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3 months post-op + Breast Augmentation

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Silicone breast augmentation

I forgot that sometimes it's OK to think of yourself. I decided to do some research on a breast augmentation. All my friends were driving 2 to 3 hours away just to get that cheap rate. Well cheap isn't always best I wanted quality and for me I figured staying in town for doctors appt instead of... READ MORE

34 Year Old, 3 Kids - Owensboro, KY

I think the staff was absolutely amazing. I think that Dr Edds is a great surgeon, I am having difficulties at this time. I went in today for my 3 month check up and discussed my concerns with him. He agreed with me and he prescribed me a medication and a follow up appointment to try to avoid... READ MORE

38 Years Old, No Children, 5'5 1/2 and 147 Lbs - Philadelphia, PA

I was completely flat with nipples that just hung over... Very embarrassing. I wanted bigger breasts since I was 10 years old because all of my friends breasts began developing while mine still looked like mosquito bites lol. As I got older I never took my shirt off in front of anyone, not even... READ MORE

Boob Job - Manchester, GB

The best thing I've done, don't know why I waited so long. Highly recommend Gary "magic hands" Ross, he gave me the perfect boobs I've waited for, nothing was too much trouble for him or his team, they all took the time to answer my questions, as silly as they might have been, the before and... READ MORE

Transaxillary BA by Dr. Geoffrey Barnett, Hawthorn - Melbourne, AU

I have considered a BA for over 10 years, but refrained due to worries about having scars on my breasts (I have had friends whose scars misaligned with breast creases). For me, transaxillary was the only option I was comfortable with. I had a few consults, including in Melbourne, Gold Coast... READ MORE

Tubular Breasts - 30yrs Old, Wonderful Experience - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Romano is a surgeon as well as an artist. His staff verbalized to me on more than one occasion that he won't stop until things are perfect. I found out how true this was. He has made my small A cup tubular breasts that I have hated my whole life into beautiful large C, small D round "Normal"... READ MORE

He Made my Dreams Come True! - Saint Petersburg, FL

I am so blessed to have found Dr. O'Brien!!!! I actually found him first online and then once I started asking friends if they heard of him -- everyone gushed with compliments. I had been thinking about breast aug for YEARS and Dr. John fit me right in, at the price that beat others, and he is... READ MORE

40yrs Old with 3 Kids - Fresno, CA

I am a 40 year old mother of 3 whom i breast fed, in turn my breasts weren't very perky anymore. I have wanted this for many years and I have done my research. I liked the staff and office environment so i decided to go with Dr Ciresi and his office. I had an amazing experience with Dr Ciresi.... READ MORE

40 Years Old, 4 Kids, Never Felt Good About Myself - Mckinney, TX

Dr. Setty is the best plastic surgeon. He gave me the self-esteem I have never had and brought self-confidence into my life. I am comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life and I love feeling like a woman and sexy again at age 40. Thank you Dr. are the best and you... READ MORE

Dr. Reuben and Staff Are Amazing!! - Salt Lake City, UT

I couldn't be happier with my results, turned out perfect. Dr. Reuben and staff were polite, professional, and informative. I have and will continue to refer people to them. He answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Day of surgery they made me feel at ease. Thanks Dr.... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old 3 Kids .. 145 Lbs Before Breast Aug.. Now 138lbs After. The Woodlands, TX

Ok so I had saggy Breast but not saggy enough for a breast lift (thank god) lol and now I'm post op 3 months ish and this is what they look like ... I love them all tough I wish they was more close together and not so far apart .. I was happier at 1-2 month post op before they dropped soo much .... READ MORE

26 Years Old, Breast Augmentation - Milton, KY

The results of my breast augmentation surgery were amazing. Could not have ask for better support from all the parts involved in the before and after surgery. Everyone was super helpful and made me feel comfortable, always ready to answer my questions and to assist in recovery. I would strongly... READ MORE

21 Year Old - Breast Augmentation from AA - 10C - Sydney, AU

I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have came across Dr Moradi and have him do my breast augmentation. I had seen 3 other top surgeons before him .One of the reasons why I chose him in the end was because he offers excellent correspondence with his patients, enabling them to email him... READ MORE

53 y/o Women Breast Augmentation and Removal of Keloids - Dominican Republic

Dr Robles performed my breast augmentation also removed keloids from previous breast lift by another doctor in USA. The breast lift performed by USA Doctor mt breast worst than before I had the lift. Researching the procedure in the USA would have cost me twice the price I paid for d in the D.R.... READ MORE

35 Years Old Mother - Denver, CO

I am very happy with the results, they were all very friendly, and recovery was great with little pain thanks to medication, I have no complaints. I was only a few days in bed, needed help to bathe and dress the early days. The second week started driving the swcon month I started doing weights... READ MORE

New boobs after kids. 32A/B to a 32D. LOVE THEM! Wauwatosa, WI

For starters, I was very self conscious of how my breasts looked and felt after having 2 kids. Both 4 and 2 years old now. I nursed both of them. Being a small person to begin with I've never experienced full breasts. They became large and full with the weight gain from pregnancy and nursing.... READ MORE

My Breast Augementation - El Paso, TX

I was sure of Dr. Agullo being the surgeon to go to. I read reviews, he was one of the top surgeons in el paso texas. Very approachable, considerate and listens to what your looking for. Im happy with my breasts and trust him with any future procedures im looking for. I have also done lip... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 5'5, 125lbs, saline 500cc, Miami, Fl

Dr. Ary Krau is an amazing surgeon!! You can tell he is passionate about his job and loves what he does. He told me what would look best with my body to look as natural as possible. I would recommend him to anybody that I know. More than happy with my results; not too big or too small, just... READ MORE

43 Years Old, 1 Child, Fulfilled my Dream of Having Larger Breasts - Albuquerque, NM

I've had very small breasts and it made me very self conscious and I wanted to have my breasts enlarged for many years. Many of my friends had this procedure done and Dr. Chen came highly recommended. After scheduling my consultation I felt very confident and decided to follow through with the... READ MORE

Very Happy! - Cheshire, GB

I always had small boobs but they were nice so never thought of having surgery until I had twins. I had very large breasts for the duration of my pregnancy and I also breast fed for about 4 months. After the twins turned 1 I was very self concious of my deflated breast, I couldn't find bra's... READ MORE

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