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10 days post-op + Breast Augmentation

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27years Old, No Kids, 34A Pre Op - Lutz, FL

I was definitely nervous, I went to my consultation Monday May 8th and scheduled my surgery the next day. My doctor made me feel very comfortable and at ease about the surgery and we both understood the difference I wanted to have after my surgery, he stated he wouldn't underfill and he wouldn't... READ MORE

295 UHP, 31 Yrs, 100lbs, 5'3, Breastfed Two Little Munchkins, BWD 9 (Ya, I'm Tiny)

It's been about a week & a half since I got my new TATAS! I LOVE my new additions. I've wanted a BA ever since I breast-fed & knew how they could look when bigger. I had a size AA or maybe even AAA. When not breastfeeding. I now have the size I always wanted. I feel sexy &... READ MORE

41, No Kids , Athletic and Contemplated Surgery for 10 Years - Tualatin, OR

I started thinking about a Breast Augmentetion at 30 but did not think I was mature enough to move forward. I am very athletic a runner and worried larger Breasts would get in the way. I turned 40 last year and I am in the best shape of my life quite lean and my breasts super deflated. So 6... READ MORE

23 Y/o, Breast Augmentation - Tijuana, MX

Dr. Saldaña is great. I went in for breast augmentation. 450cc. My incision was below my breast and the cut was very small. I will start using my scar gels next week to massage twice a day for 6 months to get the best results. The staff is very nice and they take very good care of you. I love ... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 10 Yrs After Reduction - Adamstown, AU

I have a background hx of having undergone a breast reduction when I was 20 yrs of age secondary to large breasts pstosis. This operation was worthwhile although I was never 100% happy with the shape of my breasts and lack of cleavage which was only worsened by breastfeeding. Only minimal to... READ MORE

33 Year Old Deflated from Nursing - Alcoa, TN

I feel like I need to start this with....BEST MONEY SPENT! I am 10 days post op and I absolutely loves my outcome! I could not have asked for a better Dr! Dr. Becker was amazing about answering questions, making sure I wasn't nervous before surgery and making sure that I ended up with the... READ MORE

***PICS***25yo, 615cc, 2 kids. Amazing Results!!!

As a mother who breastfed two children long term (two years x2) My breasts were extremely empty, deflated, literally no breast tissue/fat just skin. I had zero confidence. I never wore a bikini in 7years which is sad as I'm so young at only 25. I made the decision to get breast implants and it... READ MORE

25 Year Old, Much Needed to Feel a More Confident! - Los Angeles, CA

First and for most Dr Hughes and his staff are amazing!! The made me feel so comfortable and we're always available for any questions or concerns. I was a small B cup and was unhappy due to not being able to wear low cut dresses without needing a padded bra, and not to mention one breast was... READ MORE

He is an Amazing Surgeon! - New York

I found Dr. Desai by total accident after meeting with a couple of other surgeons. This is the surgeon who first listens to you. Then if you ask their opinion, he will give it his honest answer with options. Then, he will executes surgery as planned! The clinical staff and front desk were... READ MORE

One of a Kind - Orlando, FL

I came to Dr. Trevisani, Sr. because of his experience, precision, artistic and technical skill, and his eye for detail. My results are unique, elegant, natural and better than what I had imagined, I am very grateful for Dr. Trevisani. From beginning to end, the experience was and is still... READ MORE

Athletic - 400 Cc Silicone Breast Augmentation - Under the Muscle - Walnut Creek, CA

Very athletic. Started doing Crossfit a year ago and weight lifting caused me to lose a lost of breast volume which made me decide I wanted to get a BA for a more womanly shape. Went from high B to around a D i would guess. 400 cc silicone breast augmentation under the muscle, (incision under... READ MORE

28 Year Old Two Kids - Gainesville, FL

My Dr was amazing. He's such a gentleman and would refer him. Dr Poser has changed my life. Unfortunately I was in a really bad car accident 4 days after so in still waiting for bruising and swelling to go down but they have been in contact with me the entire time. Dr Poser even came in on his... READ MORE

-A to Maybe a Small D - Honolulu, HI

Anyone contemplating getting a breast augmentation I would say DO IT! It's the best thing I've done for myself. For all the women who can't wear a bikini bc you don't want to look like you have the same chest as your five year old son, or can't wear a cute dress bc the chest area just doesn't... READ MORE

Best Experience of My Life - Cedar Rapids, IA

Dr. Vanderzee is an amazing guy and surgeon. He made sure I picked the right size for my frame, made sure I knew what I was getting myself into and on my surgery day came and seen me before hand made sure I was alright and ready! He carefully explained what was going to happen. After surgery he... READ MORE

35, Years Old with 8 Kids - Las Vegas, NV

Well first I went to 8 Consultations. So Dr. Miller was my 9 consultation. So at this point I almost thought this wasn't for me it took me 5 years to find the right doctor. OMG and I did Dr. Miller is the best Dr in Vegas he did an amazing job and very passionate about his clients. There is... READ MORE

Hoping for 'Third Times a charm' Breast Revision - San Diego, CA

Just finished going under the knife for the third time. Here's a quick run down 1st surgery- Spokane WA Dr. Emily Williams, 475 HP silicone, and a total botch job. Bottoming out, severe pain, looking disfigured and felt like my breasts were literally falling off my chest. Her advice,... READ MORE

26 and Just Wanted my Top Half to Match my Bottom Bhalf - Nashville, TN

I had the most amazing experience the Don Griffin and his staff. From the get go there office staff was phenomenal. They always made me feel like every phone call I made to there office was important. . Also every appointment I went to they were alway punctual and never made me feel rushed.... READ MORE

35 Yr.old Mom of 3 Kids 34 A to Wanting 34 D - Las Vegas, NV

I'm from California and I started my search interview in some Drs here in my area, but 2 of them that I met seemed rushed and not confident. So to me I didn't feel confident scheduling surgery with them. So I finally came up on this website real self and randomly thought let me check Vegas to... READ MORE

22 Years Old and Zero Confidence Due to my Breast Size - Gold Coast, AU

I Would 100% recommend Dr Ces, very professional, and very easy to talk to. He guided me in the right direction to what I wanted to achieve. As I don't live near the Gold Coast so all my consultations were done over the phone, and I really didn't know what I was lookin to achieve.. Ces and his... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever!!! - Miami, FL

Im a 27 year old mommy of 3, but I was very ashamed because my breast we extremely small. I always knew I wanted to do the Breast Augmentation surgery but never decided due to many factors including being afraid of the procedure. I met a person 1 1/2 year ago who recommended Dr. Jose Perez... READ MORE

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