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3 years post-op + Breast Augmentation

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awful, stay away!! - Miami, FL

STAY AWAY!! I am in the process of searching for a revision surgeon, and going in for the fourth surgery on my breast, to fix Dr. Hochstein's shoddy work. My long story in a few words: I got my first breast augmentation with Dr. Hochstein in 2012 (I had perfectly normal breasts just small, an A... READ MORE

21 and Building Self Confidence - Beverly Hills, CA

I had been flat chest my whole life. I'm not a tiny person and I never felt balanced. I went for a natural look and they came out looking absolutely perfect. They now fit my body better. Dr. Perlman fully understood exactly what I wanted and what i was looking for. I feel better in clothes and... READ MORE

43 Year Old - Breast Augmentation - Beyond Happy! - London, GB

John Pereira became known to me when I asked another renowned surgeon 'who should I see for breast enlargement?'. Well what a fabulous recommendation. Mr Pereria was beyond professional, talked me through all the options and gave me great advice on how to decide on size and shape that was right... READ MORE

Want to Keep my Beautiful Boobs in Place! - Tucson, AZ

I love my boobs! Wish I would've done it sooner. My only concern now is shifting, I've heard horror stories of implants moving as time goes on! Especially since I've started to think about having kids in the next year. I wear a bra always, even to bed! My friend recommended a Brilliant Contours... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation W/ Abdominal Liposuction W/ Dr. Scot A. Martin - Las Cruces, NM

Great Dr. and Staff! Procedure went smoothly with Great Results! Small C to a large DD+ At the time I was heavy set and the augmentation was to make my shape more porportionate...after significant weight loss all that is left now is the augmentation and I do feel had I gone just a tad... READ MORE

25 Years Old - Coral Gables, FL

I've always wanted breast implants since I was younger but I wanted to wait until I had kids before doing something permanent . About a year after the birth of my son I started looking online for reviews etc. Since my mother in law resides in miami I already had a place to stay as well. I found... READ MORE

Satisfied Breast Augmentation - El Paso, TX

Ive gained confidence since my surgery and will go back for a second surgery augmentation in a few years. I was 21 when i decided to get a breast augmentation. The staff is nice, sometimes they are over booked and the waiting is longer but its worth it. I got what i wanted and the prices are... READ MORE

3 Years and Still Happy. Newport Beach, CA

I spent years preparing for breast augmentation and I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Horowitz and his team. I had a very terrible experience with another surgeon and Dr. Horowitz eased my concerns and helped me reach my goals. 3 years later I am still in love with the results and I would... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience - Birmingham, AL

I was very nervous prior to my visit with Dr. Schaffer. I originally was referred to this office by a friend who used Dr Hedden for her breast aug. I was given the choice to use Dr Schaffer and have no regrets. From the initial consultation to the follow up visits after surgery- I have no... READ MORE

35 Year Old, 3 Kids, Flat Breasts - Quincy, IL

Dr. Philpott is an excellent surgeon. His bedside manner combined with his calming demeanor was just what was needed. He spent ample time explaining every step of what would be happening. I was impressed with his experience and knowledge of which type of procedure would work best for my breasts... READ MORE

54 3 Children Size 34 A - Oklahoma City, OK

Three years after surgery I had a mammogram. The radiologist technician told me She did mammograms on hundreds of women, and I had the best breast augmentation she had ever seen! She then proceeded to ask me if I minded giving her the name of my doctor! She said her daughter was looking for a... READ MORE

Well Worth It... - Lakewood, WA

I did the research for years before deciding on Dr. David Ekland. I only wish I would have done the procedure sooner. I showed up for my surgery day to find out they hadn't received my implants yet and due to traveling some distance for the procedure had to go with a smaller size. That's my... READ MORE

Satisfied Patient - Ewa Beach, HI

I had a breast augmentation done about 3.5 years ago. The procedure was done at Wahiawa General Hospital. I had a pleasant experience with the procedure and recovery at that facility. From start to finish, everything went smoothly. I decided on having the augmentation done because I wanted... READ MORE

Absolutely the Easiest and Fastest Recovery - Dallas, TX

My experience with Dr. Adams was amazing! My boobs look amazing and the recovery was a breeze. Motrin only. I was at my daughter's soccer game the morning after and even attended a wedding the evening after my surgery day. Completely painless. Just some tightness. My only regret is that I didn't... READ MORE

Botched Boob Job - Puyallup, WA

I have had to undergo two procedures with Dr. Kierney. His first did a breast augmentation on me and the results were awful, I had a lip aides breast, it hung below where my normal breast was and looked like a botched breast augmentation. We addressed the outcome together and he agrees to fix my... READ MORE

24 Year Old with 3 Kids and Had Lost 80lbs So Was Needed! - Saratoga Springs, NY

Doctor Ridha was very nice, had great communication with me and was very honest about what would looks good or not! He did just as I asked and I am 100% happy with my end results! I highly recommend him and his staff to anyone! The hole office was a pleasure working with and really treated you... READ MORE

"38 Anos Al Momento De La Cirujia - Tampa FL

Mi motivation sentirme bien conmigo misma, autoestima, seguridad entre otras. Me senti como si fuera otra persona. El Dr Perez Es una excelente persona. Ahora compro la ropa que me gusta y me queda perfecta. Cuando me miro en el espejo me siento feliz, ya que el tener busto pequeno era mi... READ MORE

A Super Doctor - Midlothian, VA

I loved Dr. Zemmel. He was very personable and involved in my surgery and recovery. I went and visited several different plastic surgeons before I found Dr. Zemmel and I knew once I met him that he was the one for my particular situation. I had a difficult case and he did an exceptional job and... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Small a to a Medium C :) - San Diego, CA

I had always felt insecure about my small breasts and wanted a breast augmentation for a long time. I finally decided to look into it and I'm so glad I did! I feel better about the way I look in clothes and have a renewed sense of self confidence. I was concerned they would not look natural or... READ MORE

30 Years Old and Feel Great After Breast Augmentation - Denver, CO

I thought about breast augmentation for a long time and am so happy I found Dr. Squires. His whole staff is amazing! It was important to me to have a natural look and Dr. Squires definitely listened to me through the whole process. Clothes fit better and I actually feel like a women in a... READ MORE

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