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2 months post-op + Breast Augmentation

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35, No Kids, Kind of Athletic, 34 or 36A to C - Ireland, IE

I lost a lot of weight 10 years ago, and while I'm really proud of keeping it off, it means my boobs (small to begin with) were pretty much non existent. So after a lot of thinking and soul searching, I took the plunge and got my surgery. The rest of my body is quite curvy (I get fat easily... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 1 Child - Richmond, VA

I loved my whole experience! After having full size E before having my son the breastfeeding there was a dramatic change. I then hated my saggy deflated tiny boobs. I decided to get a lift, 400cc, smooth, round high profile implants. I seriously couldn't be any happier! From the first day i... READ MORE

Something I Have Wanted to Do for a Very Long Time - Manitoba, MB

I have wanted to have a breast augmentation for a very long time. I have always had small breast. I have breastfed 3 babies and that certainly didnt help improve that situation. In September 2016 I finally made and appointment for a consultation. I asked around with people who I knew had gotten... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, with Very Asymmetric Breasts! - Sydney, AU

After years of saving my money, I was finally in a position where I was able to afford to do the one thing I'd been waiting to do since I was a teenager: a boob job! I'd known very early on that my breasts weren't normal -- my left side was almost an entire cup size larger than my right. So, in... READ MORE

Best Breast Decision - Turkey, TR

It has now been 7 weeks since my surgery and all swelling and pain have gone. My breast are starting to form a more natural shape. The scarring is very small and is still fading. It took just over 3 weeks before I was able to lay on my front again. I have just started to wear underwire bras and... READ MORE

Miguel Mota and Oasis Recovery House! - Santo Domingo, DO

First I want to see my doctor, Miguel mota , was literally the best . As soon I started communication with him about my needs and wants of this surgery I knew he was the one ! He was very quick with response and very informative! Every question I had he answers, and quickly at that. I was a bit... READ MORE

28 Year Old That Lost Breast Volume, After Breastfeeding - Portland, OR

After I got done breast-feeding my daughter for 15 months, my once large, full breasts, had deflated. I was getting very depressed and not feeling confident every time I would see myself in the mirror. I had always had large breasts and they complemented the rest of my body. I'm 5'9 and am a... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mum of 2 - Southampton, GB

After breast feeding both my children my breasts where left in such a bad way it was affecting my mental state, self confidence and physical relationship to a point of utter dispare. I had been referred by 2 different friends to 2 different clinics. The spires professionalism and surgeons care... READ MORE

Best Thing Ive Ever Done - Highgate, GB

I was considering doing this for nearly 3 years, and that was the best thing ive ever done! Could not be more happy with the resoults made me complete and happy WOMAN again!!! I would like to thank everyone for time spent on consultation, making me made the right decision, i was feeling... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation! - New York, NY

My experience with Dr. Desai and his staff was amazing. His office was super clean. It was the type of place you would want to work at. I saw many many consultations and finally decided on Dr. Desai. He was very knowledgable and made me feel very comfortable in this decision. I am so glad that I... READ MORE

36 Years Old 4 Kids Empty Breasts - Bella Vista, AU

I have never been fully happy with my breasts they had always been small and I never felt feminine. After breastfeeding 3 out of 4 kids they were empty and I hated summer- beach tank tops etc. I avoided lingerie I didn't really fit into nice clothing and was always trying to make my breasts look... READ MORE

42year Mom Of4 Kids Breastfeed for 7 Years

After 4 kids breastfeeding all and the last for 3 years I was done being kept away from the poolside. I wanted to feel beautiful again. This was my choice and I don't regret a minute. Doctor was telling me the things I did not know yet and makes me feel very good to make a choice I was behind.... READ MORE

Dr Ellis Choy- Breast Augmentation - Sydney, AU

Hello! Here is my patient review to be posted on the PSF. Since I was younger I had always wanted a breast augmentation. My breasts were always deflated and I always felt like they did not match my age! I would always wear push up bras, with lots of extra padding to try and fill how deflated my... READ MORE

Have my Confidence Back - Miami, FL

Soooooo happy. I'm a young mother of twins and all my life I've devoted myself to my boys but I was always self conscious about my breast because they lost so much volume after breast feeding. When I met Dr.Pazmino he gave me hope again & now after he did my surgery for breast augmentation I... READ MORE

39 Year Old with Horrible, Saggy Breasts After Having a Baby - Los Gatos, CA

I had always been unhappy w my breasts, and I decided to do something about it. After my consultation w Dr Lepore, I didn't even bother to consult w any other plastic surgeons, as I was completely satisfied and impressed with his practice. The surgery day was smoothe and simple like a well... READ MORE

20 Year Old Breast Aug - Plano, TX

Dr.Angobaldo and the staff at Renaissance made me feel extremely comfortable before and after surgery by caring for me and answering all of my questions (no matter what time of day). I was nervous my results would be to small, but now after trusting Dr.A and his team I am so glad I listened and... READ MORE

Done Having Kids! Give Me my Boobs Back! - Keller, TX

I have had three children back to back and breast fed them all. The toll from nurturing and multiple pregnancy weight changes left me with difficulty finding bras to fit right and forget bikini top shopping. After months of researching augmentation, and the decision that I was done brining... READ MORE

I Have 33 Years Old I Have 1 Child .. my Procedure Was Brest Augmentation and Lipoescultura - Dominican Republic, DO

I am very satisfied whit my procedure. MI life changed since I put my body in the hand of the Dr.Disnalda Matos my procedure was breast augumentation and lipoescultura The staff was very nice. After my surgery she gave me more appointment to fallow my procedure.and when I go back to USA she... READ MORE

Amazing Experience from Start to Finish! - Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Hopkins and his staff are absolutely wonderful! Everyone was extremely helpful every time I called with a question and he made sure I got exactly what I wanted! The consultations are so informative and Dr. Hopkins truly listens to and addresses your needs. What was once my least favorite... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Spokane, WA

I can not stress enough how important it is to do your research before settling on a surgeon. Please make sure they're American Board certified. I went to 8 doctors around Spokane and Idaho before choosing Dr. Karp and his team. They took care of me like we were friends. I'm so happy with my... READ MORE

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