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4 ft 11 in and under + Breast Augmentation

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4"11 104lbs 450cc High Profile Silicone. Honolulu, HI

Love love love my boobs! Dr Schlesinger did an amazing job! Here were my wish boobs, I'm 6 weeks post op. It was definitely worth it! I will post before and after pics. Surgery went well, after care was amazing! He even gave out his personal cell and Answered on a Sunday night! I love him and... READ MORE

100lb 4"11 and Went with 375cc - Dallas, TX

I just had my surgery today at about 7:20am great doctor everything went so well I was kinda scared ok a lot scared lol of being under but thank god I'm still here with better boobs :-) im swollen but not much pain other than my armpits good luck to any lady who is going to get surgery today or... READ MORE

4'10" 87 pounds. 325cc High Profile! SURGERY DONE :)

One week until surgery! Today was my Pre Op appointment and I am now so excited! The whole process was actually very fast for me. I knew going into my consultation about two weeks ago that I wanted my doctor to do my surgery. I did a ton of research and had many friends that have went to the... READ MORE

22yo, 4ft 11, Just over 7st, 375cc High Profile Under the Muscle - Manchester, GB

Went with MYA, Mr Traynor - amazing surgeon! Originally offered 325cc - went back and asked for/ended up with 375cc, was a A/B cup. Had surgery on 4th January 2017 at Preston first trust, you are so looked after and all the staff are fab and so reassuring. After 3 years of waiting/researching... READ MORE

Extra Petite and Feeling Discouraged- Need Some Inspiration! - Canada, CA

I'm 4'10'', 85lbs, and can just barely fill a 30A/32AA. I've met with two surgeons so far and they both will only give me up to 285cc. But then I see tiny girls on here getting 400, 500, even 600cc and they turned out fine! I've mentioned my concerns to the doctors on realself and they all tell... READ MORE

4'11, 27Yrs, 135 Pounds. No Kids/ Fashion Designer

Hello, Hope all is well. I'm located in NYC and I'm looking to get my breast done. I have no clue on where to go. I have been doing my research. I would like to get Saline Implants under the Muscle. What I need help with is shape & CCs. Is 350cc or 400cc to big for my frame ??? Please... READ MORE

29 Years Old. Black Female. 2 Kids. First Consultation for Breastfeeding Augmentation

I went for my first consultation today. I was very nervous considering that I never thought I would ever go for a breast augmentation surgery. Since high school I always struggled to accept my small breasts for what they were. I was always very self concious around other girls and realised very... READ MORE

26 Years Old, No Kids, 310cc

So I had my BA was yesterday at roughly about 1:00pm. I was meant to be in at 12:00pm but the chick before me wasn't having the best experience with the anesthetic. I weigh roughly 48kg and I'm only 152cm tall so I'm quite petite. I've always been flat chested since I can remember. All my weight... READ MORE

4'11", 105 Lbs, 300 cc... A/B hoping for C/D

I am so ready to finally fit into my shirts! I'll be getting my BA along with some inner thigh lipo in December and I can't wait. I was originally scheduled for July but the thought of wearing all the compression garments in the middle of summer sounded awful. I had my first consultation last... READ MORE

I Am a 23 Year Old Mother of 3 Fixings to Get Breast Implants 480cc Under the Muscle Silicone - College Station, TX

Hi I am a 23 year old mother of 3 and I am 4"11 fixings to get breast Implants 480cc under the muscle silicone Implants I am super excited these 3weeks can't go buy fast enough. I did my reserch and chose the dr I thought could do the best job, yes it was expensive but hopefully will be well... READ MORE

31 with Two Kiddos and No Self Esteem - San Diego, CA

Gosh where do I even journey started shortly after having my daughter in 2006. I was 4'10 and 98 lbs when I got pregnant with her and at 37 wks I had t c-section and was weighing full term 157lbs. My boobs got so big and shrunk pretty quickly once I stopped breastfeeding. I started t... READ MORE

31 2 Children. 4' 11" 90lbs - Seattle, WA

I really want to improve my look. I am a typical Asian. Petite and small breast. It is very hard for to find nice feminine clothing. I really get jealous because I see women that have body I only dream of. I look at reviews and like the high profile look. So my fiancé agree that after the ... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Petite, 4'11, 90 Pounds, 2 Breastfed Kids - California, CA

Before kids I was a nice and perky 32B. When I started nursing my first born I became a 32C. Then, after nursing, my size dropped to a wrinkly, deflated size 32A. My son nursed more on one side than the other so on top of that, one boob was larger than the other and my areolas remained large... READ MORE


After seeing a lot of other girls doing their reviews on this site, I said ok why not!!! So Im hoping to be a full B small C. As of right now I am going in for another sizing, I originally was going for 200CC but when i called and spoke to them they told me that its nice for my shape but it... READ MORE

Petite 25 years old 4'10, 94lbs 350cc Round Moderate Plus

I'm 25 years old 4'10, 94 pounds 32A pre op and I breast fed my son. Any fat/muscle that I have are all in my hips. My surgery is scheduled for March 1st 2016 so I'm super excited. I really love the round full looking breast (the fake look I guess) my doctor said a full C would look great on me.... READ MORE

21 Y/o, 4'11, No Kids, 102lbs, 32B, 450cc HP Saline - San Antonio, TX

I feel like I've wanted this procedure all my life! Every women in my family is a full C++, I knew I'd get them too but I was left out. I grew to love my ittie bitties but I was never fully happy with my breast. I even pierced my nipples to make my boobs "prettier". I talked about BA with my... READ MORE

Getting my Dream Boobs! 26 YO, No Kids, 4"11, 125 Lb - Vancouver, BC

Well hello there. So far I am at the stage where I have decided to seriously go inquire about breast augmentation, and possibly nipple inversion. I have two consultations booked with two different doctors to get some opinions and information regarding the surgeries. So when I was younger, a... READ MORE

23 years old / 290cc Antomicals. 32AA to 32DD

Hello beautiful people! For those of you who have followed me on my rhinoplasty journey, you are all the sweetest ever! And now it's time for another boobland! I am beyond excited :D STATS: 4''9" / 100lbs / 25" underbust / 24" waist / 38" hips Currently I'm a 32AA / 30A. My... READ MORE

21. 1 Child. 4'9" and 88 Lbs. 450CC, Under the Muscle, Silicone Implants. Oklahoma City, OK

I have lived my entire life with not even half of an A cup. Constantly trying to wear extreme push up bras and use tricks to make myself look like I've had boobs. It's always been the one thing I've felt that kept me from looking like a woman in stead of a little boy. Especially with short hair.... READ MORE

Super Petite, 4'11 94 Pounds* 400cc - Savannah, GA

The first few days were not fun I mostly slept but now I'm feeling a lot better! I'm still cautious about lifting my arms and what not . They are dropping a little I can't wait till I can go bra shopping. I love my new girls so much. I think I got the perfect size for my body type. I am able to... READ MORE

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