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6 months post-op + Breast Augmentation

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25 Y/o B Cup to DD Cup - San Antonio, TX

My whole experience was amazing! After my surgery I felt like an enormous elephant was sitting on my ches, very nauseated and extremely thirsty. There was a nurse with me who helped me with everything! My pain lasted for about a week or so I was taking norco and Tylenol extra strength around the... READ MORE

32 Years Old, RN, Mom of 2, Breast Augmentation! - Orlando, FL

Since I was in my teens I knew I wanted a breast augmentation. After years of researching and using my background of being a surgical nurse, I knew without a doubt that Dr. Fiala was the best, and I would only trust my body with not only the most skilled of surgeons, but with one that passes my... READ MORE

It Changed my Life and Self Esteem for the BETTER - Wisconsin, WI

I always wanted to get my best day ever since I was 16 I'm currently 34 years old mother of two I had my procedure did this past June 16th and I am so glad I did. I've had positive feedback and negative feedback from the females in my family and friends mostly the negative feedback of the female... READ MORE


I was the 1% that had a bad outcome,I had a hematoma on my right breast 2 days following my surgery. It was so very painful but the surgeon dr. Brad Christensen got me in right away cleaned it out and I healed right up after that. I was going to go back to dr. Brad Christensen to get my tummy... READ MORE

I Love My Breast! - Houston, TX

Dr. Cortes performed my breast augmentation surgery. I explained during my consultation that I wanted my breast to look natural and not too big. I wanted more perky breast that basically looked the same size in my clothing. My breast look natural and fit my body perfectly. I am glad that I made... READ MORE

Very Satisfied with Breast Augmentation

I couldn't have found the right doctor for my breast augmentation. Dr. Ho was down to earth, caring and a phenomenal surgeon. Doctor and her team made my major transformation and journey pleasurable. The day of my surgery was filled with anxiety and nerve wrecking, but Dr. Ho put my mind at... READ MORE

From A Cup to DD - Norfolk, VA

Dr.Schnarrs is very pleasant and he knows his job. His staff is great I have nothing but good things. He answered all my questions and his staff followed up with in after the procedure. I love my experience and would recommend him to anybody. My breast are great and I'm grateful that I chose him... READ MORE

28 Years Old, One Child, and Wanted to Fix my Body - Las Cruces, NM

After undergoing pregnancy and breastfeeding with my daughter, I decided to improve myself by augmenting my already tiny breasts. One I quit breastfeeding, I had lost a ton of breast tissue and wasn't happy with it. I researched reputable doctors and found the perfect fit for my needs. This was... READ MORE

Surgery with Dr. Victor Urzola - Costa Rica

I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER; I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Victor Urzola 6 months ago and it was awesome, all my life I was very complex by the way I looked, It was not a ¨what people think of me¨ situation, but more of a personal dislike. I had never felt comfortable with that part of me a... READ MORE

21 Years Old Breast Augmentation- Geelong, AU

For the 3-4 years prior to undergoing breast augmentation I felt unhappy and self conscious with the size of my breasts. It was always something that bothered me and for a long time I had the idea to possibly have breast augmentation surgery. At the age of 21, the idea of breast augmentation... READ MORE

My confidence is back! I'm a young mom who feels young again!

I absolutely love Dr. Hubbard. He was very respectful to me and my husband. Even my husband was comfortable with him. I wanted a doctor who played attention to detail and in my consultation he could tell I worked in the medical field by my writting. So I was impressed. On my consultation day I... READ MORE

500cc sub-muscular Mod Plus, 23 Years Old, Finally Have Boobs! 34B to 34DD

Ever since high school i've been pretty small chested and it made me feel extremely insecure. I have pretty much been barley a 34B since i had boobs and I wouldn't leave the house without wearing my super padded VS bra and i felt as if i could never fill out any of my clothes! I have done... READ MORE

Thank You Richard Bloom, I Finally Feel Like a Woman!! Melbourne, AU

I had always been a small A cup and hated my breasts since i was a teenager. I hoped that one day I would wake up and they would of grown over night, it didn't happen. I am a small frame and found that I wasn't comfortable in any clothes or found it hard to find tops or dresses that fit as I... READ MORE

6 Months Aug & Lift

I need opinions pleaseeeee prefer not to say but could be happier areola sits out of my bra / bikin hospital was clean nursing staff fantastic surgeon very caring not happy with consultant atm READ MORE

21 Years Old and Much Needed my Breast Doing - Bradford, GB

I had one breast bigger than the other and it much needed doing and I needed a uplift on one of my breast.Doctor mahajan did the operation and I had seen his previous work before and it was brilliant. He made both breast the same size without any implants which I was very pleased with, as I... READ MORE

Go to Advanced Aesthetics in Champaign, IL!

I would recommend Dr. Kurley to anyone! I was a size 36B prior to my surgery, and although I was comfortable with my body, I have always wanted to be able to wear any neckline and feel great about it! Upon scheduling my consultation, the staff were very courteous and helpful. Everything was... READ MORE

Delighted Patient Under the Care of Dr Awf Quaba - Edinburgh, GB

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Quaba to any of my friends or family. In fact both my sister in law and step daughter are booked in to have procedures with him later this year. The results of my procedure far exceeded my expectations. It has been a life changing experience for me and... READ MORE

23 Years Old Breast Augmentation - Edinburgh, GB

I am more than happy with my results, I went from a 34 B to a 34DD and honestly I have never been happier! The whole procedure was so relaxed and made me feel confidant and comfortable during my stay at spire murrayfield. My recovery was absolutely great with minimum pain and I didn't use any... READ MORE

My Quality of Life Has Improved So Much! - Birmingham, GB

"It has been around 6 months since I underwent breast enlargement surgery with Mrs. Kat and haven't had a single regret. I had always been extremely self conscious but at 19, and after using all the "miracle" bust enlarging creams on the market, I finally realised my breasts weren't going to... READ MORE

32 Years Old, First Breast Aug - Loved It! - Miami, FL

About 6 months ago I had my first breast aug done with Dr. Jason Altman. I wanted to wait several months for the girls to settle before writing a review because it takes at least 6 months to see the end result. I absolutely love them! I would highly recommend Dr. Altman. I met with at least 5... READ MORE

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