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3D Imaging + Breast Augmentation

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23 Years Old, 3 Kids, 375cc SRM Silicone

Had my first consultation today which went amazing with Dr. K. I loved his 3D imaging and his passion for his work. He spent and hour with me explaining everything between pros and cons and we picked the sizing that didn't go over my body frame. I'm so excited to schedule an appointment in the... READ MORE

To lift or not to lift before baby #2! My story of BA without lift! Toronto, ON

After having my baby 11 months ago, and breastfed him for 7, my breasts are deflated. My main concern at this point is volume. I want it back. Even before I had him, I wanted to have my breasts done. Now being 29, I believe these next years coming up will be the best of my life and nice, big,... READ MORE

24 Years Old Petite 5'2" 98 Pounds Breast Augmentation

So I have been reading reviews and everyone's stories on realself and they have really helped me in preparing for my journey to bigger boobs. I am very petite and I wear a 32b for bra size. (However I think I am smaller than a 32b one of the surgeons I saw said was probably an A cup). I have... READ MORE

26- 2kids-5'7 -123pounds Boob Job! - Southlake, TX

Dr Sacha Obaid in southlake tx will do my breast augmentation on 2/21/17. He is very nice and helpful. His staff is amazing . Melissa is the patient coordinator and she has been great thus far. I had my consultation was in December at the Southlake office . Once I got there and checked in I was... READ MORE

New Boobs for this USAF wife! Mentor MemoryGel MPP Silicone Under Muscle 450cc(L)/475cc(R)

Hello all, I've been thinking about breast augmentation for a few years now and am finally going through with it with the support of my sweet husband. I'm a 34B and would like to go to a small D (I think, anyway!) 3D imaging will help get a better idea at the pre-opt appt. I have a little... READ MORE

24 Y/o, 5'4, 135lbs, Preop: 32a, 345cc Silicone Round. Chicago, IL

I have considered a breast augmentation since I was 19 (5 years ago). At 23 I decided I was 90% sure I would have the surgery and would wait one year to be sure and let my body grow more. I have always felt very confident about my body but wanted my breasts to fit the rest of my proportions. I... READ MORE

41 Yr Old Fitness Enthusiast with 2 Kids - Newmarket, ON

Hello Real Selfers.... So I finally decided to create my own "blog" on here after reading so many reviews. I have had 3 consultations - 2 with Doctors and one with a Nurse Consultant, and I am going back to one of them and this time bringing my husband along. If all goes well, I will be... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 2 Kids, Deflated 34B, Breastfed Both. 5'2 125 Pounds. 520 High Profile, Round Smooth Implants. Bellevue, WA

Ive wanted breast augmentation since about 6th grade! Now that we are finished having children it is something I can finally do. 5'2 125 pounds deflated 34B. Consultation is set for June 8th! Wanting 450cc-500cc HP unders. I cant wait to see the 3D imaging. Will be posting the pics if I'm... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 2 Kids, 34a, 5'5", 120 Lbs- Finally Doing This!!!

I have been wanting to get a BA for the past 18 years. I went to a consult about 12 years ago, but decided to wait until I was finished having kids. I didn't want to mess with my boobs until my husband and I decided we were finished having children. Our kids are now 8 and 6, so I finally and... READ MORE

Amazing Surgeon - Amazing Results - Toronto, ON

Loved every minute of my consult(s) with Dr. Tong and staff. I had 2 prior with other surgeons, waste of money. Something different about Dr. Tong - he's very professional, honest and pleasant to talk to. He's serious most of the time but will crack a joke and it will make you realize why he's... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Breast Augmentation - Latham, NY

I absolutely love my experience at the William's Center in Latham! From my first call their level of professionalism and knowledge across the board was different from other offices I had called looking for breast augmentation surgery. I spoke to the front desk explaining that I had another... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 4 Weeks Post Op - La Mesa, CA

I have been wanting to get a breast augmentation since I realized my boobs were never gonna grow... When I was 17. I really had no boobs, I could nearly fit the smallest bras. But I didn't have the time or the money to do it. I moved to San Diego for good about a year ago after graduating, and... READ MORE

37 Years Old , No Kids , 270cc

I have been planning to get a breast augmentation for 10 plus years and was super scared because of all the horror stories I've heard about the unbearable pain. Well , I must say there was no pain at all and the 24h recovery is for real. The next day I was able to drive my car!!!! My overall... READ MORE

46 Year Old Seeking 'Boobs' - Northampton, UK

Wow what can I say.... Mr Richards and the adorable Aggie are in one word 'amazing' Mr Richards was the second surgeon I consulted with following a recommendation. The information provided was very professional and thorough allowing me to make an informed decision. I felt no pressure and... READ MORE

31 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 5'9 ~ 125 Lbs (310 silicone smooth rounds)

Hoping to go from an empty flat A to a full C. Was never very gifted but breastfeeding two children left me completely flat. I am not even deflated, there's just nothing!!! Saw the 3D simulation with 310 silicone rounds, and - while I feel they are a tad smaller than I would like, I still hope... READ MORE

24 YO 1 Child 5'2'' 134 lbs 440CC Saline Moderate-Plus Implants. Orange, CT

Hello all! So 2 more days until my surgery. I am excited, nervous and all of the above. I already have all my prescriptions ready, Valium, Percocet, Zofran and an antibiotic. Consult was nice with doctor in Orange, CT. Time with him was about 20 min. Then coordinator gives you a quote... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Melbourne Vic

I have always been very small and found it difficult finding tops that fit. All my bras needed to be padded and wearing a bikini top was never an option. I finally decided it was time to do something about it. After a lot of research I made an appointment with Mr Richard Bloom. During the... READ MORE

21 Yr Old Getting 350cc Silicone !! Destin, FL

Had my consultation Tuesday with doctor Burden. He shows 3D images of what you may look like after surgery very cool and helpful when deciding on size! He is a very nice guy you can tell he genuinely cares about his patients. I'll be getting 350cc silicone with the gummy bear implants next... READ MORE

31, 3 Kids , Stylist - Fort Worth, TX

I had my consult today with Dr. Camp. I was very uneasy and nervous before hand but I was pleasantly welcomed by Dr. Camp and his staff! I felt very comfortable and Dr. Camp was very thorough and honest. I got the opportunity to see what my results would look like post surgery with several... READ MORE

22, Recently Married and Lacking Confidence Due to Severely Nonexistent Boobs (30b) Orange County, CA

I'm 22, 5'2, 108 lbs, and recently discovered that I'm actually a 30b (I had no clue that was a bra size). Anyone who is a 30b knows that they make a very small selection of 30b bras, most of them have the 'my first bra' look to them or are really plain and boring looking. I normally end up... READ MORE

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