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4 months post-op + Breast Augmentation

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Don't Wait! It's Worth It! - Medford, OR

I am a 60 year old woman in a 40 year old mindset. Living in sun and fun locations in my retirement, I wanted to feel confidant in my bikinis, tank tops and sundresses. Age related sag and breastfeeding 3 kids left me with less "assets" shall we say! One visit to the office of Dr. Margo Herron... READ MORE

34 Years Old & Breastfed 3 Kids - Astoria, NY

My motivation was to do something for me as an individual to help me feel good about myself. I'm 34 yrs old and the mother of 3 wonderful children ages 14, 10 & 9. I wanted my children to have the best from day one so I breast fed them because I believe that breast milk is the best milk. However... READ MORE

Transaxillary BA by Dr. Geoffrey Barnett, Hawthorn - Melbourne, AU

I have considered a BA for over 10 years, but refrained due to worries about having scars on my breasts (I have had friends whose scars misaligned with breast creases). For me, transaxillary was the only option I was comfortable with. I had a few consults, including in Melbourne, Gold Coast... READ MORE

37 Years Young , 5 Kids. First Time Breast Ag - La Jolla, CA

This was my first experience with plastic surgery. I was terrified to say the least. Dr Schoemann was very informative and put me right at ease. His friendly staff was supportive and made me feel safe and spoiled. I recommend Dr Schoemann to all my friends and family . I was very impressed with... READ MORE

Dr. Rumalla is an Amazing Doctor! - Keller, TX

I wanted breast augmentation because I never felt good about my body. I'm plus size, 5'7, large frame and have very broad shoulders, pre-op I was an A cup with tuberous breast that never fully formed due to genetics. Post Op I am a full D and I am incredibly pleased with the results! I expected... READ MORE

34 Years Old , 1 Child , Started As a Large A - Philadelphia, PA

The staff was friendly and professional . They made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions . Dr Eisenberg called me personally when I was having doubts about the size I chose . He personalizes your procedure to fit your body type . They even check up on me after surgery . I love my... READ MORE

23 Year Old - Spire Manchester Hospital

I decided I wanted a Breast Augmentation about a year ago It had always been something that had crossed my mind but after travelling for a few months and being in a bikini every day, I decided to act upon it. I felt like I wanted a but more shape and I wasn't in proportion so decided to research... READ MORE

Amazing Surgeon - London, GB

I had my BA done with Dr Frati and I couldn't be happier, I'm over the moon with the results and get constant compliments, I believe Frati to be the best surgeon after seeing some of his previous results, I can't fault him amazing surgeon! I can't thank him enough for the self confidence he has... READ MORE

My Testimony It's Real - Upland, CA

I only want to orient people's that dr tarik smaili it's not good surgeon and he's very dishonest doctor I had surgery breast augmentation and lift and all my results was really bad he did the wrong size the lift was horrible so please careful my advice is make sure if you request... READ MORE

Small B Borderline A to 8D/DD - Gold Coast, AU

I would definitely highly recommend Dr. Theo. He was fantastic, my results were so much better then I could ever have imagined. Dr. Theo fixed the asymmetry in my breasts and reduced the gap that I would've had in-between them so that my desired look was achieved. I scar really easily and was... READ MORE

Happy Patient! - Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Lawton is a wonderful surgeon. I requested a breast augmentation but with a very natural appearance and I absolutely LOVE my results. The down time is minimal, I was back to work four days later and no one could tell there was anything done. I can't say enough good things about the staff and... READ MORE

23, Used to Have Embarrassing Boobs. Oxnard, CA

I’ve done my breast augmentation surgery almost 4 months ago. I used to be somewhat flat-chested and was always embarrassed about it. In August I did the surgery and it went super easy, I didn’t even expect it to be this way. I selected the right implant a few days before the surgery. The pro... READ MORE

Excellent Surgeon BA - Jacksonville, FL

I had my BA done by Dr. Csikai, four days ago. I was expecting to be in soo much pain and discomfort. The truth is that dr. Csikai has miracle hands. I took pain pills the first two days at bed time. I was able to move around the same day of the surgery. So far im very happy with my results... READ MORE

34 Years Old. 5'3" 150 lbs 34A/B to 34C/D Burnsville, MN

I have always struggled with lack of breast tissue and after having children and breastfeeding each of them I had even less breast tissue. So I decided I was going to get an augmentation. The procedure went great. The recovery was a little harder than I had expected. I contribute that mainly... READ MORE

25 Years Old - Sherbrooke, QC

I was very affected by the fact that I didn't feel like a real woman. I missed something. I wish to had a real breast and I wish to wore a bra, bikini and some other clothes perfectly. I have friends that they done the surgery and they push me up to do it. Today, it's done and I feel very good.... READ MORE

21 Years Old, College Student Who Paid for These Myself! - Maitland, FL

Ever since girls started to get boobs I was waiting for mine but they decided not to come. I was always insecure wearing a bathing suit and really uncomfortable in the bedroom. I took a very long time to decide to get this done because I was nervous first of how it would look, the pain, what... READ MORE

21 Year Old Breast Augmentation-- Slightly Asymmetrical - Salt Lake City, UT

Going into this surgery, I was honestly so nervous. I had never had surgery before, and I was horrified that I would have unnatural looking results. I did not want huge and obviously fake boobs, but I did not want to continue being flat chested either. Now that it has been over 4 months since my... READ MORE

i loove my boobs!!!! - Bal Harbour, FL

I was always a little iffy about having my breast done. Personally, I prefer a more natural look. After loosing approximately 20lbs my breast started sagging and looking deflated. I decided to go through with the surgery but was still worried about looking too "fake". I expressed this concern to... READ MORE

my boobs look awesome - Tualatin, OR

I wish I did this sooner!! I have wanted a boob job forever and I finally just pulled the trigger and went for it, I was not disappointed. I came across Dr. Gorins website and all his breast augmentations looked amazing so I called and I got in for a consultation fast and for free, other... READ MORE

Boob Job by Dr. FG - Dominican Republic

I felt frustrated about not having any breasts at all and feeling like a little girl when not wearing clothes. Went directly to Dr. FG because he did my aunt's tummy and she recommended him. My recovery was painless (seriously) and loved the results. Loved Dominican Republic as well. I went to... READ MORE

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