the muscle for a natural look & right after the surgery the right breast was bigger, firmer and... READ MORE

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