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6 ft 1 in to 6 ft 4 in + Breast Augmentation

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Super tall, super flat, super ready for surgery!

I have wanted to have this surgery for over a decade but was hesitant to do it in my younger years because I was a fashion model and it would have killed my career. Now at the age of 33 I have gained some pounds and with my tall stature (6'2") I feel that I could carry the look of a voluptuous... READ MORE

26 Yrs, 2 Kids, 6'2, 185 lbs, Curvy Build. NEW BOOBIES! - Tampa, FL

I have alway wanted cleavage! I love the shape of my breast and how they look it just the size and lack of cleavage. I have been wanting my breast done for 6 years now and I'm finally going to get them done on 3/9/17!!!! I'm soooo excited and I absolutely LOVE my doctor! I am currently a 36B... READ MORE

6'1" 210pds 33yo 40B Wanting to Proportion out Body - Knoxville, TN

Seems that tall women getting implants on realself are few and far between so I want to document my journey for other Amazonian women ;) Even before my 90 pound weight loss I never really had boobs. I have wanted bigger boobs for as long as I can remember. It's always been hard to find bras that... READ MORE

31yo 61" 110lb with 33" Bust Just Wanting Larger Breasts - Atlanta, GA

I love my breasts. They are really great in every way. They are perky, round, pleasantly position on my ribcage, with proportionate nipples and nice skin. I simply want them to be larger. I'm hoping the implant surgery will not affect any of the other qualities of my breasts. I do not use... READ MORE

31, 108lbs, 5'2", 1 Kiddo and No Boobs! - Fort Collins, CO

Hello everyone! I'm so glad I came across this great website. It has been so much help, I really like reading other stories and experiences. I have never really had much for breasts. When I became prego I was so thrilled to have my breasts grow! I breast fed my little guy and when it was time... READ MORE

Flat As A Board to Beautiful Bussoms! - San Diego, CA

Being 6'2 and around 185, you would probably think I'd be well endowed already. Unfortunatly, my genetics, and a thyroid problem, I could barley fill a AA cup. Now I'm a 38 DD! Everyone was so personal and caring, the results were amazing and I couldn't be happier with my results ! So worth it!!!!! READ MORE

25 Y/o, No Kids, 6'1 155 Lbs, 500cc HP Saline. San Antonio, TX

I can recall telling my mom that I wanted big boobs when I was 12 or 13...or pretty much when my boobs stopped growing haha! From then until I was 25 I really couldn't fill out a B-cup bra, even though I lied and tried. Getting implants for me was never really about having huge boobs, it was... READ MORE

Tall/thin Mom of 2 BF Kids, Deflated AA Ready to Get my Boobs Back! 6'0'' 140#. 400CC Love Em - Chicago, IL

I am a mother of two wonderful boys and I breastfed them both for 13 months and 19 months. I was a B cup before kids, was a small D while nursing, and now a very deflated AA cup. I lost all the baby weight plus some doing beachbody workouts, and I am ready to get proportionate again! I had my... READ MORE

Greatest Day Ever!! Getting my Before Babies Boobs Back:) - Munich, Germany

I had thought about having this surgery for about 7 years! It started right after the birth of my second baby. I never had much, 34 barely b! So, I guess back then I was not quite ready. I was just about to become a full time fitness instructor, and I did not want to mess that up, by starting... READ MORE

Big Girl That Wanted Ginormous Boobs - San Diego, CA

Its true I'm a big girl(6'2"/230lbs) that wants ginormous boobs and I search all over and Dr. Pousti was recommended all over the internet, I couldn't find a bad review-I looked. No one out there wants to install implants bigger than 850cc and thats what I got 12 years ago, so its time to... READ MORE

25 6'2 180 pounds Breast Augmentation

I've been planning to See Freiman back last year around this time, after I went down to visit his office and seen that everyone was great. And the facility was also great, I was sold. But I just was skeptical with when I wanted to do this. READ MORE

Boobies... Finally!! :) - Oklahoma City, OK

The whole time growing up I dreamed about the day I would finally "grow up" and get my big girl boobies.... My Mom has DD's and so I always assumed I would be well endowed myself someday. No such luck. :( I never got past a 36A. I am now a 31 year old mother to 5 absolutely ahhh-mazing... READ MORE

Help :( - Toronto, ON

Okay so i've wanted larger breast for a long time ever since I can remember. I had my first consultation and was measured a SMALL 34b. I'm 22 years old, with no children (yet lol) and 5'7 118 pounds. I have barely any hips but a little butt. (not completely flat if you get what I'm saying) The... READ MORE

XL Breasts - San Diego, CA

Being 6'2 getting larger implants to me is very important to give me the large breast look on my larger frame. I got breast augmentation 5 years ago for the first time and the dr. I worked with wasn't very supportive of me wanting large breasts, I was younger and she made it sound like I would... READ MORE

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