6 years post-op + Breast Augmentation

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21 Year Old Female, A Cup - Etobicoke, ON

I had a breast augmentation and I am now a 32DD. It was the best decision I've ever made, I'm extremely happy with the results and I did not run into any complication. The staff was great leading up to my surgery and the day of my surgery I was very nervous but dr. Corey Goldberg made me feel... READ MORE

Better than I expected

I had breast implant surgery with Dr Glatt almost 6 years ago at 50. Dr Glatt was wonderful from start to finish! My breast look so natural. He and his entire staff are so professional and warm. I was totally confident and at ease that all would go well and it did, No complications whatsoever.... READ MORE

Female, 29 Yrs. Old - Pearl City, HI

Received my first Breast Augmentation almost 6 years ago with Dr. Dieffenbach, results were amazing! Not to mention his sweet and knowledgeable staff, especially Jen, made the process very accommodating and smooth sailing! Will definitely be coming back for more cosmetic procedures in the... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mom of One - Oklahoma City, OK

I am 5 ft and petite build but have a wide chest. I was a small "C" but not a lot of volume or breast tissue. I am now a "DDD". Seems like a huge jump but because of my chest contour it really isn't. I was born with a birth defect causing me not to develop as I should during puberty and to have... READ MORE

Beware of Bottoming out - Houston, TX

I went to him and experienced bottoming out on the right side mainly. He said I have stretchy skin. Then he gave me a revision and the left side went down and out after settling. He was going to give me another surgery, but I decided to go to Cali and that surgery did seem to support them more.... READ MORE

50 Year Old Doing Something for Herself - Spokane Valley, WA

I found the office very helpful and knowledgeable, all my questions were answered to my satisfaction and was comfortable going into the procedure. Was hesitant doing an elective procedure and going through anesthesia, as I was just wanting to do something for myself after 4 children and I am... READ MORE

run from this dr....warning!!!! - Miami, FL

I was a patient of "DR". Craft when he was with Coral Gables Cosmetic Center, which by the way that place is pure appearance.( do your research) I had a consultation with him back in 2008 and at first he inspire me a lot of trust ; He knew what he was talking about ,but unfortunately it was... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - New Orleans, LA

Initially unhappy with my breast. Dr. K did the surgery and tummy tuck. He did a decent job on the tuck, however; he totally ruined my breast. One breast was larger than the other and he reapplied the nipples one upside down and off centered. Absolutely horrible job. He redid my breast after one... READ MORE

Breast Deformity Corrected - Yakima, WA

Dr. Hauge is amazing. I was born with a breast deformity and had it corrected at 18. Dr. Hauge not only made me look normal finally, but I've had the implants (saline) for 7 years with no problems. I still have feeling in my breasts, and no one can tell that they are fake by looking. Dr. Hauge... READ MORE

6 Years on and I Love my Boobs! - New York, NY

I had breast augmentation with Dr Kolker over 6 years ago, and there isn't a single day that goes by that I'm not happy with my decision. I've had women in changing rooms, even my OBGYN (a woman) comment how beautiful my breasts are. I've had people say they're the nicest boobs they've ever... READ MORE

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