3 days post-op + Breast Augmentation

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28 No Kids

I've Always wanted one since I was 18, I'm currently post op day 4 and I have a mixture of emotions from excited to happy to nervous to anxious. This is all new to me which is why I'm on this site. To get more insight on others procedures and what the future may or may not look for me and my... READ MORE

23years Old 5,6ft 123lbs - Henderson, NV

I've been wanting to do this for the longest time. I wanted to feel more femenine and comfortable with myself. My ex boyfriend did not agree with me doing surgery so that was what was holding me back this past two years. We broke up two months ago! And I finally did it! It's been only 4 days... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 2 Kids Both Breast Fed Back to Back for a Total of 22 Months - Destin, FL

I nursed both of my kids who are 17 months apart for a total of 22 months. I chose to get a breast augmentation because my boobs had no volume and were completely deflated. I am so glad I chose to get them. I absolutely love them. I had under the armpit incision and my implants are behind the... READ MORE

Masto 6weeks Followed by BA 400cc - Brisbane, AU

I had saggy that made me a little self confident and decided I needed a change (missed my bigger boobs that stayed up in my early 20s) I'm happy I waited and spoke to more then one doctor until I found one that I felt comfortable with and was giving me realistic advice. It was totally worth... READ MORE

50 Years Old and I Needed the Fill Up my Girls! - Orange County, CA

I knew I wanted to fill up by breasts to what they used to be! My friend told me to call Dr. Kachenmeister, that he was awesome! I was comfortable from the first appointment, through surgery and the follow up post ops! My breasts are a perfect size for my body and I couldn't be more thrilled!!... READ MORE

Highly recommended! Draper, UT

Was scheduled for surgery around 1pm and let me tell you, that midnight cut off for food and water was a killer! I was super nervous but when I got there Dr. Fryer and the anesthiologist made me feel very comfortable. Before I knew it I was in the operating room getting pricked and boom I was... READ MORE

39 Yo 5'3' 123lbs 2 Kids Breastfed 385cc HP 20.4 %bodyfat - Campbell, CA

I'm ready for a positive change in my life. I love the skin that I am in but I would like to enhance the beauty of my breasts. I work out a lot. I do boot camp 4 x a week and started crossfit 2 x week. I noticed my muscles are growing but my breasts are shrinking. I can sculpt every part of my... READ MORE

57 Year Old Fine Lady - Bakersfield, CA

I had previous breast surgery in 2011 that cause scaring and turned by breast into saggy bags. On Monday Jan.16, 2017 a great you doctorDr. Barnes turn me into a hot grandmother. This motivated me to hit the gym harder and stronger. I will add updated picture tomorrow from my followup... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old / 32a / 385cc L & 345 R / High Profile Silicone - Boca Raton, FL

The staff of Sanctuary Medical Center were extremely kind and knowledgeable. They told me exactly what to expect and answered all of my questions along the way. The entire experience was pleasant and I would recommend this surgery for anyone who has been going back and forth for a while like I... READ MORE

24 Y/o, No Kids, 111 Lbs, 5'3" Las Vegas, NV

On the day of surgery, Dr. Richards and I decided between 339cc moderate plus and 350cc high profile implant. He was very reassuring that 350 would be a better fit for my body type, so we decided on 350cc high profile silicone implant through an inframammary incision. The first day was painful,... READ MORE

35 Yrs Old, 3 Kids - Layton, UT

After breastfeeding 3 babies, they sucked the life out of me! It was time to put things back where they belonged! Dr Yates is an artist and made me feel like a work of art! I couldn't be happier!!! His staff was welcoming. The wait times were short. The people were friendly. They made sure you... READ MORE

Previous 34 B - Palatine, IL

I always wanted to have bigger breast and I had been thinking about it for about two years since I saw they didn't grow anymore. I finally decided and did them this week . They have been somewhat painful and definitely haven't got any much sleep. I decided to get saline implants for safety... READ MORE

23 Year Old Female with Two Kids - Tualatin, OR

It's only been a couple days I haven't really experienced anything to bad I went under my armpits and there doing well my boobs could of been a little bigger but I'm 110 lbs so I got what looks right with my body. I would want more clevage if I could go back but it's okay I'm filled out and... READ MORE

41yr Old, 1 Kid - Grown. No Longer in Need of Extreme Padded Bra! - Meridian, ID

I consulted with 2 doctors before making a decision, ended up choosing Dr. Kramer... Loved his work. I realized the other surgeon may have had more of an outgoing pesonality, but I'm not taking his personality home with me, I taking the boobies home :) During the consultation Dr. Kramer was so... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old. Very Active FF Wife and Mother of 2 - San Diego, CA

Just 3 days post-op and I'm thrilled so far. Pre-op process was educational and comfortable. Surgery went well- even with a major scare- more on that later. My medical team was top notch. Can hardly wait for the swelling to go down so I can see the real results! The team was very thorough in... READ MORE

38 Years Old, Mum of Two BA, Dr Joffily London - London, GB

As a teenager I developed very quick and never had a perky breasts! But since having my two children my breast went south! So at the age of 38 I decided to have something done for me. I choose to go with Dr Joffily, as his reputation is great in London, Brazil X do Italy. Early days but no... READ MORE

29 Year Old, 2 Kids Much Needed Breast Augmentation - Draper, UT

I decided to undergo breast surgery after I quit breastfeeding my son. My boobs were deflated and had lost all volume. I was no longer comfortable or secure unless I was wearing a push up bra. Dr Warnocks staff was incredible. They all made me feel better on the day of surgery when my nerves... READ MORE

Love Love Love Dr.Ciaravino and His Staff - Houston, TX

Dr. Ciaravino is awesome, he really takes the time to understand your needs and wants and is honest about what should or should not happen in order to stay looking natural. He is pro. I would not go to anyone else. I extremely satisfied with Breast augmentation .Very excited about my new look.... READ MORE

27, 5'3, 125 Lbs. Feeling great and like it may just have been worth it! Brookline, MA

Hi all. I had a BA done 3 days ago on 2/24/2015. I surprised myself in getting a BA cause I never considered it an option, mostly due to money and because it wasn't natural. I went to school for environmental studies and learned to value things in their natural state including myself, but being... READ MORE

33 Year Old Mother of 3 - Henderson, NV

After 3 kids I lost the volume and fat in my breast. I was unhappy. I visited with several doctors. After my visit with Dr. Shah I knew he was the doctor for me. He listened and showed compassion to my wants and needs. I feel so confident and comfortable with him. I am so grateful that I found... READ MORE

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