4 days post-op + Breast Augmentation

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24yrs Old, No Kids, Just Wanted Bigger Boobs - Rochester, MI

I've always wished I had bigger boobs. I guess that's a stupid thing to wish for but I've literally wanted them since I was like 14. Finally I saved up the money and thought why not do it? My surgery was scheduled for Friday, the day after having a labiaplasty. I had taken a week and a half off... READ MORE

26yrs Old, 5'7, 120lbs Tuberous Breasts Correction, 425cc moderate plus Silicon. 32b? - Albany, NY

I had a phone consult 3/16 then scheduled my surgery for a month later after Easter. My nerves rose as the days went by, mostly I was worried about being put under but was excited about getting my boobs done. It's been my dream for the longest time, I'm glad to be able to fix them now. Goodbye... READ MORE

28 Years Old Mother of Two and Wanted to Feel Comfortable Again - Omaha, NE

I wanted this surgery to fix all the annoying daily issues I had with saggy uneven breasts. I also have scoliosis so one side of my chest cavity is caved in a bit. Accentuating the smaller boob issue. So far I love my surgeon but I'm concerned with results. Only 5 days post op though. Will... READ MORE

385/425 Silicone Texture and Inner/outer Thigh Lipo - Pittsburgh, PA

Only on day 4.. Had a rough past few days. Was allergic to oxicoden so I just took Tylenol. Having lipo and the BA at the same time was financially smart but not being able to use the top half or the bottom half of your body wasn't fun. My breasts don't seem as big as I thought they would be..... READ MORE

So Ready It's Unbelievable - Bal Harbor, FL

My Surgery Date Was July 18 @ 4:30 P.M . When I Tell You Before I Was Nervous But The Day Of My Surgery It Seemed Like I Was More Excited Then The World Was Going To Stay with Family But Made The Decision To Recovery At Love Shows Recovery Home . (1) Day Prior To The Procedure You Have To Take A... READ MORE

28, 2 Kids, Previously 34 A and Currently Looks Like I Am a 34 D - Mexico

Dr. Manjarez was initially my second choice. I have family who have done work with Dr. Gaspar and although I really liked his work and lower prices, I didn't have time to wait for a July 8 consult. I only have one month of vacation and I didn't want to spend the lasts of it in recovery. I chose... READ MORE

30 Yes Old, 5,4, 112 Ibs - Mother of 1 - 34a - 375cc. Czech Republic, CZ

Hi There This site has been really helpful so I thought I'd write a little review. I have always been a flat 34a cup, looked like I had a boys chest. I've gone for 375cc after reading alot of regretful reviews thought I'll take the biggest that could fit so I don't wish I had gotten more. I... READ MORE

44 Yr Old Mom of 2 - Toronto, ON

Hi, I'm 44, 5'4" about 130lbs, 2 kids, breastfed both...Runner and avid gym rat. I had my surgery March 6th...385cc under the muscle. I've always had boobs but I guess with age, breastfeeding and fat loss they lost some of their oomph! About a week before my surgery, I was questioning my size... READ MORE

32, 2 Kids Married Makeup Artist - Duluth, GA

Dr. Song is and Angel, him and his staff are incredible I was in and out in a matter of 3 hrs. If I every decide I need anything else done I will follow this man to the end of the world and back! Best decision I've made cosmetically! Not to mention my husbabasd received a personal call from dr... READ MORE

27, 3 Kids, Breastfed 2 of Them, Pumped for the Last, 450 Cc Silicon, Under the Muscle - Boulder, CO

I was so nervous. At 18, all I wanted was some implants to boost my natural appearance. I had my daughter at 19, scared as hell, and nursed her for 5 months! My dr told me to gain weight to nurse. At 21, I lost all the weight and lost my feminine figure. At 22, I gave birth to my first son. He... READ MORE

Time for Something New - Columbus, OH

After 2 kids and never having breast really.. at 36 yrs old I decided it was time. I have always had small but perky breast, so compared to others it wasn't like I was in need of a breast aug... I desided after many years of saying I would never have it done to take the plunge... I like 2 work... READ MORE

22 Years Old, No Kids, Saggy from Weight Loss. San Diego, CA

Let me start off by saying Dr. Pousti is by far the best choice you can make when choosing a plastic surgeon. At 22 years old, I've lost and gained 30 pounds, twice, within about 6 years. My breasts went from 36 C to 36 DD and back two different times. When I came to see Pousti I had sagging 34... READ MORE

28 No Kids Flat Chested - Scottsdale, AZ

I have never owned a bra in my life #sadsad ive been wanting to get augmentation for years finally built up the courage! Found dr simmons in scottsdale! Sweet honest man super picky made sure my breasts were perfect! this is day 4 still im some pain but went back to work 8hr shift n survived! i... READ MORE

Finally Did It! Dr. Morea is Amazing! - Raleigh, NC

After contemplating breast augmentation forever I finally did it! Dr morea and his staff in Raleigh Nc are amazing! Super professional and wonderful! Consult was on 8/11 and surgery was 8/27! Recovery hasn't been as hard as I thought! Can't wait to see my progress over the next few months! So... READ MORE

22yrs Old. No Kids. Previously a 32B. Belgium, BE

Hi girls! So im not long back from beaucare in brussles. Stayed at hotel campanile which was good. No complaints about hotel at all. I had my surgery 4 days ago with dr wim danau and he was amasing! He put me and my mum at so much easy as we were both quite nervous :|I ended up deciding on DD... READ MORE

So Glad I Chose Dr. K! - Las Vegas, NV

I was very apprehensive about my decision to get a breast augmentation prior to my surgery date. The surgery went smooth and Dr. Khorsandi and the surgery staff did all they could to make me as comfortable as possible. Because of my size (height and build) and lack of breast tissues I opted... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Totally Worth It - Houston, TX

I was super nervous but when it was all said and done I am very pleased, my left one hasn't settled down as far as my right but I'm only 4 days post op!!! I will keep posting updates, I have minimal pain, it's mostly after doing something, like trick or treating, for a long period of time! Make... READ MORE

4 Days Postop!! Silicone Overs 425/450 Cc's! LOVE Them but Have Questions. - Pennsylvania

First, I'd like to say thank you to all of you for posting!! You have no idea how you've helped me!! Your willingness to share your stories has been amazing. I've spent hours reading about all of you! So, I am 4 days postop and feeling pretty good. I am in my 40's, 5'5", 125 pounds, and I... READ MORE


I can't explain how overall amazed and greatful I am for this woman.From the moment I met her at my consult I knew I made the right decision going to her for my augmentation. She did everything above and beyond for me, even came to my hotel room the day after to check on me. What an amazing... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 34A, 5'10, 130 Lbs - Breast Augmentation

Ever since I realized I was going to have very small breasts (34A or 34AA), I knew that I wanted to have a breast augmentation done. Mostly because I just wasn't happy with the way I looked and most clothes didn't fit me due to my small chest causing them to gape open in the chest area. While I... READ MORE

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