150-199cc + Breast Augmentation

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28 Years Old, No Kids, Breast Augmentation and Nipple Reduction

I was thinking about doing it for a long time, finally I decided to it. And I should say so far it was one of my decisions ever! I always wanted fuller breast. I had the tissue but it was very empty and soft. My biggest concern was if i can have a natural look. I didn't want any fake looking... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 2 Kids, Barely There Chest, Looking at 175-200cc Under Muscle

I'm posting this review as I've really been taking advantage of this site and have found it very helpful other than there aren't a lot of women going for 200cc's or less. I had my 2nd consult the other day and my worries were helped put to rest, for now. I booked my surgery and am only 3 weeks... READ MORE

5'3 150 Lbs 450cc Silicone Gel Implants, Breast Fed Two Babies and Want to Fit in my Clothes Right

I wanted to show people what 450CC looks like on a "larger" figure. I feel like a lot of people here on real self are super skinny. I'm a size 6, 5'3 and 150lbs. I always felt like I needed to be a size 0 to match my small chest and finally decided I would be so much happier to just feel full... READ MORE

Small implants, 150-175cc

Hi...have been hanging around this site for a couple months. I have an appointment for my surgery next Friday. Really hoping I help someone who wants small implants because there aren't very many reviews or photos online. I tried on sizers today. I want to look natural still but also look like... READ MORE

40yo Mom of Twins; 32AAA and Just Want to Be an A! Campbell, CA

I never would've thought I'd be someone to post pics of my boobs online, but here I am! After searching futilely for photos and stories online of women going for small implants (less than 200cc) and finding very very little, I thought it might benefit others like me (if there are any!) for me to... READ MORE

Small Breast Implants - 180cc

I'm a 38 year old mother of 2. I weighed around 50kg at the time of surgery and I'm 5ft 2". Previous to having children I would never have considered having a breast augmentation but pregnancy and breastfeeding left my former b cups to a very deflated a cup. I wanted a natural look and was... READ MORE

170cc Moderate Unders Too Small?? - Los Angeles CA

I am 5 days post op. My biggest fear before surgery was that I would be too big. Now I fear that I may have chosen too small. I am 5'7", 115lbs, BWD is 10, very narrow rib cage. I went with 170cc smooth round moderate unders. I'm hoping they "drop and fluff" soon and that they give the illusion... READ MORE

49 Years Old Mum of 5 All Breastfed. Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB

Having breast augmentation on 8th April.Feeling so excited.At last consultation i was advised to have gummy bear 185cc high profile as my breast width is only 10.5 cm.Hoping this will make quite a change to my deflated post nursing breasts.wonder if i should ask about the extra high profile at... READ MORE

"There is Something Beautiful About a Perfect Shaped Small Breast" - Dr G. Lakeland, FL

I am 48 and just wanted my pre-baby breasts back. After nursing 4 kids I went from a full B to barely an A. Other surgeons all wanted to make me look like a porn star, FINALLY, Dr G listened and agreed to implant Natrelle FF-410185 185 cc which made me exactly what I once was - a perfect B! ... READ MORE

Fabulous in my 40's - 5'7", 155 Lbs - Recent 75lb Weight Loss. Bedford, NH

After losing 75lbs over the past year or so, as with many others, my breasts became deflated. I've always been a B cup regardless of my size. The only thing I liked about my heavier weight were my boobs, but now they are gone. I've have two children born 10 years apart. I only breastfed for a... READ MORE

Tuberous Breast Correction With Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

I am very excited to start this review! Although it is very early and I have to wait four months until the actual surgery date, I look forward to sharing my experience in the hopes that it might be helpful to others who are considering this procedure. I am 25 years old, and my breasts have been... READ MORE

165 Cc Implants Great Results. Germany, DE

Always been small chested, enjoyed breast during of breast feeding, wanted those back. i decided to go with 165 cc anatomical furry brazilians (polymed), moderate profile, incision: crease. my ps was of the opinion that any other type of implant would make my breasts look like balls on my chest... READ MORE

38 Yr Old Female, 2 Daughters 17 & 16 700ccs, 5'1 156lbs. Coral Gables, FL

AMAZING Dr.!!! I had my surgery at Coral Gables cosmetic center. I had a good experience overall. Everything was done on time and professional. My coordinator Catherine was ok. Not really helpful or bad, She just collected money. All of the other staff was really good. Pre- procedure went well..... READ MORE

30 Year Old, Main Goal Was to Fix Asymmetry, Not Happy with Breast Augmentation. Coral Gables, FL

I've wanted breast augmentation due to asymmetry since I was 20, but never wanted big breasts as I have a very small frame (5'3", 100 lbs, ribcage 27" around). My left breast was a full B/small C, and my right was barely a B (about 50cc difference). I told my surgeon that my main goal was... READ MORE

47 Year Old Spin and Bodypump Instructor-nursed Three Kids - Seattle, WA

I have always been small chested and after nursing three kids and being an active athlete, I was tired of not filling out my tops! Although I was very very worried about going too big and really just wanted more fullness rather than a bigger cup size. I went back and forth for about 13 years... READ MORE

Breast Lift + Implants - Thailand, TH

Well after sitting on the decision for a year, 2 weeks after my wedding i decided that i made an on-the-spot decison to travel to Thailand for breast lift/implant surgery. I wanted to get in before christmas, so the day i booked, i was 6 weeks out from the surgery date. I just had to MAKE... READ MORE

HELP 19 Yrs Old, Barely a 32A, Hoping to Be a Full B Post-op, 5"1' 105lbs - Palm Beach, FL

My surgery is in 20 days...I'm very nervous! Having no boobs, and going to something is very hard for me to imagine. My doctor said to do 195cc low profile under the muscle, and I am getting saline obviously because of my age. Will this be enough?? I am tired of looking like a pre-pubescent... READ MORE

Big Boob Day!!!!

I would love a D size. I want to look natural. I really thought I wanted high profile but my hubby is telling me moderate plus. I'm so confused. I want to do 500cc silicone. I'm 5'10 and 155 lbs. I'm so excited and a little nervous at the same time. I wishing everybody luck. And I would accept... READ MORE

30 Years Old 3 Kids Breasfed 3 over a Year Small5'3 108lbs Athletic Build - Raleigh, NC

Had 174 cc under muscle silicone round. I wanted to remain very small but gain back fullness, they are perfect dr pyle was amazing did exactly what I wanted, and the best incisions I've ever seen they healed fast and soft I have already recommended others and one whom is seeing dr pyle in 12... READ MORE

27 Year Old Female-No Children-Height 5'10-Weight 153lbs-435CC High Profile Silicone Implants - Nashville, TN

My motivation was to enhance my figure after severe weight loss 4 years ago and restore my breasts. My experience has been that I was completely unsatisfied with my breasts for years and had tried to ignore it and just work out more. I decided nothing I did was going to help and decided to see... READ MORE

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