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2 days post-op + Breast Augmentation

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22 Years Old, 2 Kids Breast Augmentation Surgery, Much Needed! - Barrington, IL

Everything about Dr.Pelletiere and his staff is amazing. Everyone was very courteous and informational. I went in for a breast augmentation. I had gone to several other surgeons but no one was quite like Dr. Pelletiere, he explained everything very thoroughly and my results are fabulous. I... READ MORE

London to Brussels Breast Aug - Belgium, BE

I have always wanted a BA s I've never had big boobs but 2 children later I decided to treat myself and a friend had been to Belgium and came back so great results . I had a consultation in Harley street in march and booked my surgery for the 15th of may in Brussels. I had to pay a deposit for... READ MORE

800cc Silicone, Under the Muscle, Ultra High Profile - Savannah, GA

I am very happy with my decision to go through with the surgery. Dr. Paletta went above and beyond to help me achieve the look I was going for. I was very nervous about the number I chose and I panicked a week before. It helped to try on the sizers with 800cc on one side and 550cc on the other.... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old, No Kids and Just Wanted to Br Happy Looking in the Mirror - Brussels, BE

2 days post op and of course I'm sore trying to keep painkillers for when I feel I'm at my worst.. left side seems to have more range of movement where as the right side is agony where my incision is, is that normal? Also any tips for sleeping sat up as my back and neck are killing me! Glad I... READ MORE

33 Year Old Wanting to Fill in Small, Saggy Balloon Boobs - Flower Mound, TX

It's only been 2 days since the procedure, so I want to get this in before I forgot. Day 1 (the afternoon following the surgery) was bad. It hurt like a mofo and I was getting sick from the anesthesia and pain meds. Still waiting for the results, which I know will take several months. I will... READ MORE

21 Yr Old, 5 Ft 6, Size 10, Desperate for Some Boobies!

After years of waiting, I finally got round to arranging to have the procedure. Had it done on 9th April with Transform. Had 325 and 335ccs. First day of recovery, very painful! On and off shooting pains across my breasts! Killers but day 2 much better! Hoping for continual progress. Pls share... READ MORE

25 Years Old, No Kids, from Small B to ?? 360cc Unders - Southampton, GB

I have been wishing to have this surgery for a very long time, however It was very difficult to find the right surgeon to do it, until I met Mr Horlock at the Spire Southampton Hospital, He has done an excellent job, is very friendly and caring, He gave me a lot of confidence and answered all my... READ MORE

Wanted This for over 10 Years! - Dallas, TX

I have always been not quite an A cup. I had been wanting my breast done for at least 10 years. Finally the time was finally right. I consulted a dr in Oklahoma and dr Hubbard. It was like night and day between the 2. Dr. Hubbard and his staff were truly amazing and welcoming and informative. If... READ MORE

23 Year Old Got Rhino and Breast Aug - Miami, FL

This was my first surgery ever so naturally i was very nervous. His staff makes you feel comfortable and Dr Perez Gurri is a true artist! You can tell that he loves what he does! Only 2 days post opp and I'm so hapyy with my choice. I like that he is very straight foward and honest as he truly... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 5'7, 135lbs, No Kids - Katy, TX

Dr Gallas and his entire team walked me through my entire procedure from start to finish making me feel comfortable the entire time. I am so happy I chose to come here. Everyone is professional and welcoming and I never once felt intimated or overwhelmed. I felt excited to be their patient and... READ MORE

34, 5'11, 155lbs, 36B, 350CC, No Kids

I've wanted larger boobs since I was about 19. After years of thinking about it I finally decided to go for it. I always thought I would wait until after I had children to take the plunge but now at 34 I have decided I'm not going to wait anymore. I went to a few different doctors. One in... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old, 1 Yr Old Child and Long-Awaited Breast Augmentation! - Houston, TX

Since I was a young adult, I aspired to have large breasts. Unfortunately, that didn't happen for me...I had hopes that maybe after pregnancy, I would somehow have larger breasts - but that didn't happen either. I remained a small AA (seriously, even in an A-cup bra, I had extra unfilled room).... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 1 Child, 5"5 115 Lbs 380 Moderate Profile Under Muscle. Birmingham, GB

Since the age of 18 I always knew I wanted a breast augmentation, I'm a very petite framed girl but my bum is quite big so I never felt they quite matched my frame! Forever looking at other women feeling envious, so 2 days ago I finally got the boobs of my dreams and I could not be happier!!!... READ MORE

450CC HP revision done !!! 32DDD-34DD

So I had my surgery February 17th and I was originally really nervous that the pain was going to consume me and I was going to cry after it and hate my results. I'm day 3 post op right now and have to say I haven't needed pain meds or much assistance with anything besides getting out of bed.... READ MORE

I'm a 26 Year Old Mother to Three Sweet Kiddos. I Nursed my Oldest for Two Years & then Our Twins for Two Years - Vancouver, WA

The first two days were a breeze, I was able to walk around our hotel grounds, get up by myself, and use the restroom myself. The evening of the second day I decided to have soup from Olive Garden, and have been very ill. No food except applesauce, banana, crackers! Lesson learned. Follow... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 1 Child, Did It for Me!!! - Baton Rouge, LA

I decided to have a BA on a short notice. I've always wanted one but never talked much about it. Well in September of last year I got married and in January my daughter made a year old and my husband and I started discussing it and he told me I could do it. My first consultation did not go the... READ MORE

I'm in Love with my New Girls. Bowie, MD 325CC Gummie Under Muscle

He was so professional, patient and answered every question I had ( i asked a million). He called to check on me after surgery. The surgery didn't hurt at all. His work is so amazing. Everything looks so natural and perfect. The best decision ever. Pick him. He's an artist. I can't stop looking... READ MORE

5ft tall, 24 years old, 92lb, 220cc Subfascial Implants, AA Cup To C cup - Mexico

I'm 24 years and was always frustrated about my flat chest. I recently had BA and I am still waiting for the final result. I am 4' 9 (1.50cm) and weight is 92lb. The doctor was going to place originally between 255-280cc but told me that there wasn't enough space in my chest for bigger implants... READ MORE

300 Mod+ Perfect Fit for Me. Longmeadow, MA

After having breastfed 2 children each for 1 year I felt it was time to get my body back. I work out 5 days a week and my chest kept getting smaller and smaller and one was smaller than the other. I had a consultation with Dr. Brooks and felt comfortable with him, his knowledge and training. ... READ MORE

32 Y/o with Small Boobs, Beautiful Butt but Big Thighs! 5'2" 125lbs - West Orange, NJ

I did a lot of research on finding the best doctor for BA. I went from a 34A to about 34C, maybe larger, not sure yet. He used 350cc, under the muscle silicone Ultra High Profile. Dr. Spiro is amazing! Ive been to another plastic surgeon before here in NYC and he did a terrible job on my lipo,... READ MORE

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