250-299cc + Breast Augmentation

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32 Years Old, No Kids, Small B to C/D Cup 280cc unders moderate profile

I have always had a small chest but larger hips, always felt like a woman down the bottom but a teenager on top. Wanted a natural look and to have some cleavage. I spoke to a lot of girlfriends that had it done and that were a similar size to me, all their implants were less than 300cc. I made... READ MORE

Going from 34 A to 270 cc and 300 cc ...

Picture is first day after the surgery... 1st day so week, after anesthesia nearly passed out twice going to the toilet . Impossible to sit up by myself, impossible to reach anything ... 2nd day left from the hospital, pills seem to work a lot worse than he medications they put directly in my... READ MORE

22 Years Old Tuberous Breast Augmentation

Realself helped me a lot when I was deciding on a doctor so I decided to write my experience to help others. I am 22 years old and around 145 pounds. I always hated my breasts and never felt they looked anywhere similar to the breasts of the women and girls around me. I did some research and... READ MORE

30 Years Old Petite Mom of 4, 5'3" 113 pounds, pectus carinatum, want natural BA, 300cc HP silicone

10 years ago getting a BA would be the last thing I'd ever thought I'd do! My mom got one when I was in college and I could not fathom why she would want to change her God-given body. 10 years and 4 breastfed babies later, I understand now! My pre-pregnancy B's turned into flappy 32As. A... READ MORE

Petite / 21 years old / 154cm and 53kg / 250cc Unders

Ever since I was 16 I have wanted an breast augmentation. So earlier this year I booked an appointment with my PS, and we discussed between 225 and 250ccs. I am a very petite girl with an athletic body, so I just wanted a natural look. But I went for the 250s, because I've heard a lot of girls... READ MORE

26y 5'5 BA 275cc silicon overs implants from 32A to 32C

I've always hated my very small 32A boobs and thought it was time to do something about it. I decided to get 275cc silicon overs implants using the hospital group and I am currently 5 days post op and very happy with my results so far, can't wait till they are healed and I can see the final result. READ MORE

22, No Kids, 32A to 32C! Textured Anatomical 225cc Submuscular

Hi everyone! I've been on here a while & I haven't found many women like me, who are small chested & just want a subtle size increase, so I'm hoping my review will help others like me! Dr Jeffries & I decided on Mentor 225-250cc textured anatomical implants, as I desire a natural,... READ MORE

I'm 42 y/o , 5'2 and 95 lbs. 350 CC Style 20 Natralle. Nashville, TN

I was full 32 A before I had kids but always want to have bigger boobs. I don't want them too big and look fake. I'm back and forth between 275CC and 300 C. My surgeon said most women wish they can go bigger. Only 3 weeks before my surgery!! I'm so excited and little nervous. I would... READ MORE

36yrs, 5ft 1, 126lbs, BA, 280cc Natrelle style 20 Mod Silicone Unders

Hello! I am a 36 year old happily married mother of two. I'm 5'1", And go to the gym twice a week. I have always wanted breast augmentation, but my husband was against it and I couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money on myself. Well, this year, my husband changed his view on it and... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old Breast Augmentation

Couldn't be happier!! Love my results, from start to finish the process was nothing but an ease. I wanted to do this procedure the day I turned 18 and waited till I was 21. I am so happy everything fell into place. I am one week post op and couldn't be happier. I wanted a full C small D look and... READ MORE

Woman looking to enhance small breasts. State of mind; confused. How accurate is Crisalix?

Hi fellow realselfers. You girls all look so beautiful, and my photo app is currently filled up with tons of your amazing results! Being 2 weeks away from my BA, I find myself browsing through this site 24/7. I'm 167 cm tall, weigh 54 kg and currently an a-cup. At my first consultation we... READ MORE

295 Moderate Plus Small B/big A Looking for C

Always had bigger boobs in life. Small Cs. Through weight gain and loss they have lost size and perkiness. Wanted to get that look back. I used to be a 32C naturally and gained weight that made me become a 32D. I weighed about 148 around that time for about 6-12 months of my life. I don't have... READ MORE

35, Breastfed 3 Kids, 32aa.

*Sorry for the essay!* I have always been really flat chested - 34b after I gave birth and my milk came in. Within a couple weeks they always returned to an A cup even though I was still breastfeeding! Now I'm done having babies I've decided to go for it and get my boobs done. As you can... READ MORE

Will They Get Smaller??? 250cc / 275cc Silicone Teardrop Implants , Under the Muscle

I'm 24 years old, 5.5 tall and weigh 134. I am almost 3 weeks post-op and I am feeling a bit disappointed. I was flat chested, did not even fill 34A bras. I told my doctor I wanted a natural full B- small C cup so we agreed on 275cc (right) and 250cc (left) due to minor asymmetry. I admit that I... READ MORE

Best decision I've ever made

If you're looking for a surgeon that can basically perform a breast augmentation with his eyes closed, then Dr. Davis is the one. You can immediately tell during the consultation that Dr. Davis knows what he is talking about. Being that he is local, he was an obvious choice for me after asking... READ MORE

33, 2 Kids, 145lbs, 5'6" BA Hoping for a 32D

I had my first 2 consults today! I have been checking out posts on this site and went in with a few possibilities. I wanted to see what the Drs would recommend. I have broad shoulders and when they measured I have a pretty wide breast pocket (14.2) I also do strength training consistently so I... READ MORE

Asian 26yo Small Frame Extra High Profile Style 45

I'm 26 y/o I have allergen Extra high profile style 45 280cc. Before surgery I was 30/32A and I didn't plan or how big do I want I just want them to look natural and suit me with my small frame so my surgeon said 280cc Extra high profile would be perfect for you I was like ok whatever lol I... READ MORE

Embarrassed - 37yrs, 51kg, 163cm, want small natural look, 250cc?

Looking to have this procedure sometime this year or next once I change jobs. I really don't want anyone to know what I'm having done. I'm pretty active at the gym and doing sports/ outdoor activities so I don't want anything that gets in the way, looks fake or is not in proportion with my... READ MORE

5'7", 125lbs, Pre-op 36A, 350cc High Profile, Smooth, Round, Silicone Under the Muscle.

Hi everyone! This will be my second review on this site in the last year. :) My first was for my rhinoplasty with Dr. Kassir. I actually found this site through him. His office asked if I would review him on it, and I did. Little did I know, it would become the place I came to for all of my BA... READ MORE

2 kids, breastfed, currently 34a (if that), wanting a large B.

I've always had small boobs, never been in danger of buying a bra larger than an A cup until I was breastfeeding. Even then it was a B, which seemed huge to me! I'm 5ft 6, 126lb and have a small frame. I'd always toyed with getting bigger boobs but thought I'd wait until after children. Now I've... READ MORE

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